happy 3 rd monthsary n.
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-Happy 3 rd Monthsary -

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-Happy 3 rd Monthsary - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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-Happy 3 rd Monthsary -. By Jvjian P. Esteban (Bb). 23 rd June, 2013. Happy 3 rd Monthsary Bb. :*.

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-Happy 3 rd Monthsary -

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    1. -Happy 3rdMonthsary- By Jvjian P. Esteban(Bb) 23rd June, 2013

    2. Happy 3rdMonthsary Bb. :*

    3. Bb, honestly I have no idea what to write about in here. I seriously ran out of idea.. ><So any who… What’s up. ? How’s life. :b? Haha.Lets see.. Hmm.. I can’t think of anything. !!!!Since I can’t think of anything to talk about, i’ll just share with you on whats in my head right now or you could say till now. :D

    4. Things to say sorry about Bb, I know I’m a pain in the butt sometimes and i’m sorry for that. It’s just that, I love you so much. I complain, I get mad, I ignore and more. But I just can’t help it. I get jealous a lot from other girls cause I know that they look prettier then me, smarter, taller and a lot of stuffs that I don’t have. I’m sorry for not being perfect and all but I know one thing that I have which you can keep. My that can love you for all eternity.

    5. Some stuffs I wanted to tell ypu personally but I just can’t I know i’m your first girlfriend and I act like in a way that I want you to know what to do in a relationship. I just don’t want to be the guy then my boyfriend is the girl. I have to take the risk of everything, have to stand there and finish till the complaining is over.. Like what happened to my ex’s. It just hurts.. I can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry if this is too much to ask but if your not used to it, then it’s all right. (: I just want to be the girl again.

    6. Okay. Enough with the sad thoughts. Here are some happy thoughts and a list of stuffs. :D

    7. A List of things You were.. • The first guy who ever confronted someone for me. • The first guy who I ever took pictures with. • The first guy who took this relationship really slow. • The first guy who loved me for who I am. • The first guy who lighted my whole world again. The one who showed me that love is not the end for me. :*

    8. *That was a little note for you and there's actually a big note with me right now. ;D You’ll have it when you open a box full of cookies again. !

    9. My gift So, I baked you cookies again but it’s going to be different now. It’s going to be really colourful for sure hehe. (: Hope you like it anyways. * if you don’t like it. EAT IT. ! You’re really cute whenever you say “noohh” and “nyahahha”. It’s just so adorable. Which makes you immature and a kid. !

    10. Some Random Stuffs You’re really cute whenever you say “noohh” and “nyahahha”. It’s just so adorable. Which makes you immature and a kid. ! You’re gay. Don’t ask cause you are. :b haha. But I still love you. (;I love seeing you smile everyday, It just lights up my day. So you better not stop smiling. (:!

    11. The End Well.. This is the end of this Powerpoint. Aheh. :bI basically don’t know hat to say cause all my words are in the big paper hidden somewhere. So just read that kay. :D? Happy 3rdMonthsary Bb. I love you so very much. I’m really glad to have you and proud to say that you’re my Boyfriend. :D 3 down, forever to go. <3