college and scholarship night for parents students harmony grove benton n.
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College and Scholarship Night for Parents/Students Harmony Grove Benton PowerPoint Presentation
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College and Scholarship Night for Parents/Students Harmony Grove Benton

College and Scholarship Night for Parents/Students Harmony Grove Benton

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College and Scholarship Night for Parents/Students Harmony Grove Benton

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  1. College and Scholarship Night for Parents/StudentsHarmony Grove Benton

  2. Disclaimer • I am not responsible for child’s scholarship applications, deadlines, etc. • I will publish and explain everything that I know but ultimately, your child is responsible!!!! • DEADLINES and scholarship CRITERIA are essential – Schools will not bend!!

  3. How do I find out about…. College Admission? Scholarships? Other Financial Aid? Other Questions!!!!!!!!

  4. Applying for College • College will require an admission application. Most can be done on-line. Many applications can be printed from the school’s web-site, filled out, and mailed. BUT many schools no longer accept paper applications!!!!!! • Pay Attention to deadlines – Apply to any and all schools that you are considering attending.

  5. Help for students/parents • There are four computers in the counselors office that students can use to research colleges and scholarships/financial aid information. • Look up visitation days or tour appointments • Look up application requirements

  6. College Admission • Must take a college entrance exam ACT or Compass Four year school • ACT or SAT • Two year school • ACT or COMPASS

  7. ACT SCORES • Some schools will require a minimum ACT score for unconditional acceptance. • 19 is the lowest score a student should shoot for to avoid remediation classes in college. (you pay for remediation!!) • Apply even if your ACT is not great. Keep taking the test.

  8. What is an ACT super score? • The best score from each area (math, science, English, reading) of the ACT test is used to determine a superscore. • Most colleges do not do this anymore but you can ask!!!

  9. 25 + 22 + 27 + 24 = 9898 ÷ 4 = 24.5 25 Super Score

  10. College Admission Applications • Transcript with ACT or SAT scores • GPA and Rank (Semester ends but don’t give up because schools still look) • Immunization records • Request these from Mrs. Simmons at least two days ahead of time. Seven semester transcripts available in January. • Most schools will accept an electronic transcript (All Mrs. Simmons)

  11. When should students apply for college? • NOW • Some schools will charge an application fee. Most public schools will not. • Apply to all that you are interested in attending. • NOW, NOW, NOW- especially if you have a good ACT score!!!!!!

  12. Why is it important to apply now? • Some schools will award scholarships on a first-come-first-serve basis. Funds are awarded until exhausted. • Some schools will only accept a certain number of new students. • You need to have a plan. You need a back up plan.

  13. College Major • If you don’t know write “undecided.” • If you think you know, put it down. Students often change their mind later.

  14. Visiting Colleges • Visit during a special touring event • Call Admission Office and schedule a visit. • Most schools offer campus tours Monday-Friday by appointment. Some on Saturday • Check out their website (;; • Talk to the financial aid counselors

  15. SCHOLARSHIPS • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  16. Personal Profile Sheet • Grade Point Average • Class Rank • Awards and Honors (since 9th grade) • Community Involvement • Special Interest • Future Plans (optional)

  17. Personal Profile Sheet (continued) • Easy to attach to a scholarship application • Easy Reference • Great help for those asked to write a letter of recommendation

  18. Letter of Recommendation • Ask someone you KNOW will give a good recommendation • Give them a copy of the personal profile sheet • Give them at least 2 weeks notice • If confidential, provide writer with an addressed, stamped envelope • Do this NOW, use generic recommendation not specific for a school or scholarship and copy it!!!

  19. Types of Scholarships

  20. $5,000 scholarship • Have you heard of the person knocking on doors, in Saline County, to hand out $5,000 scholarships????????

  21. 1. Academic Scholarships • Awarded by each individual college/university • Usually based on: • ACT or SAT (My Story) • Grade Point Average • Apply early for these because funds are limited. (separate form usually)

  22. 2. Private Institutional Scholarships • College/University Financial Aid Office • Major/Departmental Office • Parent’s Work Place • Web Sites on the Internet • Privately funded for certain college majors

  23. 3. State Scholarships • Guide to Financial Aid in AR • 1-800-547-8839 • AR Academic Challenge Lottery Scholarship–, click on YOUniversal Button (January) • Make sure after applying that you go back and accept • NO INCOME LIMIT NOW!!!! • AT PRESENT – NO FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT • January 1 – June 1, 2014 • Smart Core for Lottery Scholarship (see How to pay for college guide) (some classes do not count) • If not smart core – must have a 2.5 and 19 on the ACT Start applying for lottery scholarship – Jan. 1 –

  24. Governor’s Scholars Program •, • click on YOUniversal application button • Last date to submit is Feb. 1, 2011

  25. State Scholarships (Continued) • Fund My Future Can do a scholarship search from this website. • GO Opportunities Grant (Up to $4,000/year) • Financial need $35,000/year family with 3 children • Must be admitted into a college/university • Maintain a 2.0 gpa in school • Be and stay drug free

  26. Other Sources 1. National Scholarships 2. Athletic, Choral, Music, or Art Scholarships 3. Minority Scholarships 4. Disability Scholarships (Arkansas Rehabilitation Services) 5. Military Scholarships

  27. Other Places to Look • • • • • • • • •

  28. Continued • Game and fish scholarship • Arkansas dept. of higher education

  29. HGHS Local Scholarships • Rineco • Bill Gibbs Memorial • Judith Bean Memorial Many do not apply because of rumors heard about who will get it!!! APPLY!!!!!!

  30. General Scholarship Info • Scanner software (we do not have) • Some require wallet-sized photos that will not be returned • Some require a copy of FAFSA • Some require letters of recommendation • Some have a short essay question • Keep a file!!!!

  31. Essay Questions • Do not repeat accomplishments already listed • Make sure the essay question is addressed. Typical questions: • Is there any other information that you would like the scholarship committee to know about you? • Why do you feel you deserve this scholarship? • Make yourself sound good but not boastful • Allow someone to critique the essay

  32. DEADLINES • Always meet deadlines!!!! Do not procrastinate. • Scholarships that require information from the counselor’s office must be given to the counselor at least 5 schools days before the deadline date. • Scholarships must be mailed/postmark to meet deadline requirements. • Late applications will NOT be accepted.

  33. Transcript Request Forms • Forms available in the counselor’s office. If deadlines are involved, the form must be turned in 5 school days prior to the deadline. • I will hand out sheets at graduation practice for final transcripts to be sent

  34. Scholarship File Cabinet • Located in the outer office of the counselor’s office • Alphabetical order.

  35. Other Forms of Financial Aid • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) • Federal Pell Grants • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants FSEOG • Federal Work-Study • Federal Perkins Loans • Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans • Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) • Federal Plus Loan (for Graduate & Professional Students) • Academic Competitiveness Grant • National SMART Grant

  36. Financial Aide Scams • Be aware of companies that charge a fee to do a scholarship search or financial aide search for you

  37. FAFSA (continued) • Apply on-line at • Will need your income tax return • Applications for 2014 graduates will be ready in January. • To apply you will need the following: • Pin number for yourself • Pin number for student • • College Goal Sunday, March–?? Bryant High School

  38. FAFSA (continued) • Need based-if you will not qualify – not need to hurry your taxes. • First come/First served Do NOT put this off. Get income taxes done early even if you don’t file them early. • Make copies of final draft for your records • No Cost to apply

  39. FAFSA • Can visit to preview possible qualifications • Estimated Family Contribution (Laughable)!!!!!!! • Must not forget to fill out the FAFSA • Separate from Applications and ACT scholarship information (don’t wait on those, do the FAFSA Later)

  40. Financial Aid Presentation • Will contact you • Will be in January • May include a FAFSA night • Harmony Grove High School

  41. Loans • Ask at the Financial Aid Office • Low Interest Rates • Pay back when student no longer going to school………graduation. • Interest rates are going to go up??

  42. Transfer Credits What courses are comparable from school to school? Go to, click on “students” on the left side of screen, click on “continue,” and follow instructions from here Check with the school you plan to attend later, to ensure they will accept the hours.

  43. Things to do now…. 1. Get organized

  44. Things to do now… • Take ACT or COMPASS • Visit Colleges • Talk to Financial Aid personnel at each school • Compile Personal Profile Sheet • Write rough drafts for possible essay questions

  45. Things to do now…. • Letters of recommendation • Apply for College Admission • Apply for Scholarships • Get pin numbers for FAFSA

  46. NCAA Clearinghouse • Athletics in College???? • Registration is REQUIRED: Cost $60? • Go to NCAA eligibility center • Register NOW • ACT Code: 9999

  47. Arkansas Tech Univ. Tuition/fees - $3459/sem. Rm./Board - $2885/sem. Books $600/sem. Total: $6943/sem. UCA-per semester Tuition/Fees - $3798/sem. Rm./Board - $2812/sem. Books - $600/sem. Total: $7210/sem. Horror Examples!!!!! Usually can be paid in 3rds

  48. My personal bill – Ark. Tech • Assessment fee 12.00 • Instrctl Support fee 75.00 • Technology fee 130.00 • Transcript Fee 7.00 • Strategic Facilities Init. Fee 150.00 • Technology Equip fee 10.00 • Student Communication fee 30.00 • Student Support Fee 30.00 • Health/Wellness Fee 30.00 • Mixed Technology Fee 15.00 • Tuition – R –Fall 2,985.00 • Baswell – Fall 1,939.00 • 15 meals + 200 DCB – Fall 1,334.00 • Activity Fee/Res life 20.00 • P.O. Box Rental 15.00 • Total: $6,782.00*****

  49. Private Schools • These schools are not public colleges or universities. Costs are very high BUT… Remember the sticker price on a new car is not what you will pay!!!!! There are methods of payment – ASK!!!