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Your character analysis – what to do

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Your character analysis – what to do - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your character analysis – what to do . Join your group and bring your notes on character studied, I will hand out a list of quotes to help aid memory Slide 1 – intro to analysis if you have time add a couple of photos of character ( do this last )

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your character analysis what to do
Your character analysis – what to do
  • Join your group and bring your notes on character studied, I will hand out a list of quotes to help aid memory
  • Slide 1 – intro to analysis if you have time add a couple of photos of character ( do this last )
  • Slide 2 - Answer general questions about your character (as a group )

The following slides can then be done individually or as a group – time is of the essence!

  • Slide 3 – what your character says and thinks – quotes, looks, expressions
  • Slide 4 - what your character does – note the actions in order then a description of what it says about the character
  • Slide 5 - What others characters say about him (how do the other characters react to him, how do they see him)
  • Save them in shared docs/media/year10 /characters

Presentations tomorrow!!!!!

claire standish character analysis

ClaireStandishcharacter analysis

What the film says about her, how do you see him?

What Clairesays and thinks (think of a few words to describe your character and then tell us how you know this )

What Claire does (her actions) what do they tell us about her

What other characters say about her (how do the other characters react to her, how do they see her, how do we know)

what the film says about him what you think of him
What the film says about him, what you think of him

Discuss these answers as a group to begin building a picture of your character:

  • When does my character live? Past, present or future?
  • Where does my character live? In the country, the city, the suburbs…?
  • What is the socioeconomic background of my character?
  • Does my character work? If so, at what, if not what does he/she do?
  • Who lives with my character and what are their relationships?
  • Who else heavily influences my character?
  • What is the primary emotion my character has throughout this piece?
  • What other emotions are affecting my character underneath that emotion?
  • What kind of self-esteem does my character have?
  • How does my character relate to the outside world?
  • What emotion should the audience feel toward my character? Sympathy, hate, friendly?
  • In the beginning of the film, what do we discover about my character?
  • In the middle of the film, how does my character grow and change?
  • At the end of the film, what will happen to my character?
  • How important is my character to the action of the film as a whole?
  • How old is my character?
  • How strong are my character’s emotions in this piece? Pure hatred? Mild lust?
  • What person or fictional character does my character most remind me of?
  • If I met my character, how would I react to them?
what claire says and thinks important scenes
What Clairesays and thinks – important scenes
  • Determined–Doesn’t want the others to find anything out about her like if she’s a virgin ‘I don’t feel comfortable talking about this to strangers!‘
  • Non Peacemaker – Shouts and retaliates to bender a lot. Looks down at him.
  • Love - Falls in love with Bender which would be the last person we would expect (comes into the cupboard he’s locked in)
  • Wants to fit in (Claire says ‘I’m the most popular girl in school’.) She thinks she fits in perfectly
  • Angry and frustrated with Bender’- Relationship with Bender is bad at the start for example ‘Just #!+? Off!’.

As the detention gets further along she starts to tell them more ‘I’ve never done it ok!’

By the end of the film she is in love with him ‘were you really disgusted with what I did with my lipstick’.

  • Desperate – Likes to be popular and feels pressured to keep it up.
  • Vein – When she is stoned Claire says‘I'm so popular, everyone loves me’.
  • stereotypical– Even after they’ve all said they’re secrets and specifically live for one thing she still says to Brian ‘you’re the cleverest, could you do the S.A’
  • Loving– towards Bender at the end of the film
what jim does this goes over previous description but focuses on the action
What Jim does – this goes over previous description but focuses on the action
  • Drunk and arrested after fight with dad– frustrated and angry, irresponsible
  • Approaches Judy – confident
  • Interested in trip to planetarium - independent
  • Speaks out in planetarium – figures out who he wants to fit in with
  • confrontation with Buzz – not afraid to fight
  • Wins confrontation with Buzz – brave
  • Accepts chickie run challenge, survives– proud and brave
  • Fights with parents – frustrated and angry
  • Play acting with Judy in abandoned mansion – craves normal happy life relationships, playful
  • Looks after Plato – parental, big brother figure
  • confrontation with police – independent, brave, responsible, quick thinking
what others characters say about him how do the other characters react to him how do they see him
What others characters say about him (how do the other characters react to him, how do they see him)
  • parents
  • Judy
  • Plato
  • police
  • Buzz
  • other kids
summary of jim s character analysis
Summary of Jim’s character analysis
  • Determined to make a fresh start (tells his mum he doesn’t want to move again) ‘for once I want to do something right! And I don't want you to run away from me again! ‘
  • Peacemaker - Doesn’t want trouble (tries to limit fighting )
  • Love interest falls in love with Judy (sees her outside window wants to talk to her )
  • Wants to fit in (joke in planetarium)
  • Angry and frustrated with his parents’ relationship and their treatment of him
  • ‘He called me a dirty tramp! My own father! Maybe he doesn’t mean it but he acts like he does.’ (why he got drunk)
  • You’re tearing me apart and argument with them on stairs ‘Don’t I buy you everything you want?’ (Jim’s dad to him)
  • ‘Can I talk to you guys? I gotta talk to someone.’ (Begs dad for advice on Chicken Run).
  • Desperate – I don’t know what to do anymore except maybe die
  • Brave and proud – chicken race
  • Kind and loyal– helps Plato throughout, offers him jacket, friendship, esp in the end ‘I’ve got the bullets’
  • Loving - towards Judy, wants to help his dad


  • Parents - Judy - Plato
  • Police - Buzz - other kids
breakfast club scenes and quotes
Breakfast club scenes and quotes
  • Scenes in ‘Breakfast Club’ 1985 – John Hughes
  • Scene 1 – David Bowie quote/narration – Shermer High School March 24th 1984
  • ‘and these children that you spit on as they try and change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through…’ David Bowie
  • Scene 2 – exterior kids being dropped off, interaction with their parents
  • Scene 3 – All arrive at Saturday detention 7am
  • Scene 4 –all kids and Bender all bond against Vernon
  • Scene 5 – Bender undoes door screw, Claire thinks he’s funny
  • Scene 6 – Vernon and Bender head to head
  • Scene 7 – montage each do different things character analysis
  • Scene 8 – 10.20 Claire talks about her parents starts off conversation about parents
  • Scene 9 – Carl the janitor and their treatment of him
  • Scene 10 – Whistling bond – Alison speaks
  • Scene 11 – Lunch analyse what they eat, Bender rep of Brian’s family, rep of Bender’s dad
  • Scene 12 – The Escape ‘being bad feels pretty good’ all bond in escape against Vernon, confrontation and bullying
  • Scene 13 – dope scene
  • Scene 14 – Carl and Vernon talk about kids being the future
  • Scene 15 – crucial soul bearing
  • Scene 16 – makeover, writing, pairing up, end of detention
  • Quotes
  • v/o narration – ‘you see as, as you want to see us that’s the way we saw each other at 7 o’clock this morning, we were brainwashed.’
  • ‘you don’t even count’ Andrew to Bender
  • ‘the next screw that falls out is going to be you’ Vernon to Bender
  • ‘If you spent a little less time trying to impress people’ Vernon to Bender
  • Bender: you’re a parent’s wet dream
  • Bryan: that’s the problem
  • Claire: I’m not that pristine
  • Carl: following a broom around after shitheads like you I’ve learnt a couple of things. I am the eyes and ears of this institution.
  • Bryan: I’ve been laid lots of times (to Bender)
  • It’s only because I didn’t want her to hear I was a virgin’ (to Bender about Claire)
  • Bender: being bad feels pretty good (to Claire)
  • Andrew: What do you need an id for?
  • Bryan: so I can vote
  • Alison: my life is unsatisfying
  • Bryan to Andrew: guys like you and me
  • Alison to Andrew: you do everything everyone tells you to do
  • Andrew to Alison: ok but I didn’t dump my stuff all over the couch and invite myself
  • ‘they ignore me’
  • Carl and Vernon ‘ these kids get more and more arrogant’
  • Alison: I’m a nymphomaniac
  • ‘We’re all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it’
  • Alison about Andrew: he can’t think for himself
  • Andrew imitating his father: ‘you’ve got to be number one – I won’t tolerate any losers in this family’
  • Alison lightens soul searching tone by showing what she can do with her feet.
  • Andrew: My God are we going to be like our parents?
  • Bryan: I guess Alison and I are better than you guys huh? Us weirdos?
  • More quotes -