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FineCem ™ Cement Overview

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FineCem ™ Cement Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FineCem ™ Cement Overview. SUBHEAD, 12PT ARIAL BOLD Title. FineCem ™ Cement – Overview. Fine particle cement system suited for complex challenges Tight casing leaks Steam or water breakthrough in gravel packs Slimhole conditions for primary cementing. FineCem ™ Cement – Benefits.

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finecem cement overview

FineCem™ CementOverview



finecem cement overview1
FineCem™ Cement – Overview
  • Fine particle cement system suited for complex challenges
    • Tight casing leaks
    • Steam or water breakthrough in gravel packs
    • Slimhole conditions for primary cementing
finecem cement benefits
FineCem™ Cement – Benefits

Benefits over Conventional Micro-Particle Slurries

  • Extremely low viscosity for pump-ability
  • Lower yield points
  • Enhanced free-water control
  • Improved stability
finecem cement features
FineCem™ Cement – Features
  • Excellent pumping properties due to the ultrafine particle size
    • Eliminates need for dispersants or friction reducers
  • Can be moved through the scale tank of the bulk plant for easy blending of additives
    • Eliminates handling of sacks in the field
    • Simplifies field operations
    • Improves safety
  • Compatible with all cement additives and does not require dispersants
finecem cement tight casing leaks
FineCem™ Cement – Tight Casing Leaks
  • Remediation for tight casing leaks that bleed off pressure and will not accept a continuous injection
  • Can penetrate small leaks
  • Repair without prior acid treatment
finecem cement gravel pack breakthrough
FineCem™ Cement – Gravel Pack Breakthrough
  • Remediating for undesired water, gas or steam production through gravel pack
  • Penetrates the permeability of gravel packs
  • Shuts off unwanted flow
finecem cement primary cementing
FineCem™ Cement – Primary Cementing
  • Lightweight cement
  • Achieves early compressive strengths higher than conventional lightweight slurries
    • Temperature range from 110°F - 295°F (43°C -146°C),
finecem cement from the laboratory
FineCem™ Cement – From the Laboratory

Flows through the pore space typical of proppant used in Shale gas fracture stimulation treatments

finecem cement from the field
FineCem™ Cement – From the Field
  • Challenge – Shale / Extended-Reach Horizontal
    • Perforation would not accept proppant fluid even under 8,500 psi pumping pressures
    • Unable to complete aggressive completion operation until perforation was sealed
    • Time-consuming and expensive option: coiled tubing and snubbing units brought in to place and set a mechanical tool
  • Solution – Alternative: FineCem™ Cement squeeze operation
    • Flow easily in highly-pressurized perforation (low rheologies)
    • Highly stable slurry with low fluid loss
    • Quickly achieves static gel strength, resisting gas channeling
  • Results
    • 105 feet of cement total above and below retainer
    • Zonal isolation verified via successful casing pressure test
    • Completion operations resumed and well brought on to production soon after
finecem cement from the field1
FineCem™ Cement – From the Field
  • Challenge – Offshore: achieve successful temporary plug to abandon on first attempt
    • Before setting cement plug, stop any potential flow of formation fluids through an existing gravel pack section
  • Solution– FineCem™ Cement
    • Squeeze operation through the screen at the gravel pack zone using 50 bbl of FineCem cement
    • 50 ft cement plug was set above the retainer
  • Results – Well was successfully abandoned
finecem cement summary
FineCem™ Cement – Summary
  • Tight casing leaks
    • Can penetrate small leaks without prior acid treatment and without bridging off
  • Gravel packs
    • Penetrates the permeability to shut off unwanted flow
  • Slimholeconditions for primary cementing
    • Excellent pumping properties
    • Achieves early compressive strength
who to contact where to get more information
Who to Contact, Where to get more information

Name: Brian CartyTitle: Cementing Global BD

Phone: +1-281-871-4166Cell: +1-720-273-2492