warm up attention grabber n.
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Warm-Up: Attention Grabber ;) PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-Up: Attention Grabber ;)

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Warm-Up: Attention Grabber ;) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm-Up: Attention Grabber ;).

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Warm-Up: Attention Grabber ;)

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warm up attention grabber
Warm-Up: Attention Grabber ;)

In this scene from "Easy A" (2010) a high school student is facing a difficult issue caused primarily by a rumor she started about herself that has grown out of her control. She's been called into the guidance counselor's office and is genuinely seeking help, but the counselor's poor listening skills leave Olive uncomfortable sharing the truth and the problem only escalates.

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ced 603 multicultural counseling underserved population building skills for success

CED 603 Multicultural CounselingUnderserved population: Building Skills for success

Cesar ChaconNational University


"When you're a kid, school is your career. And if you go out of business in school, if your business goes bankrupt, if you're not having any success, you're left with almost nothing. You are poverty-stricken. Where do you go from there?“

-- Dr. Mel LevineFounder, All Kinds of Minds

  • Overview and Demographics
  • Theoretical Constructs
  • Program Goals
  • Program Outcomes
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Brochure
  • Citations
overview and demographics
Overview and Demographics
  • Community Day Schools are schools for students who have been expelled from school or who have had problems with attendance or behavior or have been released by a juvenile detention center.
  • These schools serve troubled students in many ways. They offer challenging classes and teach important skills. They have counselors and other professionals who assist students.
theoretical constructs
Theoretical Constructs

Social skills and/or life skills are behaviors that need to be taught and practiced until the skill can be exhibited fluently and appropriately (Lane et al., 2005).

Skills for Success is a program developed by the Orange County Human Relations Councilthat focuses onthe requisite skill that all students should possess and include both social and academic components to help students achieve success both at school and beyond (OCHR, 2012).

theoretical constructs continued
Theoretical Constructs Continued

Teaching these skills is an essential, yet overlooked part of student success. Around the world, Life Skills-Based Education (LSBE) is being adopted as a means to empower young people in challenging situations (Life Skills, 2012).

LSBE refers to an interactive process of teaching and learning which enables learners to acquire knowledge and to develop attitudes and skills which support the adoption of healthy behaviors(Life Skills, 2012).

program goals
Program Goals
  • To develop leadership skills
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Build positive attitudes towards school
  • Become positive role models
  • Develop life skills
  • Increase positive attendance
  • Improve GPA
program outcomes
Program Outcomes
  • Academic Outcomes
    • Decreased number of D’s and F’s by 185%
    • 100% Continued on to Comprehensive High School
  • Skills Outcomes
    • 100% of students reported using techniques learned to better handle conflict
  • Skills Developed
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Organization
program evaluation
Program Evaluation
  • Procedure
    • Obtain informed consent from parents and from thestudents.
    • Obtain the questionnaire responses of the students before the first skill building class
  • Obtain ex post facto data from school records on behavior problems and academic success for the program participants
  • Review the data and draw conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the skills program
program results
Program Results

Prepared To Deal with Conflict

F’s and D’s Earned by Students


Lane, K.L., Menzies, H.M., Barton-Arwood, S.M., Doukas, G.L., & Munton, S.M. (2005).

Designing, implementing, and evaluating social skills interventions for elementary students: Step-by-step procedures based on actual school-based investigations. Preventing School Failure, 49 (2), 18-26.

Orange County Human Relations (2012). OCHR, Retrieved from http://www.ochumanrelations.org/

Santa Ana Unified School District (2012). SAUSD, Retrieved from


Life skills (2012).Life Skills, Retrieved from http://www.unicef.org/lifeskills/

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