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PE and School Sport

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PE and School Sport - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PE and School Sport. The way forward for St. Mary’s CE Eccleston Louise Rodofile. VISION STATEMENT

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PE and School Sport

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pe and school sport

PE and School Sport

The way forward for

St. Mary’s CE


Louise Rodofile



To provide high quality PE and School Sport which is a central part of the school development plan. Physical activity should through its diversity embed skills and positive values engaging pupils, staff and the wider school community.

Where we are now

PE and School Sport is celebrated across the life of the school.

Broad and balanced curriculum is in place- Lancashire Scheme Of Work -Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Athletics, Swimming, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

PE policy/development plan is up to date and PE is integral to school development.

Full out of hours school sport programme/links with outside agencies/community

Staff are skilled and confident to teach PE.

PE Co-ordinator/Manager well established, core provision is evident and staff are supported.

Pupils value and fully participate in school sport. They adopt a positive attitude to healthy and active lifestyles.

Strong links with our Cluster Schools for competitions and leagues.

Participation in Chorley Schools events/ competitions/ leagues.


The Way Forward…….

Sports Premium Funding

Chorley school Sports Partnership

Curriculum 2014


Staff Development


Moving Forward


Sports Premium Funding

  • - An exciting way to help us enhance our PE and School Sport
  • Approx. £9000 for two years initially -ringfenced for PE AND School Sport and managed within school
  • Suggested effective uses……
  • Paying effective specialist teachers to lead improvements in PE
  • Employing coaches-staff/ child development
  • Professsional development for staff such as team teaching opportunities
  • Paying coaches/staff to increase participation in competitions
  • Buying into School Sports Partnerships
  • Providing out of hours clubs and activities
  • Introducing new initiatives
  • The list of possible ways to utilise the award is comprehensive and provides a good guideline to ensure we manage and plan for the effective use of the money.
  • Many of the suggestions are already well established at St Mary’s but there are also great opportunities for us. One of my roles is to take this vision forward.
  • Ofsted will be required to inspect how the funding has been used and we are also required to report via our school website by 8th April 2014.

Chorley School Sport Partnership


-competition management within local cluster and links to local high school

-centralised resources and professional development

-specialised coaches to enhance curriculum and to provide after school clubs

-network of Primary Link Teachers, Secondary PE managers and Partnership Leader

Initially this was a free service provided by the government and St. Mary’s fully embraced the initiative. Then in recent years the service had to be paid for and although the partnership still ran successfully, it was on a smaller scale. This new SPORTS PREMIUM FUNDINGhas allowed for St Mary’s to re connect but with a tailor made membership.

It was decided that whilst being involved in the partnership is beneficial and essential, many of the services they provide can be managed in school by the PE Manager rather than paying an outside agency.

Thus our commitment to the Partnership is approx. £1500 per annum with various initiatives we can add on throughout the year.



-Lancashire Scheme of Work for PE is fully established and used consistently from R-6

-Coaching is used to enhance the curriculum where possible

-Assessment for Learning is in place although this is an area highlighted for development.

The new Lancashire Scheme of Work 2014 is in working progress, a course has been attended and we are now awaiting the new documentation in order to implement it in school through whole staff development.

One change that may impact on our curriculum planning is that every KS 2 child will have an entitlement to outdoor and adventurous activities ( we do provide this through our year 5 and 6 visits but these are on a paying basis) thus a new programme will have to be planned and introduced using our on site facilities.





Staff Development

The Sports Premium Funding will allow for many opportunities for staff development.

-team teaching opportunities with specialist teachers

-staff observing and participating with specialised coaches

-opportunities to attend courses for professional development

-pooling funding with other schools to provide staff training

Eg. Currently on a Friday morning we are paying for a multi sports coach to plan, deliver and assess Year 1 and 2 Games lessons along side the class teacher. This works on various levels by enhancing and supporting the curriculum, providing staff development through team teaching opportunities and providing high quality provision for the development of the children.

A Dance coach provided as part of our package with the Chorley Sports Partnership has also just completed a very successful block of lessons with both Year 3 and 4 again providing very good staff development for the teachers that should impact on their future children.


Facilities /Equipment



-Playing field-wooded area

-Outdoor store/ indoor store

Regular audits of the equipment take place and resources for teaching are available-the staff are regularly asked if they need replacements and can request any specific needs.

Sports Premium Funding can be used to purchase resources if necessary.


Schools will be held accountable for how the funding is spent.

Ofsted will strengthen its coverage of Sport and PE within the Inspectors Handbook and schools will be required to include details about their sporting provision on their school website. This will allow parents to compare schools both within and beyond the school day.



Provision of ‘OUTSTANDING’ High Quality PE-at least 2HOURS A WEEK

-Increasing participation across both Key Stages with a fully inclusive curriculum and out of hours programme

-More High Quality Competition –curriculum, cluster , virtual and through leagues and sports partnership

-Staff Development

-PALS- Young Leaders

-Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Initiative

-Provision for gifted and talented pupils/Inclusion

-Promoting Healthy Schools- B.A.S.H. club and Change 4 Life

-Promoting, celebrating and displaying achievements eg newsletters, website, assemblies

-Developing further links with the community and outside agencies, form a register

-Creating a ‘Sports’ representative on the School Council giving the children a voice

-PLT Network

-Continued liaison with parents and the wider community

-Budget management

My role as PE Co-Ordinator is to manage and lead all of the above discussed!!