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Sightseeing Tour

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Sightseeing Tour. The Beauty of Agink district. Buryats came out from the Mongolian ethnic group and live in the Southern Siberia. They originally populated the lands located to the west and east of the lake Baikal.

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sightseeing tour

Sightseeing Tour

The Beauty of Agink district


Buryats came out from the Mongolian ethnic group and live in the Southern Siberia. They originally populated the lands located to the west and east of the lake Baikal.


There were Khorinsk, Ekhirit-Bulagat, Alar-Tunka and Songolo-sartul tribes. But historically, Buryats are divided into Western and TransBaikalian.

  • AginskBuryats live on the territory of Zabaykalskykrai and called AginskBuryats. They call themselves descendants of KhorinskBuryats, one of the ancient Mongolian nomadic tribes.
  • There is a legend about totemic origin, which tells that Mother swan was horiburyat’s ancestor. HoridoyMergen was her son and had 11 sons who continued 11 Hori-buryatsfamily.
duldurginsk district
Duldurginsk district.
  • Duldurginsk district landscapes are considered to be the particular interest for tourists. Here is the collection of vast steppe areas and mountain ranges of Sakhanay and Alkhanay with a strong alpine of terrain. Picturesque landscape allows you to organize a variety of photo tourist routes in different seasons.
national park alkhanai
National Park "Alkhanai"
  • The central part of the park is mountain Alkhanai. Alkhanai is associated with many legends and beliefs. So, they say that on the mountain Genghis Khan’s patrol stood by itself and at the bottom there was a temple.
  • Among the TransbaikalBuryats, mountain is considered as a Buddhist shrine. In the park there are also several natural monuments which are connected with Buddism. By the territory to Through the Park a river Ilya flows.
  • Also there are some lakes - Bal’zino, Krasnoyarovo and Alhanai lakes. National Park is located on the territory of extremely sharp continental climate with an average January temperature: -22,5 º C, and in summer: +18,4 º C.

Shrines and sacred places dot the landscape. "Prayer Trees" are decorated with colorful ribbons. Seeds of grain or coins are common offerings at shrines. The water here is said to be sacred and have healing qualities.     



  • Services are held weekly at the Datsan in Aginsk capital of the Buryat Autonomous District. The religious complex is also home to a monastery and a number of shrines.
buryat shamans
Buryat shamans.
  • This territory is unique, because for centuries few religions coexist with each other, one of the them: Buddhizm, Orthodox Christianity, Shamanism. Shamanism discovers interesting knowledge about Buryats. Also it is the oldest ansient belief of Buryats. Nowadays, in Aginsk there are nearly twenty practise shamans. Chelutai is the most famous countryside of Shamanism.