jeffreys grove goes global n.
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Jeffreys Grove Goes Global! PowerPoint Presentation
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Jeffreys Grove Goes Global!

Jeffreys Grove Goes Global!

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Jeffreys Grove Goes Global!

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  1. Jeffreys Grove Goes Global!

  2. Kindergarten • Global Teaching through Music • Good Morning and Number songs in Spanish • Continent song • ePals with England (Mrs. Henderson’s class) • Project Based Learning: South American Rainforest • Project Based Learning: Celebrations throughout the Globe • Global Curriculum Connections • Families Around the World • Homes Around the World

  3. First Grade • Study of Australia: • Sing continent and ocean song each morning • Research of Australian animals: field trip to Noah’s Landing • Project Based Learning: Holidays Around the World • Germany, Sweden, Italy, Holland, Australia • Applied for Global Classroom buddy with People to People International (Ms. Curry & Mrs. Osterstrom) • Project Based Learning: tracking the journey of the pilgrims and studying the cultures of the British and Native Americans (Mrs. Merritt)

  4. Yearlong Global Focus: Compare communities around the world • Global Showcase Project: research communities and citizenship from local to global... linked to Heifer International’s books about communities around the world (Africa this quarter) • Multicultural Literature utilized to support the curriculum • Environmental study on “going green” to save the earth • Study on Mufaro’sDaughers and Kenya (Mrs. Colin) • Applied for People to People International Global Classroom buddy (Ms. Ruane) Second Grade

  5. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Service Project • Sponsored and completed supporting lessons/activities • Tangrams Around the World Project (Mrs. Weaver) • Global Book Studies/Reports (Mrs. Garrett) • Patricia Polacco – Russia • TomieDePaola – Europe • Independent Projects – author/country/global issue • ePals with Pakistan and Panama (Ms. Cardello and Ms. Cooper) • Multicultural Literature • Use to support curriculum and tracking on the map Third Grade

  6. Project Based Learning: A to Z Around the World • 9 week research project in which students write an A to Z book about a country • ePals with Switzerland (Ms. Roberts) • Small Group Global research project: integrates all subject areas • Scholastic News from around the world daily • Morning Meeting greetings in various languages Fourth Grade

  7. Fifth Grade • ePals with Mexico and ePals/Travel Buddy project with Italy (Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Garcia) • Project Based Learning: What is your moral code? • Use of multicultural literature to support and develop the ideas • Global Literacy Integration • Read-alouds and guided reading group books from other countries... Background research and activities about each country • Biomes of the World (current), Landforms Around the World (upcoming) • Time for Kids: current events around the world

  8. Specialists & Intervention • Art • Aztec printmaking, pre-Columbian effigies, Indonesian Batik (5th), Laotian Oscars (4th), Día de los Muertos masks, ePal self-portraits (3rd), community pictures: local to global (2nd) • Music • Bon Jour Mes Ami, What a Wonderful World(1st), Uno Dinero,La Raspa dance (3rd), Joyful Joyful, Ode to Joy: will be learning German version (4th) • Spanish • Spanish language, stories and culture from Spanish-speaking countries (ex: Día de los Muertos) • Reading Intervention (Mrs. Pope) • Integration of global literature in guided reading; background research of countries and where authors are from

  9. GPS: Global Project Special • GPS meets with two grade levels each Friday. During this time the specialists work with grade levels to support the regular curriculum and infuse a global focus as much as possible for a 2 hour time period. Examples so far: • K: Alphabet, Community Helpers • 1: Where we fit in the world/citizenship, Cooperation • 2: Where we fit in the world(local to global), Cooperation • 3: Leadership, El Día de los Muertos/Bones unit • 4: Dancing Across the Pond, A to Z Around the World • 5: Mexico Spanish Projects, AFS Exchange students visit