the diary of anne frank n.
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The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Diary of Anne Frank. Journal Entries – 7 th Grade 2012. Anne Frank Journal Entries. These entries will need to be a separate part of your Writer’s Notebook. Put your sticky note on the next blank page to show where the DOAF entries begin.

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the diary of anne frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

Journal Entries – 7th Grade 2012

anne frank journal entries
Anne Frank Journal Entries
  • These entries will need to be a separate part of your Writer’s Notebook.
  • Put your sticky note on the next blank page to show where the DOAF entries begin.
  • Just as at the beginning of the year, you will keep a Table of Contents on the first page of the section to represent each enrty.
  • Label the page number of the entry and the title.

DOAF Table of Contents

I’m still here – prewriting




i m still here pre writing
“I’m still here…” - Pre-writing
  • Do you keep a journal or write outside of class?
  • Why or why not?
  • Why do you, as young adults, write?
  • Answer these questions as thoroughly and honestly as possible.
i m still here at17 00 minutes
“I’m still here…” at17:00 minutes
  • David said, “ We live at a time when you can’t speak out…”
    • What affect do you think that knowledge had on his reasons for writing?
  • Based on the stories we saw today, why do you think these teenagers wrote in journals?
get ready to go
Get ready to go!
  • Have a seat with your journal out on your desk.
the diary of an unknown author
“The Diary of an Unknown Author”
  • What things did you think or feel as you watched today’s stories?
  • The “unknown author” is very honest in her diary. She talks about her fears, regrets, and sorrows.
    • Can you relate to her?
    • Have you fought with a family member and regretted it?
i m still here end
“I’m still here…” - End
  • The film ends with the line “You must live.”
  • How did these young adults continue to live?
  • What are the “means of your time?”
  • How can you use those to make a difference in the world you live in?
journal entry 1 april 25 2012
Journal Entry #1April 25, 2012
  • People of all ages make contributions to the world. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  • What impact do you have on people around you now?
  • What impact do you think you’ll leave on the world?
  • What steps are you taking to leave the legacy or imprint you want to?
  • Answer these questions in complete sentences. Discuss these ideas.
diary of anne frank vocabulary part 1
Diary of Anne Frank – VocabularyPart 1
  • Aggravate
  • Jubilation
  • Pent-up
  • Apprehensive
  • Ineffectual
  • Appalled
  • Loathe
  • Sustenance
  • Disgruntled
  • Intuition
  • Compassionate
  • Oppression
  • Tyranny
vocabulary part 1 assignment
Vocabulary Part 1 - Assignment
  • With a partner look up the definition for each word and make a set of two column notes for the vocabulary words.
  • Include the definition and a sentence example for each word.
diary of anne frank vocabulary part 2
Diary of Anne Frank – VocabularyPart 2
  • Foreboding
  • Onslaught
  • Indifference
  • Ostentatiously
  • Vile
  • Forlorn
  • Pandemonium
  • Insufferable
  • Outraged
  • Wallow
  • Inarticulate
  • Stealthily
journal entry 2 april 26
Journal Entry #2April 26
  • Think about the cramped conditions the Franks and Van Daans are moving into. They could only bring what they could carry.
  • Consider what things you couldn’t go without that you would have to bring with you into hiding. If you were to go into hiding tonight, what would you pack?
    • Keep in mind that there is limited technology!
  • These things can be items or people. Write ½ of a page describing what you’d bring and why.
journal entry 3 i didn t use
Journal Entry #3(I didn’t use)
  • What feelings do you think Peter has towards Anne?
  • How does he react when his mother calls her his “little girlfriend?”
  • How would you react if your mother did something similarly embarrassing?
journal entry 3 february 3rd
Journal Entry #3February 3rd

1.Create a venn diagram and compare Mr. Van Daan and Mr. Frank.

A.Include 4 differences on each side.

B.Find 3 similarities for the middle.

2.Would you rather live with Mr. Frank or Mr. Van Daan? Why?

A.Use examples from

the play to support

your response.

journal entry 4 february 4
Journal Entry #4February 4
  • The Franks have been in hiding for four months.
  • Mr. Frank says they can look forward to a quick finish to the war.
  • If you were with them, what would you be looking forward to the most? What activities would you miss? What foods?
  • Write 5-7 sentences (1 paragraph) describing your ideas
journal entry 5 february 10th
Journal Entry #5February 10th
  • Why do you think Anne talks to Peter at the end of Act 2 Scene 1? How do you think Anne will feel after this conversation?
  • Whom do you talk to about your problems? Why do you go to that person?
  • Write a ½ page journal entry answering these questions.
journal entry 6
Journal Entry #6
  • “We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.”
    • Who spoke this quote?
    • What does it mean and do you agree with it?
    • Use several examples from the play that support your response.
  • If you were in hiding which character do you think you would behave most like?
    • Write a ½ page answer in blue/black ink.
journal entry 7 purple
Journal Entry #7Purple
  • “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart.”
    • The writers of the play took this line from Anne’s diary and based the story around it. It quickly became the theme even if Anne never intended to have one.
  • What does Anne mean when she says this?
  • What examples from the play can you find that support this theme?
  • Write a ½ page discussing the ideas.
journal entry 7 white yellow red green
Journal Entry #7White, yellow, red, green
  • Anne wrote some of her most private thoughts in her diary.
  • How do you think she would feel if she knew it was so widely read?
  • How would YOU react if your private thoughts and feelings were one of the best selling books in the world?
  • Write ½ of a page describing your thoughts and feelings.
journal entry 8
Journal Entry #8
  • Make a Venn Diagram comparing your parallel novel to the play, The Diary of Anne Frank.
    • Consider the following:
      • Main characters
      • Setting
      • Theme
      • Quotes
      • Narration
      • Plot
      • Tone and Mood
      • Conflict
  • Each section of the diagram should have 5 bullet points.
holocaust journal
Holocaust Journal
  • What can we learn from the Holocaust?
  • Why do we study it 65 years later?
  • What is the overall theme of this unit?
    • What have you leaned from The Diary of Anne Frank, your research, other students’ presentations, and Life is Beautiful?
  • Write a paragraph (6-8 complete sentences) discussing these things. Use correct spelling and punctuation.