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IGRS: From Standard to Industry Alliance 闪联 : 从标准到产业联盟 PowerPoint Presentation
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IGRS: From Standard to Industry Alliance 闪联 : 从标准到产业联盟

IGRS: From Standard to Industry Alliance 闪联 : 从标准到产业联盟

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IGRS: From Standard to Industry Alliance 闪联 : 从标准到产业联盟

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  1. IGRS: From Standard to Industry Alliance闪联:从标准到产业联盟

  2. Content • Background and Significance of IGRS Standard • IGRS Technology Overview • IGRS Alliance and Industry Progress • IGRS Summary • IGRS Standard in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25

  3. 3C Convergence Internet Digitization Traditional Industry 3C Industry Development History and Trend Key technologies lead to industry revolution; update old industry, create new industry; and at the same time experience industry expansion! Industry Digital TV Internet TV Break old industry barrier to create 3C Convergence industry: Multiple content co-existence, multiple network convergence, multiple device collaboration TV Digital Broadcast Internet Broadcast Broadcast Digital Music Internet Music Digital technology revitalizes the traditional industries by digitizing the entire industry chain from content to terminal device Wired and wireless technologies pushed the entire industry chain to adopt the huge market in the Internet Entering a new age, IGRS Technology will unleash the value of 3C convergence to enable device, service and content collaboration to further expand the Internet Industry Music Old Industry Old Industry Old Industry Use multiple devices to enjoy one service Use one device to enjoy one service Application Model Use any device to enjoy any service Use one device to enjoy multiple services

  4. IGRS: Power 3C Convergence Industry IGRS Working GroupFormed on July 17, 2003 1. IGRS - Intelligent Grouping & Resource Sharing 2. Established by PRC MII

  5. Home Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing (IGRS) Standard defines an advanced message and data-based exchange technology framework and interface specification for the next generation networked information devices, that includes communication security and content protection mechanisms. It enables 3C devices to achieve intelligent grouping, resource sharing and service collaboration and to construct a brand new network framework consists of “3C devices + network operation + content applications”, to create a positive profit generation model for device manufacturers, network operators and content/application providers alike, and to deliver high quality information services and entertainment to end users. Content Office Public Our Solution: IGRS Standard Technology IGRS

  6. 3C Collaboration Scenario 1 - Home • Multimedia contents (mpeg-2, mp3, jpeg etc.) stored in (PC/NB) play on TV/Home Theater • Computer records TV contents • Photos taken by camera phone displayed on TV • Mobile phone controls home appliances…… TV Contents MPEG2, JPEG, MP3

  7. 3C Collaboration Scenario 2 - Office • Notebook intelligently groups with projector, mobile phone controls PPT presentation • Easy file sharing among notebooks • Automatic printer driver download & install…… File Sharing Wireless

  8. Mobile – HNbridge 3C Collaboration Scenario 3 - Public • Camera phone and notebook collaboration to participate in video conference • Mobile phones intelligently group together to play multi-player games at airport • Mobile phone controls home appliances remotely……

  9. Content • Background and Significance of IGRS Standard • IGRS Technology Overview • IGRS Alliance and Industry Progress • IGRS Summary • IGRS Standard in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25

  10. Home Automation Gaming Home Entertainment AV Home Security IPTV DTV Mobile Processing Education Home Data Processing Online Shopping PC Print Home Communication APP Video Conference PSTN VoIP IGRS Standard in Future Digital Home Broadcast Network Application Server Cable IP internet 1 Broadcast/TV 2 PSTN xDSL Media Server Broadband Access Network WLAN PSTN 3 LAN HGW Datebase Mobile/3G GSM CDMA 3G Wimax Fixed Line Mobile Communication Partial Home Device Interoperability 1 2 Full Home Device Interoperability 3 Standard Extends to 3C Networks

  11. Basic Application Application Profile Device Discovery Security Service Discovery Device Managment Service Invocation Data Distribution Device Message Routing Network Transport Intelligent Grouping • Link layer adaptation • Network layer self-adapting • Device ID and discovery • Device message routing Resource Sharing • Device configuration and management • Resource discovery and sharing • Event notification Service Collaboration • Application profile • Service collaboration Security verification system:based on user id, service/resource access rights verification IGRS Standard Technology Overview • Multi-platform protocol stack based on IGRS core protocol • Design and implement IGRS application profiles(A/V Profile, File exchange Profile, driver download Profile) • Network configuration tool(WiFi intelligent discovery and access configuration, AutoIP, shared network access) • Support platform environment(IGRS component management platform, including component registration/auto update/operation monitoring)

  12. IGRS Device1 IGRS Device2 Client Service Function Invocation Function Implementation Function Invocation Interface Function Invocation Data Subscription/Query/ Retrieval Data Data Manipulation Interface Data Manipulation Data Change Notification Collaborative Support Collaborative Dispatch Collaboration Dispatch Collaborative Support Interface SOAP Service Session Management Service Session Management SOAP Device Group Management Device Group Management HTTP Device Discovery and Pipe Management Device Discovery and Pipe Management TCP/UDP TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack Interaction Model

  13. IGRS Framework Applications Network AV Player Wireless Projector Mobile Phone …… Application Profiles AV Profile File Profile Printing Profile …… Discovery Grouping Control Eventing Description Session Core Protocols Pipe TCP/IP Protocols Link Level Resource Discovery Network Access and Configuration Link Layer Enhancement Ethernet、WiFi、Bluetooth

  14. Flow Process Device Online Device (Group) Discovery Pipe Disconnection Pipe Setup Group Dismiss Group Setup and Join Device Offline Synchronous Service discovery Event Subscription Session Setup Event Notification Service Access Event Unsubscription Session Termination

  15. IRDL Profiles Service Description Language Device Description Language AV File Projector Storage …… DVM(Distributed Virtual Machine) (Distributed Engine / μGrid?) API Trusted Network Connection Core Stack IRDL Parser Discovery Grouping Control Eventing Description Session User Registration & Authentication Utilities Pipe Manager Diagnostics Integrity Verifiers Secured Device Pipe Unsecured Device Pipe UUID Generator Link Enhance Stack IPv4/IPv6 Support QoS Smart Router Link Level Resource Discovery

  16. IGRS v1.5 IGRS v2.0 DRM 1.0 DRM 2.0 Wireless TV Profile Smart Storage Profile WVR Profile Device Control Profile IGRS1.5 Profile IGRS v1.0 IGRS1.0 Profile AV profile File share profile General control profile Profile Core protocol 1.0 final Core protocol 1.5 Core protocol 2.0 Core protocol HTTP HTTP HTTP+CA Transports Network Protocol IP (IPv4) Non-IP IP (IPv4) Non-IP IP (IPv4 /IPv6) Non-IP 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.3, BT, UWB, PLC, ZigBee, 3G, WiMAX 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.3, BT, UWB, PLC,ZigBee Physical Network 802.11a/b/g, 802.3, BT IGRS Standard Roadmap 2005 2006-2007 2008

  17. Content • Background and Significance of IGRS Standard • IGRS Technology Overview • IGRS Alliance and Industry Progress • IGRS Summary • IGRS Standard in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25

  18. IGRS Alliance • Alliance currently consists of 94 IGRS members. Worldwide members include companies from North America, Europe, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong

  19. Content Provider Terminal Manufacturer User Telecom Operator Market Share by IGRS Members 84.3% 41.7% 46% TV 84.3% Mobile Phone 46% PC 41.7% IGRS Alliance Members 94 Members to Build complete 3C Industry Chain IGRS DRM IGRS Chip KEY Protection IGRS platform TV/ PC/Mobil

  20. Standardization 1、IGRS standard received 19 out of 21 votes to become NWIP in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 voting and has passed CD voting in March, 2007 to become a Final Committee Draft (FCD) 2、IGRS approved as China national industry standard in June 2005 to become the first 3C Convergence national standard in China 3、IGRS standard as a part of Digital Technique Application of Building and Residence Community National Standard of China (GB/T 20299) • GB/T 20299.1-2006 《System General Requirements》 • GB/T 20299.2-2006 《Test and Acceptance》

  21. Many IGRS Products Launched to Market • 20+ IGRS products released to market, including: IGRS PC, notebook, mobile phone, projector, printer, IGRS MediaLink, IGRS TV and IGRS Wireless Audio AP etc… • IGRS used as product differentiation feature for alliance members. In 2005, IGRS sales (PC, notebook, mobile phone, TV, projector etc.) exceeded 1 million units; in 2006, sales exceeded 2 million units respectively • Lenovo, Greatwall, Founders and Tongfang released full lines of IGRS notebooks • Konka and Hisense’s IGRS TV on sale in stores

  22. Strong Government Support • IGRS Information Industry Association founded • Strong support of standardization activities to accelerate industry development • National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) supports the establishment of IGRS national engineering lab • NDRC grants IGRS standard research project & CNGI project • … In June 2005, Premier Wen visited Lenovo and heard reports on IGRS Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission The People’s Government of Beijing Municipal Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial Development Beijing Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Information Industry Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform State Intellectual Property Office of PRC

  23. Content • Background and Significance of IGRS Standard • IGRS Technology Overview • IGRS Alliance and Industry Progress • IGRS Summary • IGRS Standard in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25

  24. IGRS Summary • Market focused & enterprise-dominated matured leading 3C-Convergence national Industry Standard in China • Solid industry foundation and strong members alliance across industries with phenomenal results up-to-date • Open international cooperation ongoing • Worldwide participations in IGRS standard development • Marketing and joint lab efforts • Enormous impact: create many potential business opportunities for entire industry chain

  25. Content • Background and Significance of IGRS Standard • IGRS Technology Overview • IGRS Alliance and Industry Progress • IGRS Summary • IGRS Standard in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25

  26. Inside of the home Documents of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG1 Result of discussion (Beijing, 2006-March-23) HES Broadband Home Network - „Architecture“ HES Residential Gateway HES Interoperability Framework Application Models Audio / Video Voice Data White Goods Home Controls ISO/IEC 18012-1, 2, 3-n ISO/IEC 15045 Security Home Network Security ISO/IEC ?????-x ????? Adaptation Profile TR ????? TR ????? TR ????? TR ????? TR ????? TR ????? TR ????? TR ????? ??? Konnex IGRS Echonet LonTalk ItopHome CCP Layer 7 Common Common Layers 4-6 Common Layer 3 Common Layer 2 Common Layer 1 Generic Cabling ISO/IEC 15018 Other media HES Class 3 HES Class 2 Outside of the home - Outside of SC25 scope HES Class 1

  27. Application (7) Application Application Presentation (6) Presentation Presentation Session (5) RGIP RGIP Transport (4) Network (3) Data Link (2) Physical (1) Application Application Network Network Data Link Data Link Physical Physical Interoperability specification domain HS InteropSys vs. OSI RM - CONCEPTUAL Interop Application Syst. Mgmt. Sys. Mgmt. Interop Application RGIB IW Function IW Function Layer Mgmt Layer Mgmt Interop Residential Gateway System B connection (CEBus, Konnex, EchoNet, Echelon …) System A connection (CEBus, Konnex, EchoNet, Echelon …) HomeGate specification domain Manufacturer-provided interworking Function

  28. Let’s Work Together!

  29. Discovery • Device / Device Group / Service • Periodical advertisement to the specified multicast addresses • Device/Device Group/Service name, model, security attribute requirement… • Listen to the device online advertisement • Send relevant search requests to the specified multicast/unicast address and wait for unicast response Back

  30. Pipe • Secure device pipe • Based on the security mechanism commonly supported by two devices • Unsecured device pipe • Non-secured mechanism • Device Pipe Setup • Two IGRS devices determine the mutual trust relationship Back

  31. Grouping • Device Grouping • Global peer-to-peer device group • Default • Specified peer-to-peer device group • One IGRS device may setup and/or join specified peer-to-peer device group • Centralized device group • Designate a device as the master of this device group • The master device periodically send centralized device group advertisement messages by multicast • Master device controls device joining • Master device as a trusted device to all peer device groups • One IGRS device may setup and/or join many specified peer-to-peer device groups and centralized device groups at the same time Back

  32. Description • Device Description • Device description template based on XML • Service Description • WSDL Back

  33. Session • Concurrent control • Authentication and authorization • Device trust relationship provided by pipe setup • User token Back

  34. Control & Eventing • Control • Based on session setup • Service invocation through HTTP+SOAP • Eventing • Device/Service Online/offline Event subscription / Notification / Unsubscription • Peer-to-peer device group • Each device acts as eventing server • Centralized device group • Master device acts as eventing server Back

  35. AV Profile Overview • Application Scenario • Specifies the media data stream service profile, the device interaction flow among IGRS AV device and controller • Applicable to AV devices include: TV, VCR, CD/DVD player, set-top-box, audio system, digital camera, electronic photo frame, PC etc. • Two modes: Push and Pull • Three logic device types and six service types Back

  36. File Profile Overview • Application Scenario • Specifies the file data streaming application profile, device interaction flow model to allow users to browse, copy delete and read data files • Applicable to PC, Notebook, PDA, DC, DV, MP3, MP4, mobile phone etc. • Two device types and three service types Back