The morpheme aud/audi means “(referring to) hearing.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

the morpheme aud audi means referring to hearing n.
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The morpheme aud/audi means “(referring to) hearing.” PowerPoint Presentation
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The morpheme aud/audi means “(referring to) hearing.”

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The morpheme aud/audi means “(referring to) hearing.”
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The morpheme aud/audi means “(referring to) hearing.”

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  1. Page 2-46 The morpheme aud/audi means “(referring to) hearing.” 1. Write each word, using previously learned word parts. Audiology Means “the study of hearing.” Audiologist Means “a person who studies hearing.”

  2. Page 2-46 auditorium1727, from L. auditorium "lecture room," lit. "place where something is heard," neuter of auditorius (adj.) "of or for hearing," from auditor "a listener," from audire "to hear" (see audience). • 2. How do you think the literal translation of auditorium evolved into its dictionary definition?

  3. Page 2-46 3. Add the correct suffix to the root audi and write the correct word for each part of speech. ble, bly, bility audibility _______________________ noun _______________________ adjective _______________________ adverb audible audibly We often incorrectly change words from adjectives to nouns. Peyton Manning calls an audible play. We say he calls an audible. See the difference? Omit question #4.

  4. Page 2-47 The morpheme pan means “all.” • Divide the following words into morphemes, and define the morphemes. a. panchromatic Morpheme 1 ____________ Definition ___________ Morpheme 2 ____________ Definition ___________ Morpheme 3 ____________ Definition ___________ Where does the t in the word panchromatic come from? ________________________________________________ b. pandemic pan all chroma colored ic relating to It is inserted for euphony. Morpheme 1 ____________ Definition ___________ Morpheme 2 ____________ Definition ___________ Morpheme 3 ____________ Definition ___________ pan all dem people ic relating to

  5. Page 2-47 Combine the morphemes pan and horama (meaning “sight”) to make a word that means “view in all directions.” Note the spelling change. panorama

  6. Page 2-48 • The morpheme cycle/cyclo means “a recurring round of events, a circle.” 1.Combine cycle with a number prefix to form the correct word. One-wheeled pedaled vehicle Unicycle

  7. Page 2-48 Two-wheeled pedaled vehicle Three-wheeled pedaled vehicle tricycle bicycle

  8. Page 2-48 2. Combine the morphemes as shown and write the complete word. re+cycle re+cycle+ed re+cycle+ing re+cycle+able b. What types of objects can you recycle? recycle recycled recycling recyclable Aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, etc.

  9. Page 2-48 3.Look up the definition for cyclotron (also known as “nuclear accelerator”). The dictionary may not clearly explain why cyclo is part of the object’s name. Why do you think this word contains the morpheme cyclo? Cyclotron- circular or oblong in shape A cyclotron charges atomic particles in a magnetic field. Cathode Ray Tube Particle Accelerator

  10. Page 2-48 • Look up the definition of Cyclometer. Why might a person use one? To determine the distance traveled in a wheeled vehicle

  11. Write a sentence that briefly outlines the life cycle of a butterfly. The life cycle of a butterfly has 4 stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and winged adult.

  12. Page 2-49 The morpheme tele means “distant” 1. Divide these tele words into morphemes and write their literal definitions. Refer to previous pages in this book to help if needed. Telephoto Morpheme 1 Morpheme 2 Literal Definition tele photo distant light

  13. Telescope Morpheme 1 Morpheme 2 Literal Definition Radio telescope Morpheme 1 Morpheme 2Morpheme 3 Literal Definition Page 2-49 tele scope an instrument used for viewing at a distance radio tele scope an instrument for viewing distant radio waves

  14. Teletubbies- something you should always keep at a distance.

  15. 2. What is the difference between a telegraph and a telephone? Page 2-49 A telephone transmits words; a telegraph transmits coded signals.

  16. 3. NASA uses radio telescopes to send and listen for messages in space. This includes sending and receiving data from satellites, talking to astronauts in the space shuttle, and listening for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Scientists also use telemetry devices to determine, for example, the distance from the Earth to the moon. A device on the moon takes the measurement and sends the data to radio telescopes on earth. • Define telemetry. • te·lem·e·try        (tə-lěm'ĭ-trē)  Pronunciation Keyn.   The science and technology of automatic measurement and transmission of data by wire, radio, or other means from remote sources, as from space vehicles, to receiving stations for recording and analysis.

  17. The morpheme endo means “within, inside, or inner.”1.Change each word’s prefix from exo to endo, making it refer to the inside rather than the outside. Endoskeleton Endoderm Endoparasite Endothermic Endotoxin

  18. Page 2-50 2. The endo words from question 1 are probably not in you dictionary. Using your knowledge of word parts, formulate and write the definitions to these words. You may look through the workbook or use the dictionary if needed. These are real science words found in science dictionaries and texts. EndoskeletonExoskeleton Outside Inside

  19. Endoderm Endoparasite an internal parasite The inner layer of tissue formed in the developing embryo. Tapeworm photo too gross to show. It looks something like this. • Endothermic Describes an organism that generates heat to maintain its body temperature, typically above the temperature of its surroundings. Endotoxin potentially toxic, natural compounds found inside pathogens such as bacteria.

  20. Page 2-50 3. The endocrine (krinein means “to secrete”) system in the human body is very important to the proper functioning in the body. What does the word endocrine literally mean? To secrete inside The endocrine gland secretes hormones into the bloodstream.