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Causes & Prevention of Hearing Loss PowerPoint Presentation
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Causes & Prevention of Hearing Loss

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Causes & Prevention of Hearing Loss - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Causes & Prevention of Hearing Loss. By Jayashree BSc , MEd (HI) Special Educator & Speech ther apist. Causes of hearing impairment. Hereditary and Non-hereditary Congenital and acquired Prenatal, perinatal and postnatal Physiological and psychological .

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Causes & Prevention of Hearing Loss

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    1. Causes & Prevention of Hearing Loss By Jayashree BSc, MEd(HI) Special Educator & Speech therapist

    2. Causes of hearing impairment • Hereditary and Non-hereditary • Congenital and acquired • Prenatal, perinatal and postnatal • Physiological and psychological

    3. Hearing loss are classified on the bases of the location of the problem with in the hearing mechanism • Like Conductive hearing loss • Sensori neural hearing loss • Mixed hearing loss

    4. Conductive hearing loss causes • AtresiaThe absence of external ear • The babies are born with missing of pinna • It can also be accompanied by the abnormality of the middle ear • Frequently the drums and ossicles are missing entirely.

    5. Wax in external auditory canal • The commonest cause of hearing due to the improper functioning of the outer ear is a blocking of the ear canal by an excess accumulation of wax. • Ear wax formation and its outward movement towards the pinna is a self cleaning mechanism of the external auditory system • Some produce much more cerumen(wax) than they need for the auditory protection of the ear drum. • This effectively prevents sound waves from reaching the ear drum

    6. Foreign body obstruction • It is possible for the canal to be blocked by other substances besides wax • The obstruction of the external canal by a foreign body may give rise to conductive hearing loss especially in children • The children may stuff objects like beans wads of paper, chalk pieces of crayons etc in the canal • Hearing loss is usually not a major concern in such cases unless the foreign body has ruptured the ear drum

    7. External otitis • Is an inflammation of the skin in external auditory canal most frequently due to bacterial or fungal infection.

    8. Sensori neural causes • Viral infections • Rh incompatibility • Infections most important is bacterial meningitis, Mumps, Measles, Influenza,rubella • Head trauma: a fracture of the temporal bone can disrupt the nerves of the auditory system

    9. Acoustic trauma: prolonged exposure to loud noises causes the hair cells on the cochlea to become less sensitive • In this type the outer and the middle ear is normal in every aspect • Sensori neural impairment can be present at birth or can be developed in the later stage of life.

    10. Preventions of hearing loss • Say No to • Drugs and smoking • Don't consume medicines without doctors advice • Congenital Marriage • Excess us of mobile phones • Exposure to loud noises • Avoid home delivery

    11. Thank you