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Find a Doctor

Find a Doctor

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Find a Doctor

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  2. Topics for today Find a Doctor • Quick background • Areas for planned improvements • Next steps

  3. Background

  4. Find a Doctor Launched Oct. 2012 in preparation for Medical Provider Network

  5. Who uses Find a doctor? Provider office staff Injured workers • I am trying to: • Make a referral • Help a patient find a new doc • Look up providers in our office • I am trying to: • Find a doctor (for ongoing care) who takes L&I

  6. What is working well “I'm impressed. It looks like it could help make my job easier when I need to refer patients out.” – Provider staff, usability study “It was quite easy to use, very simple, direct, used clear language. I like how it listed the mileage, driving time, and finding more info about a specific doctor.” – Worker, usability study “The application is great – we use it.” –Health Services Coordinator, COHE

  7. Find a Doctor: Increase in use since launch in Oct 2012 L&I MPN launches New FAD launches

  8. Methodology Interviews with providers, self-insurance, attorneys Previous user research (Phase 1) Site analytics Surveys of providers and workers Analysis of injury data & provider types Customer service logs Provider Network Advisory Group Internal stakeholder interviews

  9. Discussion: What are your thoughts or concerns about Find a Doctor? ?

  10. Areas for planned improvements

  11. Recommended areas for improvements Help users get better results • Reduce scope of the default search • Implement faceted search Additional improvements and enhancements Today’s discussion In the appendix

  12. Reduce scope of default search

  13. Current default search = Attending network provider Default search returns attending providers in the MPN

  14. Users are overwhelmed by the results • The current default search • yields overwhelming results • doesn’t focus on the right types of providers Need to simplify the list … I did a sort for Bellevue and over 1,000 choices came up. Spent over an hour and gave up.” - Business

  15. Top 5 provider types and specialties are the attending providers for most injured workers In 2012, the top 5 provider types were attending providers for 98% of injured workers

  16. Rescope default search to show:Top 5 provider types and related specialties *=includes surgery No providers are being removed from FAD. Users can still search for any type or specialty.

  17. Reduction in scope A sample of specialties that have been removed: • Pediatrics • OB-GYN • Anesthesiology • Radiology • ER Physician • Cardiovascular • Ophthalmology • Surgical specialties • and others Removed in November Plan to remove in July

  18. What is the impact? Reduces the number of provider accounts displayed in default search by 37% Currently After reduction 35,764 22,648 • Impact: • Helps injured workers get closer to finding a provider for on-going care • Reduces frustration of provider staff who are getting phone calls

  19. What doesn’t change? Advanced search allows users to find ANY L&I provider

  20. Implications of the change: For example Lacey, WA Current default results Proposed defaults results

  21. Discussion: Your thoughts about refining the default search? ?

  22. Implement faceted search

  23. Users struggle to find a particular provider • Some users told us it was difficult to find a provider: • Who is accepting new L&I patients • Within a certain specialty I was able to find a list of providers but when I contacted them they were not accepting patients.”- Injured worker I use the finder to locate psychiatrists. Regrettably, most no longer accept L&I.” - Provider

  24. Users want more flexible searching • Ability to search by • Name only (without entering a location) • Medical group, hospital or affiliation • COHE/Ortho-Neuro • Ability to easily search and refine • By gender • Type/specialty • By location “[It would be helpful] to be able to pull up [the clinic’s] doctors and see a list that we could sort through.” - Self-insured

  25. Faceted search provides more flexibility • What is faceted search? • Allows users to conduct a text search and refine choices across several dimensions. • As an emerging trend in query tools, faceted search matches users expectations. Let’s look at some examples…

  26. Facets • Discrete attributes that represent a specific perspective on the content. • flat (shoe sizes) or hierarchical (boots > rain boots, cowboy boots, etc.) • structured (author, ingredient) or subjective (topic, reviews) Faceted navigation addresses the universal need to narrow... (It) is being deployed rapidly across an impressively wide variety of contexts and platforms. In the world of search, faceted navigation is everywhere.” - Design Patterns: Faceted Navigation, 4/20/12

  27. Why facets work Specifically, facets work because they: • Give users clues as to what questions they should be asking. • Eliminate dead ends. • Reduce information overload. Facets are an efficient communication mechanism to give users a sense of an entire set of results, as opposed to seeing the top 10 results that the system guessed might be relevant.” - Daniel Tunkelang (Director of Data Science at LinkedIn)

  28. MYREGENCE.COM Faceted search vs. Advanced search

  29. Discussion: What facets would be helpful for our users? ?

  30. Next steps

  31. Next steps: Changes to Find a Doctor • Reduce scope default search (July 2013) • Implement faceted searching (Fall 2013)

  32. Emma Rose, PhD Director of Research Laura Schlenke User researcher Thank you!

  33. Appendices

  34. Additional details on research methodology

  35. Additional recommendations:Continue to make interface improvements • Areas to improve, include: • Print: Ability to print multiple pages at a time • Sort: Clearer indication of how to reorder the list • Start page: Clearer call to action • Plain talk: Information about specialties • Geographic information • Driving directions • Ferry routes

  36. Additional recommendations:Continue to improve data • Improve accuracy of contact information of providers • Add additional data • Fax numbers • Accepting new patients • Gender • Education • Provide clear pathways to: • help providers update inaccurate information and understand network status