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James Newton Howard

James Newton Howard

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James Newton Howard

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  1. James Newton Howard Myname is Robert Neville

  2. I amtheLegend

  3. The film portrays a moment of great importance to human, the cure for cancer, something that humanity is desired, however the result was nothing positive destroying entire population of New York.

  4. The world became a desert, inhabited only by animals and humans who were infected with a mutant virus that made them irrational.

  5. Dr. Robert and San, his dog were the only survivors of this disaster. of society. Robert had a small laboratory where every morning experimenting with mice, seeking the cure forevolutionary process of virus that had wiped out much of society.

  6. Robert and San lived the monotony of everyday life always with the hope of finding survivors in the city, seeking to communicate via radio with the possible survivors in New York. 

  7. Throughout the film we can feel involved with emotion and feelings of a man who seeks to fight against their own live reality, leaving record their experiences through videos and computer records, aiming to present the survey results for possible survivors in the future .

  8. In the ceaseless search for the virus cure, Robert discovers that still had traces of infected recionalityand this makes it almost impossible for his survival as the infected.

  9. Robert felt so sorry with the loss of San, his best friend in the process of adaptation to life in the solitude of nothingness when Robert thought everything was lost, and ends up meeting with Ana Ita, a survivor of the virus "CK".

  10. Ana will continue the dream of Robert. After finding the cure for the virus, Robert died in a fight against process. Hannah survives and goes to Vermont, a town where there was a colony of survivors, making the existence of Dr. Robert in a legend that saved humanity. 

  11. TheEnd