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IRISH MELODEON - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. IRISH MELODEON • Diatonic button accordions are generally referred to as Melodeon. They are part of the Castagnaritype with button accordions in which melody side keyboard contains one or more rows of button with each row producing the single diatonic tone scale. Single button row Irish melodeon is quite famous with tradition music for around last 100 years.

  2. These all Irish Melodeon are part of free reed aerophone instruments producing sound as air is passed through reed and pressure being built by bellows. Melodeon is just simple the diatonic equipment with complete whole tunes has 10 buttons at the right hand and two upto eight bass being located at the left hand. In tune with G, D or C, Melodeon was one of the most popular instrument in the early 20th century and spread fast across Ireland, Scotland and Britain. B/C is one of the primary preferred choices for Music played by Irish natives.

  3. With modern times a lot of revival went through for one-row melodeon. Chromatic system is preferred by Irish Musicians, rows are semitone apart with sharps and flat. One-row melodeons are best used in relation to Cajun Music with buttons in the set of 2, 3 or 4 sets of reed. Now a day there are toys melodeons available in the market for children. Their tunes and styles decide the equipments that you choose to buy. In Britain, Australia melodeon is alternate name for all button accordions whereas in North-America they all are called as Accordions only.

  4. All about Accordions Company has the reputation of crafting this amazing Irish Melodeon with 3 years guarantee on all Castagnari accordions being built by AAA type. Melodeon 4 Stopper is one of the finest produce with high quality TAM reeds. With our 20 years of experience, our products with their distinctive sounds have reached the corners of the world and satisfying the music lovers.

  5. All Accordions Delivery Details 1.  Free Delivery in Ireland & England2.  Instruments sent out for sale or teacher approval – carriage is free.3. If a problem or fault occurs within the warranty time, All About Accordions will have the accordion collected and repaired and re-delivered at no extra cost to the customer.

  6. INTERNATIONAL Delivery:- • Delivery on Professional Accordions • 1.  All delivery from €2000 and upward to England and Europe is FREE.2. Delivery to USA and Australia on accordions over €2000 is FREE AND UNDER THIS AMOUNT €50. • IRELAND (Next Day), UK (4-5days), EUROPE (5 days),REST OF WORLD MOSTLY up to 10 days.