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Response to Literature: Character Analysis

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Response to Literature: Character Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Response to Literature: Character Analysis. Mrs. Kelly Brown. Insert photo of Superman. What can you tell me about this character? What character traits would you say he has? How do you know he has those traits?. How do we get started?.

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Insert photo of Superman

What can you tell me about this character?

What character traits would you say he has?

How do you know he has those traits?

how do we get started
How do we get started?

1. You need to pick the easiest character from the story to analyze

2. You need to brainstorm about their character traits

3. You need to pick three traits that you feel you could easily support with events from the story

4. You need to find the events in the story and look for quotes from that event that helps to describe what the character does to show this trait

5. You need to use commentary (your own opinions) to explain why you think this event and the correlating quotes prove each trait

let s see what that looks like
Let’s see what that looks like:

Let’s say you choose Superman- he is the main character and we know a lot about him

You think about all of the good he does for society and you decide that his actions show that he is: brave, compassionate, motivated, super strength, conflicted by his double life, and cautious.

You feel like you could best support: brave, compassionate, and motivated.

You find an event where he shows bravery. Let’s say he saves people from a train collision. You want to find a description during that event that describes how he put himself in danger to save others. This would be and event and a quote that would show bravery.

Finally, you would use commentary to explain why this event and quote prove that he is brave. What might that sound like?

what goes in paragraph one
What goes in paragraph one?

-Hook (you start every essay with an interesting opening)




-Two sentence summary

-Three Character Traits (thesis statement)

paragraph 2 4
Paragraph 2-4

-State the trait (brave)

-Say it in another way (Superman puts himself in danger and risks his life to save others)

-Event to prove the trait (Superman saved the people from a terrible train collision)

- Quote from the story to help further explain what the character is doing/thinking during the even that would strengthen your argument for the character trait

-Two sentences of Commentary to explain why the event you chose proves that he is brave

paragraph 5
Paragraph 5

-Make a final statement about the character

(Superman is the type of character that inspires me to ask myself what I think I could do to help make society better.)

-Restate the three character traits

-Final Commentary: link to society (If more people were willing to take a more self-less position in our society and serve others, our world would be a safer and more welcoming place.)