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Budget Orientation Session

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Budget Orientation Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Budget Orientation Session. Student Center Peachtree Room October 6 th , 2014. Joint Finance Committee (JFC). Other Members Polly Chaudhary Sara Dada Zach Dromsky Andre Evans Tim Park Vishnu Premsankar Michael Sweeney UHR Liaisons Elizabeth Faucher Nick Anderson Brian Shin.

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Presentation Transcript
budget orientation session

Budget OrientationSession

Student Center Peachtree Room

October 6th, 2014

joint finance committee jfc
Joint Finance Committee (JFC)
  • Other Members
    • Polly Chaudhary
    • Sara Dada
    • Zach Dromsky
    • Andre Evans
    • Tim Park
    • Vishnu Premsankar
    • Michael Sweeney
  • UHR Liaisons
    • Elizabeth Faucher
    • Nick Anderson
    • Brian Shin
  • The JFC oversees the SGA financial allocation process
  • JFC Members
    • Trevor Lindsay
      • VP of Finance and Chair
    • Decker Onken
      • Undergraduate Treasurer
    • Matt Kinsey
      • Graduate Treasurer
budget application
Budget Application
  • Budgets are submitted online through JacketPages
  • Budget applications are due by Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 11:59 P.M.
  • Your organization must be in good standing with the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement to be eligible
    • On JacketPages, your organization status will say “Active”
      • President, Treasurer, and Advisor must all be listed on JacketPages
budget timeline
Budget Timeline
  • Applications due on Friday, October 24th
  • Budget Hearing Schedule released on Friday, November 7th
    • All organizations MUST attend a budget hearing
    • Will occur in January and February
  • Budget will be presented to legislative bodies in early March
    • Will be invited to legislative meetings where budget is discussed
        • Final Budget released in April
membership fee requirements
Membership Fee Requirements
  • Competitive Organizations
    • Must charge $50/semesterin dues
  • Non-Competitive Organizations
    • Must charge $15/semesterin dues
  • All members must be listed on your organization’s roster on JacketPages!
    • Will see importance later on in presentation
tier system
Tier System
  • Tier I : Student Center and CRC
  • Tier II : Large organizations that serve all of campus
    • ORGT, SCPC, SGA, Student Publications, Greek Programming Board, etc.
  • Tier III : All other student organizations
    • Competitive
    • Multi-disciplinary
    • Cultural
    • Community Service
jfc policy
JFC Policy


what can t be funded
What Can’t Be Funded
  • First-time events or events not open to the entire campus
  • Capital expenditures
  • Off-season competitions
  • FASET Materials
  • Meeting agendas or postage
  • Personnel or office supplies if you’re a Tier III
  • Speaker Fees
  • Tournaments that you have not qualified for
  • Personal items (nametags, scrapbooks, business cards)
funding formulas
Funding Formulas
  • Cannot receive more than 3 times annual revenue in budget
  • Travel calculator available on JFC website
budget application membership info
Budget Application – Membership Info

Based on how many members are listed on JacketPages!

deadline october 24 th 2014
Deadline October 24th, 2014
  • No late submissions will be accepted
  • Email trevor.lindsay@gatech.edu if you are having trouble, but do it early!
  • More information available at http://sga.gatech.edu/undergraduate/jfc
budget orientation session1

Budget Orientation Session

Student Center Peachtree Room

October 6th, 2014