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Project Title

Project Title

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Project Title

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  1. Course number, course title Project Title List Team Members Project sponsor name/company Date of this presentation

  2. Objectives Enumerate project objectives CS 4900 Software Testing

  3. Learning Objectives Enumerate learning objectives (some these might be the same as project objectives) CS 4900 Software Testing

  4. Selected Aspects of Mention what aspect(s) of did you select for testing and why? Briefly explain when and why the selected aspect is useful in practice. CS 4900 Software Testing

  5. Test process Using an animated diagram explain the process you used to test the selected aspect. Your process must consist of clearly defined steps starting from understanding the project requirements. CS 4900 Software Testing

  6. Model Explain each action/rule, state variable of your model. In one or two slides list all state variables and actions (not the code-- just the names. Then use only one slide for each model action. Try to keep this slide uncluttered and the Spec# code readable by the audience.No need to write the explanation for this action. Use this slide as a prop for explaining the Spec# code. Note: You may not have time to explain all aspects of your model. In that case just select a few that you consider important and skip the rest. CS 4900 Software Testing

  7. Exploration Show (portions of) one or two FSM’s generated by SE from your model. In a separate table, provide some statistics on the FSMs generated. Make sure that the FSM you show on your slide is readable by the audience. CS 4900 Software Testing

  8. Tests generated Show a few generated tests, one on each slide. Explain what aspect of the expected behavior is tested by each test (on your slide) and in what way the tests differ. Mention how you will determine if a test has passed or failed.. CS 4900 Software Testing

  9. Experiments List statistics on the number of tests generated, time to run all the tests, how many passed and how many failed, and any other statistic that makes sense for your project. CS 4900 Software Testing

  10. Results Show the results of running the tests. CS 4900 Software Testing

  11. Team Work Show in a tabular form the responsibilities shouldered by each member of the team. If two or more members were assigned a specific responsibility then indicate clearly who did most of the work. CS 4900 Software Testing

  12. Summary What did you learn? Why do you think Spec Explorer is a good or not a food tool for MBT. What would you do differently if you were to redo this project. CS 4900 Software Testing