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Comenius Project ‘Love The Nature, Save Your Future’

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Comenius Project ‘Love The Nature, Save Your Future’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comenius Project ‘Love The Nature, Save Your Future’. ECO-QUIZ: HOW GREEN YOU ARE? Lithuania 2012. Resultant in Tytuvėnai Gymnasium. Examined : 100 students (In blue) 50 adult (In yellow)

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Comenius Project ‘Love The Nature, Save Your Future’' - alyson

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Comenius Project‘Love The Nature, Save Your Future’


Lithuania 2012

resultant in tytuv nai gymnasium
Resultant in Tytuvėnai Gymnasium
  • Examined :

100 students (In blue)

50 adult (In yellow)

Communal (In red)

  • Introduce with 20 questions
1 do you re use plastic carrier bags ar tu naudoji tuos pa ius pirkini mai elius kelet kart
1. Do you re-use plastic carrier bags?(Ar tu naudoji tuos pačius pirkinių maišelius keletą kartų?)
3 do you buy glass not plastic bottles ar tu perki stiklinius ne plastikinius butelius
3. Do you buy glass (not plastic) bottles?(Ar tu perki stiklinius (ne plastikinius) butelius?)
4 do you take empty bottles to a bottle bank ar tu pristatai tu ius butelius taros supirktuv
4. Do you take empty bottles to a “bottle bank”?(Ar tu pristatai tuščius butelius į taros supirktuvę?)

6. Do you buy vegetables and fruit loose rather than in plastic packets?(Ar tu perki vaisius ir daržoves, supakuotus plastikinėse pakuotėse?)

7 do you buy white tissues rather than coloured ones ar tu perki baltas servet les ar spalvotas
7. Do you buy white tissues rather than coloured ones?(Ar tu perki baltas servetėles, ar spalvotas?)
10. Do yuo buy soap and cosmetics not tested on animals?(Ar tu perki muilą ir kosmetiką, kuri nėra išbandoma su gyvūnais?)
12. If you have a car, do your parents use unleaded petrol?(Jei jūs turite mašiną, ar tavo tėvai naudoja bešvinį benziną?)

13. Do you try to use public transport or ride a bicycle as much as possible?(Ar tu stengiesi važinėti viešuoju transportu ar dviračiu kiek įmanoma dažniau?)

14. Do you try to avoid using chemicals to kill garden pests?(Ar tu naudoji chemikalus kenkėjų naikinimui savo sode?)
15. Do you keep paper or aluminium cans for recycling?(Ar tu kaupi popierių ir aliuminio skardines perdirbimui?)
16 have you ever built a tree house for birds ar tu kada nors pagaminai inkil l pauk iams
16. Have you ever built a tree- house for birds?(Ar tu kada nors pagaminai inkilėlį paukščiams?)
17. Do you use fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs?(Ar tu naudoji dienos šviesos lemputes vietoj kaitriųjų lempučių?)

20. Do you take your clothes to charity shops or give them to poor people?(Ar atiduodi savo drabužius neturtingiems žmonėms, ar neši į labdaros parduotuves?)