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Almaty top sightseeing experiences

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  • Uploaded on - It may not be a city that you know much about, but that shouldn\'t stop you from booking a first class flight and making reservations at a luxurious Almaty hotel

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almaty top sightseeing experiences

Almaty Top Sightseeing Experiences

Almaty is one of the biggest cities (and former capital) of Kazakhstan, the world's

largest land-locked country. With over 9% of the entire country's population residing in

the city, it is a bustling metropolis filled with culture, science, industry and history. It

may not be a city that you know much about, but that shouldn't stop you from booking

a first class flight and making reservations at a luxurious Almaty hotel. The south side

of the city is bordered by rugged, snow-capped mountains in the lle-Alatau National

Park, and the city streets slope upwards as you head south - so you can always tell which

direction you are going! While spending a day inside your wonderful Almaty hotel is

tempting, it's good to wander the streets a bit and get a sense of this beautiful and

fashionable city while visiting some of the important museums and sites.

More info visit:

National Museum - When you leave your Almaty hotel, have a driver drop you at the

National Museum (Central State Museum of the Republic), located at 480099, Almaty,

Samal-1,44. Its imposing white façade and blue domes bring to mind influences of the

Greek isles with their cooling hues. The modern look of the museum was achieved in

1985 through the work of architects J. Ratushny, Z. Mustafina and B. Rzagaliev, and it

is one of the largest museums in central Asia. It began its collection with works and

pieces from the 14th century Orenburg; later it grew to encompass the collections of the

museums of the Semirechye region, the Museum of Cossack Army, and the Republic

Anti-Religious Museum.

Presidential Palace and The 28 Panfilov Heroes Memorial Park - After you leave the

National Museum, and before you make your way back to your Almaty hotel, head over

to the Presidential Palace next door to the museum. You won't be allowed in, but it is

worth seeing the building that was being built as a "Lenin Museum" and was about 90%

complete before changing roles and becoming the Presidential Palace. Once you have

marvelled at the Palace, head to the 28 Panfilov Heroes Memorial Park for a stroll

through a park almost as old as the city itself. It began life laid out as a cemetery, then

became the Staro-Kladbischenskiy, followed by City Garden, and in 1899 was re-

named "Pushkin's Garden" to honour the writer. It was re-named once again as the Park

of Fallen Fighters for Freedom then became the Park of Federation, and after WWII it

was renamed after the 28 Panfilov Heroes who died defending Moscow from

approaching enemy tanks.

ascension cathedral if after a day of history

Ascension Cathedral - If, after a day of history and art, you still feel up for enjoying a

bit more history and religion before you return to your Almaty hotel, stroll to, or have

your driver take you to Panfilov Park and see the Ascension Cathedral. A Russian

Orthodox cathedral built in 1907 by architect K.A. Borisoglebskiy and engineer A.P.

Zenkov, it is the second tallest wooden building in the world. It famously survived an

earthquake in 1911, even though it was built using only wooden details connected by

iron bolts. The first restoration was put into motion in 1976, and in 1995 the cathedral

was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, and services were renewed.