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James Wellbeloved Dog Food Faringdon

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James Wellbeloved Dog Food Faringdon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When it comes to choosing the right food for your cat you can’t go far wrong with James Wellbeloved, this company is a very well established and highly respected manufacturer of pet foods and treats. Recommended by breeders, vets and the independent pet shops in the UK and Europe

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JamesWellbeloved Dog Food Faringdon

When it comes to choosingthe right foodforyourcatyou can’t gofarwrongwith James Wellbeloved, thiscompanyis a verywell established and highlyrespected manufacturer ofpet foods andtreats. Recommended bybreeders, vetsand the independent pet shops inthe UK and Europe

Their complete drycat food contains onlynatural ingredients such as succulent duck, turkey, or fish with added rice, tomato, potato andmaize. Manufactured in Somerset England, James Wellbeloved Complete Cat Foodsonlyuse the finest natural ingredients to create wholesome and tastyrecipesthatyourcat will enjoy.There are no added artificial colours, flavours orpreservatives used and theydo not use any ingredients known to cause food intolerances.In their own words they

arededicatedto makingnaturallyhealthy, flavoursome food that will meetyourcat's nutritional needs throughout their life. Also theyremain trueto their heritage,with no compromiseto theproducts quality.

Their kitten food for exampleis formulated to meet theincreased proteinand energy requirements of the rapidly growingkitten also it is designed to support bone development. It containsanatural prebiotic in the form of chicoryextract and to help support digestivehealth, with added extrataurinewhichis an essential amino acid that supports fuctions such aseyesand heart. The Omegafattyacids present help to promoteaglossycoat and Yuccaextract is includedto reducestool odour.This complete dryfood has the bonus ofbeinghypo-allergenic. Theselected protein source is turkeywhich is a dietetic food andgood in thereduction ofingredientand nutrient intolerances. Also theyhavea fish based version through out therange. Similarlythe adult for cats age1 to 7years and senior for7years andover. These foods are specificallymanufactured to aid in keepingyourpet cat healthythrough out it’s life. Thesenior food is formulated to meet theproteinand energyrequirements of the olderadult cat.It includeamixof glucosamine, chodroitin and herbs to help in supportingthe joint system which maycause thecat problems with increasingage and this food has restricted phosphorus levels to reducethe risk of renal problems.

Senior, Housecat, Hairball, Oral Health,Light & No Cereal foods havealso been introduced into their range, so somethingfor everycattypeor age. As apetretailer forthe past 20+yearsIhaveseen manyfoods come andgo but this brandis one that has always been aroundand is certainlywell liked bycat ownersand the shop owners who sell it, not least forit’s consistencyin quality and the companies nocompromise attitudeto it’s products. PersonallyIwas not sure about their new packaging introduced thisyear 2014, butIhavestarted toget used to it and it does look good and help promotethe qualityofthe product within. So Ilook forward to beingable to recommend theirfoods alongside the manyothers available foryears to come,Iwill always hold James Wellbeloved cat foodat thetopwhen it comes to choosingagood qualityfood at theright price.