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KCS Budget Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
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KCS Budget Information Session

KCS Budget Information Session

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KCS Budget Information Session

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  1. KCS Budget Information Session

  2. Where do we stand? • We are making progress, but since TN raised academic standards, our shortcomings are more visible:   • Only 47% of 3rd graders are reading at grade level. • Only 19% of the class of 2011 met all four ACT college readiness benchmarks. • We have significant achievement gaps.

  3. Are we optimizing our current resources? • Yes.  Despite spending less per student than surrounding districts, and less than state and national averages, we still get decent results.

  4. The Proposed Budget would include: • Instructional Technology • Expand performance-based compensation (APEX) • More instructional time (extended school year, after school tutoring) • Consistently excellent magnet programs • Additional interventions and enrichment for students • Full Day Kindergarten • Facilities Improvement • Community Schools

  5. Example of potential Community School Learning collaborative: Cincinnati

  6. Are we optimizing our current resources? • We spend our money in the classroom: • Out of 100 largest school systems in the U.S. KCS is 7th highest in % of budget dedicated to direct instruction (70%). Source: National Center for Educational Statistics for FY 2008. • During lean times, we cut administration, not instruction, e.g. 8% of all Central Office positions in FY12. • Out of 8000+ employees, only 208, or 2.6%, work in Central Office Invest in Excellence for All Children

  7. How would STUDENTS benefit? • More instructional time (balanced calendar, extended school day/school year or tutorial programs) • More enrichment opportunities for advanced students (continued challenges and opportunities and academic support) • More interventions for struggling students • Full Day Kindergarten Invest in Excellence for All Children

  8. How would TEACHERS benefit? • Enhanced performance and base pay (Our average teacher salary is ranked 37"' in the state. In order to retain and recruit the very best educators and support strong student learning outcomes, we will need to build on APEX, our strategic compensation initiative, and provide our most effective teachers with additional compensation) • More instructional time (instructional coaches, and more high quality professional development experiences will make a profoundly positive impact on the quality of education we provide.) • More peer evaluators (More lead teachers) • More educator positions • Better professional development Invest in Excellence for All Children

  9. What about FACILITIES? • This budget would enable us to implement our 5-year IT plan (infrastructure, hardware, software, support).  • This budget would enable us to address critical facilities needs without going into further debt.  • Proposed projects: Adrian Burnett, Pond Gap, Shannondale, L&N Academy, Farragut HS, HS Science Labs, Magnet upgrades, A-E Stadium, New Hopewell, Gibbs HS, Powell ES, Northwest MS, Bearden ES, Farragut Primary, Inskip ES, Mooreland Heights, Maynard. Invest in Excellence for All Children

  10. Proposed Facilities Improvements

  11. How would this affect my pocketbook? Invest in Excellence for All Children

  12. What are the Expected Outcomes? • 90% of 3rd graders proficient in reading by 2020. • 90% of graduates scoring a 21 or higher on ACT. • Source: KCS Strategic Plan, adopted by the School Board in 2009.

  13. How we engage? • For more info contact Virginia Babb @ • Discuss with your small group or Bible class about how our faith informs our response to engagement in public education • If you would like someone to come and talk to your church, please contact Virginia Babb above • If you desire, you can communicate with your county officials @:

  14. APPENDIX A: Operating Budget Overview • Structural increase of $35 million (over natural revenue growth) sustained over time. • $7 million (of the $35) is added to general fund operating budget each of the next 5 years. • Full $35m is requested beginning in FY13; remainder goes to technology & facilities improvements. • If approved, proposal would mean an estimated 18.9% overall increase to our budget in the next five years, an average annual increase of 3.8%. Investing in Excellence for All Children

  15. APPENDIX B: Operating Budget Pie Charts Investing in Excellence for All Children