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current & next. Better to provide little more space b/w the main heading and the sub headings. As per spec,Link name should be ‘Background & Models’. Image missing. current & next.

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current & next

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current & next

Better to provide little more space b/w the main heading and the sub headings

As per spec,Link name should be ‘Background & Models’

Image missing


current & next

The wiki editor and the table length is not matching the other text box length.( All the wiki editors, textboxes, tables should have the same length.


IE 6 –current & next

The space b/w the heading and the drop down seems very less. Since the iball is having a background shading, it seems the iball image is shown pulled down.


View mode >current & next

Headings are not in bold. Also * shown at the beginning and end.


Windows XP:IE 7,FF3 –Next & current

Back ground color of the title(green color) slightly exceeds the table


Windows XP:IE 7,FF3 –Next

‘Titles’ are not displayed in the same level(Title “Student will know” is slightly displayed upwards


Windows XP, MAC FF3

Current&dev (only in FF3)

Tool Tip displays no border


Windows XP:IE 7,FF3,IE6,MAC Safari,FF3

only in next

No Grid is displayed

Background Colour is displayed incorrectly (Only in Next)