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Scanning. is fast reading for specific pieces of information (e.g. names,facts,prices,numbers,dates,etc .). The Media. The Internet. TV. Radio. The Press. Find the synonyms. Bands a) factual programmes

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is fast reading for specific pieces of information (e.g. names,facts,prices,numbers,dates,etc.)

the media
The Media

The Internet



The Press

find the synonyms

Find the synonyms

Bands a) factual programmes

Traffic bulletins b) refreshed with the

Interviews latest information

Documentary programmes c) pop groups

Updated d) lists of programmes and

Schedules times

e) conversation with

famous people

f) news about road


find the opposites

Find the opposites

Unusual a) ordinary

Dull b) familiar

Many c) gradually

Modern d) bright

Special e) few

Rapidly f) shouting

Whispering g) traditional

where would you go to find

Where would you go to find…

a competition you could take part in? ___

people`s opinions on the latest CDs? ___

a programme about the environment? ___

a local weather forecast? ___

true or false

“True” or “False”

The criers wore special clothes.

A lot of people could read in those times.

They attracted people crying “look,look”.

The criers spread important news.

Nobody in London knew about the Great Fire.

There aren`t any criers nowadays in London.

how to do it

How to do it:

1. Read the questions and try to understand them.

Remember what it is you are looking for so you will not be distracted by other pieces of information

2.  Anticipate how the information looks – is it identified by numbers, proper nouns, etc.

3.  Read the texts running your eyes over several lines at one time. Don`t read every word. Mark key words or phrases.

4. Find which area each question refers to.

5.  When you find the information you are looking for, focus your eyes and attention there and read the entire sentence.

6. Divide time sensibly.