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“ Train for Europe ”. LICEO DI STATO “ C.RINALDINI ” Liceo Classico - Liceo Musicale Liceo delle Scienze Umane con opzione Economico Sociale Via Canale, 1 – A n c o n a – I T A L Y –. COMENIUS PROJECT. PLANTS. In our country there are names that take origin from flowers

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    1. “Train for Europe” LICEO DI STATO “C.RINALDINI” Liceo Classico - Liceo Musicale Liceo delle Scienze Umane con opzione Economico Sociale Via Canale, 1 – A n c o n a – I T A L Y – COMENIUS PROJECT

    2. PLANTS

    3. In ourcountrythere are namesthat take originfromflowers forexample: 1 - In some countriesitis common togive people namesofflowers. Ifthisis the case ofyourcountry, write the propernouns in yourownlanguage and in English Viola = Violet Margherita = Daisy Rosa = Rose

    4. 2 – The bus tour around Madrid tookyouto the BotanicalGardens, verycloseto the PradoMuseum Are there anyimportant Botanical Gardens in your country? In Italy there are some Botanical Gardens but the most important is the Botanical Gardens in Palermo. It was founded in 1993 and it has got 12 thousands of different plants.

    5. 3 - In mosthomesthere are some plants. Which are the most common in your home? Writetheirnames in English and in yourownlanguage, please Gelsomino = Jasmine Mimosa = Mimosa Geranio = Geranium

    6. 4 - Do you Know any cities or village in your country with plant/tree names? Palermo is a particular city because its name in Greek means “flower” and it is due to the shape of the city.

    7. 5 - “To be as strong as an oak” is a spanish saying. Are there any proverbs or sayings in your country related to plants? Could you explain their meaning? “L’erbavoglionon cresce neanche nel giardino del re” “The grass I want “ doesn’t grow even in the king’s garden“. It means that we mustn’t want everything! “L’erba del vicino è sempre più verde” “The neightbour’s grass is always more green than ours”. It means that what other people have is better than what we have.

    8. Near cemetery you can find lots of cypresses, because they are the symbol of graveyards 6 - What trees can you see in your city/town streets? Why are they chosen? In the public gardens of my city you can see a lot of trees like oaks and poplars.

    9. 7 - Are thereanyuniquetrees or plants in yourcountry? Do anyofthemhavespecialnames? There are some namesoftrees or plantsforexamples: • Albero di sughero = Cork Tree • Mirto = myrthle • Corbezzolo arbutus • Pino loricato = loricate pine

    10. 8 - Are there any titles in the literature of your country that contain the name of any tree or plant? “La Ginestra”, in English “Broom tree”, is a poem written by Giacomo Leopardi, an important Italian writer. He was born in Marches Region.

    11. hawthorn myrrh ivy 9 - Are any plants/trees in your country used for medical purposes? artichoke We know the medicinal properties of marjoram, hawthorn, artichoke, ivy and myrrh from ancient times. Other medicinal plants are opium and willow.

    12. 10 - Has any area in your country been considered a biosphere reserve because of the plants or trees found there? We live near a biosphere reserve called the “Conero Park”. A lot of protected plants and animals live in this area.

    13. OreganoWild fennel • Garlic Onions Rosemary 11 - What plants do you use in your typical dishes? In our typical dishes we use oregano, garlic, rosemary, onions and wild fennel.

    14. 12 - Are thereanygames or popularsongsrelatedtoplants in yourcountry? In ourcountrytherearen’t anygamesbutthere are popularsongsrelatedtoplants. Oneoftheseis: Ci vuole un fiore by Sergio Endrigo