End of hitler and third reich apr may 1945
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End of Hitler and Third Reich Apr-May 1945 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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End of Hitler and Third Reich Apr-May 1945. The Fall of Hitler and the Third Reich. April-May 1945. German Failures Mount. After the Battle of the Bulge , Germany is on the defensive. Fighting in the Ardennes. The Reich in its Death Throws. Hitler relies on technology to save Germany

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German failures mount
German Failures Mount

After the Battle of the Bulge, Germany is on the defensive

Fighting in the Ardennes

The reich in its death throws
The Reich in its Death Throws

  • Hitler relies on technology to save Germany

  • This includes the V1 and the V2, which were aimed at London

    • First V1 launched toward London one week after the D-Day landings

Rocket Launch Sites

Turning to technology
Turning to Technology

  • The V1 rocket is considered a “guided” weapon

    • Vergeltungswaffe (Retaliation weapon 1)

    • Mostly it was pointed in a direction and could accurately hit a city, not a target within a city

  • Prisoners in concentration camps often assembled the rockets that prolonged the war

Turning to technology1
Turning to Technology

  • V2 Rocket

    • Vergeltungswaffe (Retaliation weapon 2)

    • Worlds first long range ballistic missile

  • An estimated 12000 concentration camp prisoners died making the weapon that killed an estimated 9000 British

Launch failures
Launch Failures

Video Link

Last hope
Last Hope

  • Nazis tried to create a nuclear weapon, but were not fast enough

    • Nazi politicization of academia drove many out of Germany and Jewish scientists were purged from Germany hindering Nazi attempts at developing an atomic weapon

  • Hitler’s scientists created new jet fighters

  • Hitler orders the defense of Germany to the last man

The final weeks
The Final Weeks

  • On Nov. 20th, 1944, Hitler retreats from his headquarters at Rastenburgand goes to Berlin

    • He will not leave Berlin ever again

  • On Feb 4th 1945, Allies meet at Yalta to discuss post-war plans

  • Allies allow Soviets to enter Berlin first

Fall of berlin
Fall of Berlin

Soviets begin their assault on Berlin April 16th, 1945

Hitler commits suicide April 30th, 1945 and the Soviets occupy the Reichstag that night

Hitler shot himself; his wife of one day used cyanide and he poisoned his dogs


General Alfred Jodl signs the surrender for all German forces May 7th1945

WW II is over in Europe

Nazi war crimes revealed

Many top Nazi leaders will be put on trial at Nuremberg

More will be hunted for decades

Will lay foundations for Cold War