character analysis delio n.
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Character Analysis - Delio PowerPoint Presentation
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Character Analysis - Delio

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Character Analysis - Delio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Character Analysis - Delio. Friend and Courtier. Character Purpose. Opens and closes play Friend and confidant to Antonio Medium for audience “Human” figure of man. The Friend. Represents loyalty; Ant. says “ noble friend, my most beloved Delio ”

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character analysis delio

Character Analysis - Delio

Friend and Courtier

character purpose
Character Purpose
  • Opens and closes play
  • Friend and confidant to Antonio
  • Medium for audience
  • “Human” figure of man
the friend
The Friend
  • Represents loyalty; Ant. says “noble friend, my most beloved Delio”
    • “I will make myself petitioner for some part of your land to know whether it is flying”
  • Gives Ant. advice
    • “I misdoubt it for though you’ve sent their letters of safe conduct, they appear but nets to entrap you”
    • “take time for’t: be mindful of thy safety” –Del.
  • Confidant
    • “Let me seal your lips forever” – Ant.
the friend1
The Friend
  • Comforter and supporter
    • “I’ll second you in all danger; and however, My life rank with yours” -Del
  • Caring – for Ant and Duchess
  • Blood and Worth: Unprejudiced about status
    • “Speak to her all happy comfort”
    • “How fares it the Duchess?”,
realistic figure
Realistic Figure
  • Example of a “typical” man
  • Has faults as well as good attributes
    • “I would wish you at such time, as you are non-resident with your husband, my mistress”
  • Doesn’t change throughout the play – steadfast male
  • Allows audience to understand other characters (Antonio)
  • Reminder of Antonio’s presence in scenes without him
    • Act 3 Scene 3; with Cardinal and Ferdinand. Delio acts in as Ant.’s spy, “I cannot think they mean well to your life” [to Ant.]
  • Poetic – rep. of status
  • Filled with imagery of nature and animals
    • “Then the law to him is like a foul black cobweb to a spider”
    • ... Than should one fall in a frost... Leave his print in snow as soon as the sun shines”
    • “Nature doth nothing so great as great men, as when she’s pleased to make them lords of truth” – final speech
  • Trust and misplaced trust
    • Character in DOM to trust (except with Julia?)
  • Conflict and tension between blood and worth
    • A worthy man himself as he picks out danger and tension of those in conflict
    • Unprejudiced with status