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Amazing Scan

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Pregnancy and childbearing are the most remarkable moments in a woman's life. Keeping this opinion in mind, there are numerous hospitals that provide an inclusive facility package to simplify this beautiful expedition of pregnancy and make it as pleasant, smooth and safe as possible.

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Amazing Scan

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    1. Ten (10) years of diagnostic ultrasound scanning experience Phone: +61 432320322 Website: Premium Early Gender & 5D/4D/3D Baby Ultrasound in Melbourne - Price Beat Guarantee

    2. About us Are you eager to see how your baby looks like inside the womb? Wants to know its gender before its birth? If yes, Amazing Scan is the ultimate destination for you. Amazing Scan is the first and the only provider of 5D ultrasound scan in Melbourne. We provide our services in three different locations including Prahran, Berwick and Burnside Heights. All our gender scans taken from 13 weeks are 99% accurate. 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasound scans are performed by highly experienced and professional sonographer who helps you with recognizing the gender of the baby easily. Our experts spend considerable scanning time to produce accurate reports. Our ultrasound scan center is equipped with high tech and state of the art machineries to produce quality and accurate scan reports.

    3. Ultrasound Melbourne • Early Gender Scan • Pregnancy Scan Melbourne • 3d 4d Ultrasound Melbourne Services

    4. 4D Baby Ultrasound Understanding the 4D Baby scanningAn ultrasound is essentially accepting the sound waves in order to form an exclusive picture of the little foetus. In a 4D scan, the sound waves are sent down at altered angles. These reflected images are then constructed through highly urbane software, which forms the appearance of the foetus. The images that are fashioned due to this ultrasound are unusually clear especially as 3D/4D technology is so advanced nowadays. The couple can view the images of their baby through the real live video of the womb and the foetus.

    5. 3D & 4D Scanning Melbourne Pregnancy ultrasounds are conducted at regular intervals to determine the position and growth of the baby after the initial confirmation. This technique is often utilised by the doctors to get an accurate picture of a mother’s pregnancy. Ultrasound in Melbourne plays an integral role in diagnosing the development of the fetus in the mother’s womb. Studies have indicated that 3d ultrasound scanning is extremely safe for the pregnant mother and unborn baby as well, so you can definitely have the scanning done to know about your baby’s growth inside your womb.

    6. Contact us Amazing ScanStudio 1: 21 Lawson Place Burnside Heights Victoria Australia 3023​Our Services Areas: Amazing ScanEmail:​Tel: 04 3232 0322Office Tel: 03 9016 0322Fax: 03 9923 6828