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  2. 7:50-8:05 Enter Room and Begin Warm Ups 8:05 TARDY BELL 8:15 – 9:10- Block 1 9:10-10:05 Specials/Conference Time 10:05 -11:20 Block 1 cont'd 11:20-11:35 Block 2 (w/ Switch Teacher) 11:35 -12:05 Recess/Study Hall 12:05-12:35 Lunch 12:35-2:55 Block 2 3:05 Switch back to home base 3:05 Dismissal Daily Schedule

  3. Parent Access & Student Handbook All parents need to create a Parent Access Account through CISD. (This can be done through the CISD website.) Through Parent Access, please read and sign electronically the Student Handbook. This must be done by 9/17 or your child will not be photographed for the yearbook. The Student Handbook covers many important topics such as: District Discipline Policy, Attendance, Grading, & Dress Code. (After reading if you have questions, please let us know.) In Parent Access, PLEASE select to receive all your student's grades (even if >80). This is how you will know about your student's progress and will know what papers to look for.

  4. Attendance Policy * Students need to come to school every day to provide the building blocks for a great education. * Attendance patterns are established early in life for students. * Parents model the value of education, including attendance. * Please schedule family vacations during school holidays. * For the school state report card, David Elementary fell in Quartile 2 for attendance rate , with a 97.1%. Quartile 1 attendance rate was 97.2%.

  5. Students may start entering the room at 7:50. This is when they complete their morning procedures and warm up. At 8:05 the tardy bell rings and morning procedures should be complete. Instruction and checking of warm ups begins promptly after announcements. If your child is going to be absent, please call or email before 8 am!!! It is not only important for your child to be at school everyday, but for them to be here for the ENTIRE day. Attendance Policy cont'd

  6. STUDY HALL Study hall is a great place to finish your work! Study hall is used for: • Incomplete work • Missed work due to absence • Extra time needed for assignments • Injury/illness notes- When your child has a no PE/Recess sticker they will go to study hall or sit at a picnic table outside. • AR Testing

  7. Please check UFO's daily and sign. This is where homework and important notes and information are found. Green Cards go home each Wednesday. Please sign and return the next day. REMEMBER no checks are a good thing, which is the equivalent to Satisfactory on their report card! UFO's/Green Cards

  8. TRANSPORTATION Changes: PLEASE send a written note with your child. Include: • Child's Full Name, Date, Change, & Parent Signature. • You can call as well. PLEASE make phone calls before 2 pm to ensure they are delivered in time to make the necessary changes. • If you need to email a change the day of, PLEASE do so before 2pm to Kim Mount: at kmount@conroeisd.net.

  9. TRANSPORTATION • If your child is a walker, parents should establish a meeting place and wait there until the student arrives. • Parents of walkers should not be under the front porch waiting. This will free up the front area so that the car rider line can move as quickly as possible.

  10. Rainy Day Dismissal On Rainy Day Dismissal, ALL Biker/Walkers are released as Car Riders unless other arrangements have been made. If you drove to the school, you need to stay in your car instead of parking and getting out. This is for the safety of the children. If you walk from home on those days, please do not wait on the porch. There is no place for the children to sit as car riders and this slows down dismissal greatly. You must have your school issued car rider sign with you to have your child released to you, or go into the office and show your Driver's License

  11. * You are always welcome to each lunch with your child. Our lunch time is 12:05 to 12:35. * Please eat with them at his/her table and do not bring students from other tables over. There is no separate table. * When the teacher on duty gets on the microphone to get ready for dismissal, PLEASE say goodbye to your child at that time. Please do not wait and walk them back to class. WELCOME to Lunch Time

  12. Birthday Treats When sending in treats, please drop them off at the front office or have your student bring them in. NO cake, cupcakes, cookie cakes, or treats with icing are allowed!!!! Alternatives would be muffins, cookies (no icing), or non-food items such as pencils, erasers, etc. All treats must be store bought with ingredients listed. Please send in napkins with any edible treats as we do not have these items in our rooms. The treats will be shared at the end of the day. Thank you for following these guidelines!!!!!!!! (Items that do not follow guidelines will not be passed out and returned home.)

  13. Birthday Parties Please only allow your child to pass out party invitations at school if they are inviting all the girls, or all the boys, or the entire class. This helps to alleviate any hurt feelings. Students also are not allowed to pass out invitations to students in other classes either. Thank you!

  14. Students may bring a water bottle to class to keep at his/her desk. It should not be able to be spilled if tipped over & should only have water in them (no additives). (Screw on tops or flip tops aren't allowed as often the tops aren't put on tightly or closed fully. Sports top bottles and Camelbacks are examples of bottles that work well. Water Bottles

  15. -Cursive -Word Study -Writer's Workshop -Poetry Performances -Reader's Workshop Language Arts Components

  16. AR stands for Accelerated Reader. AR is a computer based program that consists of vocabulary and comprehension tests that students will take after completing books. Students will take a placement test next week to determine their individual reading range. They will read books in this range during Reader's Workshop. This range will change throughout the year. Most books have AR tests that match them, but not all books. It is a supplemental program to my curriculum, it is not my curriculum. What in the world is AR?

  17. Reader's Workshop • Each week students will check out a total of 3 books from the school library. Each book should be in their AR level. They should have one from each of the categories below. • 1 Nonfiction book • 1 Chapter book • 1 of their choosing within their AR level • Books MUST be brought to school everyday. They are used to support many of the important concepts of our Language Arts curriculum.

  18. Students are expected to keep an in class log of all the books they have tested on. It includes the titles, level, points, and score they received. When testing, students MUST have a copy of the book to use. Students may also take tests on teacher read books in the classroom and literature selections that the whole class has read. • These books may be outside of their AR range.

  19. A major grade will be taken each nine weeks for AR. The grade is determined by an average of their overall percentage correct and percentage of goal met. Students will have an individual goal set each nine weeks based on their previous and current performance. Goals can be found at the top of the weekly green card along with username and password. Please sign up to get email alerts regarding your child's AR account.

  20. Weekly Reading Logs Reading logs are sent out each Monday and should be returned the following Monday. • Students are the ones responsible to fill out the logs for the week. • Parent signature is required for complete credit. • If there is a “Think Sheet” or activity copied on the back of the reading log it is also due on Monday.

  21. Social Studies Notebooks will come home to study for tests. Please send back the next day. -Homework will be assigned approximately 2 times per 9 weeks.

  22. Monday and Wednesday will be Language Arts and Social Studies homework nights. Please check the UFO for assignment details. Homework is due the next day unless otherwise written in the UFO. To be considered “On Time”, your student must bring in the homework when they arrive. Dropped off homework will still be considered late. Each day late will result in 10 points deducted from the final grade. After 3 days the assignment will not be accepted. Language Arts/Social Studies Homework

  23. Differentiated Instruction SAME ≠ FAIR Classroom instruction will be based on individual needs. Lessons are planned to meet the needs of ALL students. Activities will vary to meet the learning styles of ALL the students.

  24. Thank You!!!Now it is time for your child's switch teacher. Stay seated and she will be right in.

  25. Daily Math Review Curriculum Problem Solving Math Fluency Number Sense Logical Reasoning Critical Thinking Analogies & Visual Discrimination Components to Math Instruction:


  27. Math Instruction This year we will be doing Guided Math. During Guided Math, students will rotate through different activities, as I work with a small group. Groups will be changed frequently and are based on many factors. All students will rotate through my station and work with me. We also do many cooperative and partner activities, as well as switch students and teachers at times.

  28. * Curriculum * Hands-On experiments * Cooperative Learning * Investigation * Research * Critical Thinking & Application Components to Science Instruction:

  29. NEW Textbooks/Resources This year we have new resources in both Math & Science. We are working very hard to learn all of the ways that they can be used, so please be patient with us. Both resources will be available online as soon as classes are uploaded and username/passwords set.(Information will be sent home as soon as it becomes available.)

  30. Tuesday and Thursday will be Math and Science homework nights. Please check the UFO for assignment details. Homework is due the next day unless otherwise written in the UFO. To be considered “On Time”, your student must bring in the homework when they arrive. Dropped off homework will still be considered late. Each day late will result in 10 points deducted from the final grade. After 3 days the assignment will not be accepted. Math & Science Homework

  31. 1. Read with your child and talk to them about their reading. 2. Ask your child why they got the answers that they did, rather that just checking for accuracy. 3. Help your child study their math facts. 4. Sign up to receive email alerts for AR so you can be an active participant in their progress. 5. Sign up to receive email alerts for all of their grades so you can have conversations at home about their school work. 6. Please help me to encourage your child to be responsible for their own assignments. One of our biggest goals of the year is to foster independence! So.....what can you as a parent do to help your 3rd grader be successful this year??

  32. Thank You for coming. It is going to be a FANTASTIC year!!! Contact Information: Conference Time: 9:10 -10:05 @281.298.4700 cmcgowan@conroeisd.net http://david.conroeisd.net/Teachers/cmcgowan/ ccolson@conroeisd.net http://david.conroeisd.net/Teachers/ccolson/