Welcome to mr wyner s math class
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Welcome to Mr. Wyner’s Math Class . Welcome to Mr. Wyner’s Math Class . Welcome to Mr. Wyner’s Math Class . Class Chant To Bedrock by Young Money. Function tables, Use the given rule, Make sure you label, Multiply divide to make it, Stable We can take it to the top

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Welcome to mr wyner s math class
Welcome to Mr. Wyner’sMath Class

Welcome to mr wyner s math class1
Welcome to Mr. Wyner’sMath Class

Welcome to mr wyner s math class2
Welcome to Mr. Wyner’sMath Class

Class chant to bedrock by young money
Class Chant To Bedrock by Young Money

  • Function tables,

  • Use the given rule,

  • Make sure you label,

  • Multiply divide to make it,

  • Stable

  • We can take it to the top

  • Call us KASA Scholars

  • MSA, we’ll make it rock

  • We got big them goals, we’re KASA Scholar bad

  • I’ll do all my work, tryin’ to be a college grad

  • And we’re all problem solvers, trying the best we can

  • No matter what the skill, oh yes, we have a plan

  • I love my algebra, but studying is the key

  • But I can make predictions, with probability

  • Add with the product rule, subtract the days away

  • With Mr. Wyner’s praise, the MSA we’ll slay.

Warm up
Warm Up

  • In 4-5 sentences answer the following:

Introducing myself
Introducing Myself

  • Mr. Wyner 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math

  • Likes: Sports, Going to the beach, Reading, Television and movies, The outdoors, and hanging with friends

Running in college
Running in College

Kicking home for the finish

Usain Bolt:

The Fastest Man in the World

Favorite movie
Favorite Movie

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h2RU2k4lnc&feature=search

More about me
More about me

  • Dislikes: People talking over me, Losing, Not getting enough sleep, people who do not respect themselves or others

Importance of middle school math in their lives
Importance of Middle School Math in their lives

  • Middle school math is used throughout your whole life (Fractions, decimals, percents, volume, area.

  • The preparation and skills used in middle school will help prepare for high school and college

  • The ability to choose the high School of your choice

  • High scores gives us the chance to take honors classes in high school, which looks great for college applications.

Why will we succeed
Why will we succeed?

  • We will:

  • Work hard and smart

  • Be committed to excellence

  • Respect each other

  • Always stay positive

  • Work towards our Big Goals

  • This will:

  • Help us pass the MSA

  • Show us problem solving strategies

  • Lead us to success later in life.

  • Give us pride and a sense of accomplishment

Classroom policies
Classroom Policies

Grading Policy

Behavior Expectations

  • Warm up: 15%

  • Class work: 30%

  • Class Participation: 15%

  • Tests/Quizzes/Projects: 25%

  • Homework: 15%

  • Come to class prepared to learn and be professional

  • Stay in your seat at all times

  • Raise your hand to speak (unless otherwise directed)

  • Be respectful and polite to all people

  • All school policies apply in Mr. Wyner’s room

Entering and exiting the classroom
Entering and Exiting the Classroom

  • Students will walk in the room quietly, sit in their assigned seats, and begin the warm up. Students will remain in their seats until dismissed by Mr. Wyner. Students will line up in the back of the room and exit in a single file line.

Bathroom water fountain
Bathroom/Water Fountain

  • As a rule, students should take care of this before school or during lunch. It will be up to the teacher’s digression to allow students to use the bathroom or water fountain. Students must sign out and receive a time limited pass before they are allowed to leave. No student will leave in the first or last 15 minutes of class.  

  • Students will sign out each time they leave the classroom.

Walking in the hallway
Walking in the Hallway

  • Hands at side  

  • All in single file line  

  • Look forward  

  • Lips sealed  

Class participation
Class Participation

  • Participation in class is essential for student learning and retention of material. Therefore, participation will be tracked and counted as a grade and will help your success in this course.  

Group work
Group Work

  • How will groups look

  • On the count of 3 students will practice getting into groups

  • Students will go back to their normal seating arrangement

Fly swatter game
Fly Swatter Game

  • Groups of two chosen by teacher

  • One person from each group at a time

  • No yelling or helping from either group

  • 1 Point for each correct answer

  • Players are to read the problem and first person to fly swat the correct answer wins

  • Each player has ONE SWAT so use it wisely

In closing
In Closing

  • Very Excited about the year for building success and getting to know all of you better

  • Let’s have a positive and fun year. It all starts with respect.

    We can accomplish anything we set our minds to

  • Clean up around you

  • Wait to be dismissed to line up in a straight line against the back wall.