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S3 English Project PowerPoint Presentation
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S3 English Project

S3 English Project

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S3 English Project

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  1. S3 English Project Our New School Uniform For Boys

  2. Contents Introduction---------------------------P.1 The Shirt-------------------------------P.2 The School Tie------------------------P.3 The Trousers--------------------------P.4 The Blazer-----------------------------P.5 The Final Product--------------------P.6

  3. Introduction We have designed a new uniform for our students. Now we are going to introduce our new design to all of you and we hope you will like it. P.1

  4. The Shirt First, let’s talk about our design of the shirt. Just like the old one, the new shirt is made of cotton. It has a pointed collar and long sleeves. There is some lace on the shirt. It has wide cuffs so that our hands can move easily. P.2

  5. The School Tie Next, we will show you the new design of the school tie. The new school tie is made of silk. It is claret and it has our school’s initials printed on the lower part of it. P.3

  6. The Trousers Now, we are going to introduce the new design of the trousers. They are made of wool and polyester. They have a pattern of black and white stripes. They have buttons, a zipper and belt loops so you can use a belt too. P.4

  7. The Blazer Lastly, we will show you the blazer that we have designed. It is a full-length tailcoat and it looks like a trench coat. There are two pockets on the front. The inner part of this blazer is made of wool and the outer part is made of leather. I’m sure that it can keep you warm in winter and make you look smart immediately when you put it on. P.5

  8. The Final Product This is the picture showing the final product of our new design of the school uniform. It shows all the details and how you will look like when you put them on. We hope you will like it! P.6

  9. Group No. 4 Students: Tam Wang Hon (30) : Tai Kim Lung (29) : Wong Chun Yin (35) : Yau Ka Ho (38) Teacher: Miss Yau Kwai Fong