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Global Responsibility. Responsibility. Actions we must take, often without being told, to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and others. We are responsible for: Ourselves Family/friends Community Country World. We ensure wellbeing through:. Sustaince :

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  • Actions we must take, often without being told, to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

  • We are responsible for:

    • Ourselves

    • Family/friends

    • Community

    • Country

    • World

We ensure wellbeing through
We ensure wellbeing through:

  • Sustaince:

    • We sustain ourselves by eating properly, maintaining out living space and being prepared for each stage of our lives (education, saving for future, making sure we can support a family).

    • We must also ensure that others, even those we do not know, have the opportunity to secure good food, have a proper living space and be able to build for their future.

We ensure wellbeing through1
We ensure wellbeing through:

  • Justice:

    • We must protect our rights and take seriously and put into practice the obligations that follow from these rights.

    • We must also ensure that the rights of others, even those we do not know, are protected. Also we must ensure that others have the opportunity to fulfill their obligations which naturally follow from their rights.

We ensure wellbeing through2
We ensure wellbeing through:

  • Environment

    • All life comes through the earth. The condition of the earth has a direct connection to the quality of life we will have.

    • As well as protecting the earth for our own interest we must protect the environment shared with the 6.5 billion others we inhabit this planet with and the many who will follow us over time.

Global village
Global Village

  • Global Village refers to the idea of the world being an interdependent community where we all have a responsibility to develop and maintain the world as a place of justice and peace through focusing on the common needs of all people (the common good)


  • Interdependent means that we are dependant on others in many parts of this world.

    • Armed conflict in one part of the world can result in a shortage of needed supplies in another.

      • Most of our food comes from the third world.

    • Deforestation in one part of the world can have a negative effect on another part of the world.

      • Much of the oxygen we breath comes from the rain forests of Brazil.

Refering to the text, “Civics Now”, pages 151 and 152 complete the sheet entitled “They Made a Difference”.

Iqbal masih page 151
IqbalMasih, page 151

  • Experiences

    • Sold into slavery by his parents at the age of four. For 6 years Iqbal was shackled to a carpet-weaving loom tying tiny knots from 4 A.M. to 6P.M. At the age of ten he was able to escape.

  • Actions

    • At age twelve he was traveling the world in his crusade against the horrors of child labour.

Craig kilburger page 152
Craig Kilburger, page 152

  • Experience

    • In April of 1995, at the age of twelve, Craig read an article about the death of IqbalMasih. Craig was shocked at the cruel life and death of Iqbal, who was twelve when he was murdered.

  • Actions

    • Craig looked into the issue of child labour and organized his friends and classmates to form an organization called Free the Children.

Results from the experiences and actions of craig and iqbal pages 151 and 152
Results from the experiences and actions of Craig and Iqbal, pages 151 and 152.

  • Results

    • Craig arranges a trip to South Asia receiving a lot of media attention.

    • Craig founded an effective NGO (Non-government Organization), educated the people of Canada to the issue of child labour and placed this issue in the medial spotlight.

    • Free the Children has opened more than 100 schools and rehabilitation centres for freed child labourers.


NGO – Non-governmental Organization

Organization that is not part of any government. Made up mostly of volunteers with a small paid staff. Supported by donations, some receive a small amount of money from governments.

Work to improve our interconnected world through creating and maintaining a world of justice and peace by focusing on our common needs of: