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Welcome to Writing for Fluency! !! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Writing for Fluency! !!

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Welcome to Writing for Fluency! !! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Writing for Fluency! !!
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  1. Ms. Megan Rizer Welcome to Writing for Fluency!!!

  2. This course is designed to improve students’ writing skills across content areas Build upon writing skills Revise & edit Mini-lessons Mentor texts to model - immersion COURSE OVERVIEW

  3. classwork: 65% (post-it work, daily do nows, etc.) participation: 20% (group work, engagement, etc.) homework: 15% End of semester grades will determine an overall passing or failing grade GRADING

  4. we write EVERY single day Daily mini-lessons & strategies Implement strategies learned in writing Conferencing in one-on-one & small group settings WORKSHOP STRUCTURE

  5. Traits of good writing Perfecting the paragraph Vocabulary & grammar Nonfiction writing Responding to a quote Narrative Persuasive writing O.P.E.N. WRITING UNITS

  6. Conferencing allows for differentiation through the setting of individualized goals Rough drafts are written with teacher/student conferences Revisions are made through peer and teacher suggestions CONFERENCING

  7. Regular one-on-one or small group meetings to check for: Progress Difficulties/struggles Comprehension Implementation of strategies CONFERENCING

  8. Students receive a grade in this class DAILY This is based on their participation for that day Class discussions daily Theory & evidence – supporting claims in writing Engagement PARTICIPATION

  9. There is a daily DO NOW on the board when students arrive This will usually be a quick writing assignment to start off the day We write ourselves awake! DO NOWS

  10. Most writing will be done in class Students are expected to complete hw on time Late work will receive partial credit, and will not be accepted more than 1 day late Agenda books are key – please check the agenda book to make sure hw is being copied down regularly HOMEWORK

  11. Students are encouraged to come to extra help for ANY reason I am available for extra help every morning I am available for afternoon help every Tuesday & Thursday Students must have a pass signed by me to attend extra help EXTRA HELP

  12. Our class website is updated weekly Please check the website regularly Homework and class information is posted weekly Words of the week  extra credit WEBSITE

  13. i am looking forward to a CHALLENGING yet SUCCESSFUL school year! THANK YOU FOR COMING! do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!