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The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Journal Project. The Diary of Anne Frank. What is the journal project?. As we read the play, The Diary of Anne Frank , you will be keeping a journal. You will be asked to write various journal entries.

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what is the journal project
What is the journal project?
  • As we read the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, you will be keeping a journal.
  • You will be asked to write various journal entries.
  • Some will be written is first person and will ask you to put yourself Anne’s shoes. (figuratively speaking, of course)
  • Other entries will ask you to examine various aspects of the play.
  • Entries will be written in a journal that we will make in class today.
  • I will not accept entries written on individual sheets of notebook paper that are stapled together.
  • If you lose your journal at any point, you will have to rewrite ALL of the entries you had completed.


  • Each entry must be:
    • dated
    • one page in length, or longer
    • written in proper English
    • demonstrate deep and critical thinking
  • Journals will be graded for:
    • Completeness
    • Content
    • Grammar/spelling/punctuation
    • Adherence to requirements-did you follow directions?
    • Appearance-demonstrates time, effort, thought, looks age/grade appropriate.
    • TEST Grade (50%)
journal 1
Journal #1
  • The government has made your religion (or nationality) illegal.
  • Many of your rights are being taken away.
  • Your family has decided to go into hiding.
  • How does this situation make you feel? Where will you hide? What do you think life in hiding will be like? Are you hopeful? Or depressed? What irreplaceable items will you take with you?
  • Respond in the first person, present tense.
journal 2
Journal #2
  • You’ve been hiding in an attic above an office building for about two months. From 7:30am-6:30pm (business hours) you must remain silent and still. You are responsible for keeping up with school work, reading and writing.
  • Write an hour by hour schedule of a typical day. (from wake-up until bed)
  • Also discuss the hardships of living in this way.
  • Respond in first person, present tense.
journal 3
Journal #3
  • While in hiding, you get word that things in the outside world have gotten much worse. You learn that your best friend and his/her family have been sent to a concentration camp. YOU also learn that all of the families in your neighborhood have been evacuated.
  • How does this make you feel? What are your thoughts? How does this change your view of the world? DO you continue to remain optimistic about humanity? Or do you become pessimistic?
  • Respond in first person, present tense.
journal 4
Journal #4
  • While hiding in the attic you have disagreements with several of your “roommates”.
  • Describe the annoyances that you experience as well as the arguments that take place. What do you argue about? What habits of others do you find annoying? What do you do that annoys others? Who do you argue with the most? Why? How do you “escape” from your crowded surroundings and make time for yourself?