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Budget Work Session PowerPoint Presentation
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Budget Work Session

Budget Work Session

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Budget Work Session

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  1. Budget Work Session Presentation 6:00 p.m. January 26, 2011

  2. Presentation of updated Expenditure Increases and Revenue Decreases • Review of Community and Staff surveys on Reductions and Possible Improvements • Presentation of the Expenditure Reduction List • Short video on Education • Public Comment • Confirmation of February 9 or 16 as next Budget Work Session

  3. Total Increased Expenditures/Decreased Revenues for 2011-2012 School Year Decreased enrollment: $161,000 STEPS: $54,760 PERS: $58,214 FLEX: $110,410 Contingency: $62,700 5% Decrease is SSF: $250,000 Bus Maintenance: $15,000 End/Begin Fund Balance: $76,058 1% or $32.50 Insurance: $34,139 Social Studies Books: $40,000 Total Decreases/Expenditures: $862,281

  4. Unknowns and Additions to Expenditures and Decreased Revenues since January 5, 2011 The May adjustment $5.7 -$5.357 or less Enrollment: Has decreased by 5 students, resulting in an additional enrollment funding decrease of $28,745 since the January 5, 2011 Budget Work Session. FLEX Dollars: The Lane ESD service plan for OSD has increased by $90,000 since January 5, 2011. 11% SPED Cap: Contacted M. Wiltfong of ODE – remembers notice, but does not know how (or even ‘if’) that will effect SSF funds District Workman’s Comp insurance increases $5,000 for 2011-2012 Fuel cost increases anticipated to be 15%, or $13,800. Water and electricity costs will increase approximately $15,000.

  5. Adjusted (since 1.5.2011)Total Increased Expenditures/Decreased Revenues for 2011-2012 School Year Decreased enrollment: $161,000 $189,745 (decrease of 5 students since 1.5.11) STEPS: $54,760 PERS: $58,214 FLEX: $110,410$200,000 Contingency: $62,700 5% Decrease is SSF: $250,000 ($95,590 as of 1.25.11 Gov. Statement) Bus Maintenance: $15,000 End/Begin Fund Balance: $76,058 1% or $32.50 Insurance: $34,139 Workman’s Compensation: $5,000 Water and electricity: $15,000 Fuel (Heating oil, propane, gas) $13,800 Unemployment $84,000 (to the $750,000 “red” mark) Grant Writer Position $3514 Social Studies Books: $40,000 Total Decreases/Expenditures: $862,281 $907,520

  6. ERL List Survey Results Synopsis of suggestions: All returned survey data placed on website. *Cut administration: (Cut superintendent; Cut OHS/OJH Principal; Cut Maintenance/AD; Cut Technology/Bus Supervisors; freeze administration pay increases; One principal for whole district; use head teachers instead of administrators; Combine positions, i.e., Superintendent/SPED/OHS/OJH Principal/maintenance/AD; use ‘Head Teachers’ or teachers instead of administrators or supervisors) *Cut teachers (basically all OHS and OJH teachers specifically noted) *Do fundraising *Blend classrooms *Cut SPED services (aides, consolidate services; SLP; Behavior Specialist) *Conserve utilities (turn off computers on weekends; don’t turn off heat on weekends; cut paper use; water leaks) *Cut secretaries (1 sec. at OES; no secretary for OJH; one office in OJSHS) *Eliminate Classified aides *Eliminate extra duty stipends (coaches; TAG; stud. govern., sub callers, etc) *Cut PE (Cut at OES; Cut at OJH; Cut at OHS; Give credit for sports; have OES teachers teach PE) *Reduce bus pickups; don’t transport students within one mile

  7. ERL List Survey Results *Negotiate other compensation increases other than pay increases *Encourage retirements of certified and classified *Energy Audit *Have transportation supervisor do annuals of buses *Cut days *Close Buildings During summer *Cut Behavioral Specialist *Cut field trips *Cut athletics (eliminate non-league; cut golf team; cut overnight trips; one option per season per gender; cut all sports for one year) *Contract out buses *Contract custodians (make custodians 9 month employees; eliminate Fridays for custodians) *Combine Kitchens; only have one food choice option *Eliminate FRC *Consolidate schools *District level clerical to LESD; Cut LESD services

  8. ERL List Survey Results *Replace teachers with part time retired teachers *Only hire employees who live in the district *One Office at OHS *Cut librarian *Cut OJH Secretary *All employees pay for all of their insurance *Sell Westridge *Cut District Office work (Fridays only; no summer work) *Teachers secure own subs: Cut sub callers *Sell old District Office (FRC) *Cut the counselor position *Larger class sizes at the high school and junior high school *Cut LESD Services *Replace teachers with aides *Move 6th grade to OJH and cut one sixth grade teacher *Find Grants *Cut advanced classes; Do away with A.P. classes

  9. Suggested Improvements *Get more community involvement (volunteers); have retired teachers teach instead of current teachers *Don’t close OES *Play the lottery *Do the right thing – don’t take away from our kids’ futures *Keep all-day kindergarten *Use EAs for more tasks *Use retired employees more; Have retired teachers teach classes(Pers. Finance; Government; etc, and have district employees offer other classes; use guest teachers); Retired employees being hired wouldn’t cost district benefits *Don’t make any radical changes – keep things how they are; don’t try anything new *We can not improve anything in these times *Maximize communication efforts – use the DME more; Use newsletters more *Provide more electives *Encourage staff to be more positive; put students first *More after school programs *Have the counselor teach a class *Reward those who are working hard *Have low level classes in the high school; Have remedial classes in the high school/junior high *Keep technology up to date; Focus on technology; Have students do more on technology; Have more technology for the younger kids *Use DATA teams and PLCs more *Offer or add classes that help students get ready for real life (Home Ec., woodshop; shop ); more life skills classes on Friday’s from 21st century grant; Increase Art offerings, but more than just regular art) *Offer more challenging courses at OHS *Offer remedial classes for students who are struggling

  10. Suggested Improvements *Combine upper level classes; increase class sizes at the high school and junior high *Add more challenging courses *Improve the Web page *Have older kids mentor younger kids on Fridays at Friday school; Student Mentor Program *Reduce report cards to three times a year instead of four times a year *Move to a proficiency based model; Use ability level classroom groupings *Stop promoting students who have not mastered essential skills or met state benchmarks; Retain students more often; increase expectations for student performance *Have teachers continue to observe and learn from each other *Go back to trimester schedules; go to block classes *Have school year round; take away summer vacation and spread out the school days through summer *Combine OHS/OJH libraries and open libraries with full staffing *Increase teacher prep time *Have students do grounds maintenance *Continue with reading and math programs *Increase trainings; use LESD trainings more for all staff *Consolidate all three schools in one building with storage units; Don’t wait: consolidate *Don’t have students miss school to go skiing; plan activities for Fridays *Keep sports programs; *Establish an Education Foundation to raise funds *Increase PE offerings

  11. Expenditure Reduction List

  12. Changing Education Paradigm Videos\Education Changing the paradigms.flv

  13. REALITY We have a continuing decline in enrollment and a continual decline in revenues/student. No one wants to close elementary school. Massive cuts are going to occur. Social promotion is fundamentally flawed. The children of Oakridge deserve a well-rounded education that allows them to explore and achieve to their potential. Does advancing students because they have had a birthday accomplish that goal?

  14. Next Budget Work Session is February 16th, 2011 at 6:00 in the District Board Room