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Creative Sponsorship Sales

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Creative Sponsorship Sales. Partnering Prospecting Preparing Personalizing Problem-solving Chapter 8. NASCAR Sponsors. Assume that you were the owner or marketing agency for a NASCAR team. How would you go about finding the best match as a sponsor?. Activation.

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Creative Sponsorship Sales

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creative sponsorship sales

Creative Sponsorship Sales

Partnering Prospecting Preparing Personalizing Problem-solving

Chapter 8

nascar sponsors
NASCAR Sponsors

Assume that you were the owner or marketing agency for a NASCAR team. How would you go about finding the best match as a sponsor?


How is activation the key to successful sponsorship?

  • Activation refers to putting the sponsorship into action.
  • Sponsorships are not static (e.g., signs/billboards). Fans’ looking at signs or ads is not activation.
  • Activation occurs when fans recognize and make the connection between the sponsor and the property, allowing for fan identification and affinity with the property to transfer to the sponsor. Affinity transfer is key.
  • Activation plays an integral role in the sponsor’s leveragingthe sponsorship tie-in within the sponsor’s overall advertising or promotional campaign.
  • The role of the property is to activate the benefits offered by the sponsor in the minds of the property’s customers (the fans).
sponsorship selling
Sponsorship Selling

Why is it important for us to approach potential partners with a unique value proposition?

a partnership approach
A Partnership Approach

…recognizes the unique need of the sponsor as its starting point for developing a sponsorship package that offers a unique value proposition suited specifically to the sponsor.

A good partnership is based on trust.

  • When you think of what makes a good partner, what traits do you think of? What kind of person do you want to partner with?

How long will you partner with someone without these three elements of trust?

  • Long term commitment
  • Honesty
  • Benevolence (Golden Rule)
special benefits of a relationship
Special Benefits of a Relationship

Why are these benefits important to sponsors?

  • Confidence benefits—the sponsor has comfort in knowing what to expect from the property and has no anxiety when meeting with you,
  • Social benefits—the sponsor becomes emotionally attached to the people working for the property; employees of the sponsor and the property are comfortable and familiar with each other; close friendships are created, and
  • Special treatment benefits—the sponsor receives better prices or concessions, faster service, and individualized attention.


After you understand the partnership approach, you can start prospecting…


The sponsor’s target market needs to overlap with the NASCAR circuit.


Make a list of potential sponsors that have these characteristics. How might a good activation strategy make a sponsor seem related to NASCAR?

  • Relatedness—the sponsor & property are perceived as belonging together.
  • Image—sponsor’s business fits & is appropriate for primary target audience (families)
  • Prominence—the sponsor’s brand is prominent and familiar to fans
sponsor selectivity an example of negative image
Sponsor SelectivityAn Example of Negative Image

A Higher State Of Hair Care™

Why might this be a poor sponsor

choice for some teams?

characteristic of typical sponsors
frequently purchased packaged goods and services, that are

mass-marketed to consumers in highly competitive markets, and are

frequently consumed at sporting events.

What are some examples of sponsors with these characteristics?

Why are they good sponsorship prospects?

Characteristic of Typical Sponsors
typical product service categories of sponsors
Typical Product/Service Categories of Sponsors

How is exclusivity going to affect the sponsors you might attract?

What categories are under-represented among NASCAR sponsors?


How could you use these assets to activate the brand aimed at the NASCAR fan market?


Dependent upon the marketing objectives of the sponsor, you must customize the activation to meet their needs.

problem solving
Assignment: Find articles about failed sponsorships.

Discuss: What did they do wrong? How could or was the problem resolved?

Problem Solving
  • Signing the check & dropping the ball.
  • Due Diligence Overlooked.
  • Insufficient staffing & fulfillment.
  • Failure to sell internally.
  • Overlooking the fans.