cigars and pipes n.
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cigars and pipes!

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cigars and pipes! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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cigars and pipes!
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  1. cigars and pipes! Tatiana Cammel, XipiAmin, and Brittney Taylor

  2. cigars! • Cigars are tightly rolled bundles of tobacco. The wrapper on the outside may look like paper, but it’s actually a tobacco leaf! Cigars are more dangerous than cigarettes, because they contain almost 7 grams of tobacco, each! A regular cigarette contains less than 1 gram, but both are still extremely addicting. Cigars contain more toxins, because they are allowed to lay out longer, so more toxins are made!

  3. pipes! • Pipes are tubes that have a bowl at the end. There are many different substances that pipes are made out of. Pipes use tobacco that is not ordinarily used for smoking, so the ‘taste and aroma’ are more pleasant. Pipes are required to be cleaned, and may burn holes. But pipes are still absolutely horrible, because they contain nicotine and toxins!

  4. benefits? • There aren’t many benefits to smoking, obviously. Many smokers, and tobacco producing companies, believe that smoking calms you down. They also believe that smoking is cool, and make you seem like the greatest and most sophisticated person ever. But it isn’t cool.

  5. whats the difference? • Cigars, cigarettes, and pipes are all completely different. They all have the damaging effect of addiction, and producing tar, but they each do it in a different way. Cigars have much more nicotine in them, more than a whole pack of cigarettes. They contain more toxins, are much more addicting, but they are smoked less. Cigarettes are smoked all the time, don’t contain as much tobacco, but are extremely hurtful. Pipes aren’t as common as either of these, don’t contain much tobacco, and are believed to be more relaxing.

  6. dangers?! • Cigars increase the chance of pulmonary and heart disease. All tobacco products increase the risk of cancer, and emphysema. Smoking also makes you gross, and makes your life shorter by 7 minutes, every time you take a ‘puff.’ Smoking makes females have more facial hair, and everyone produce more phlegm. Smokers can’t play sports, and have gross hygiene. You’ll get wrinkles!

  7. why did I start?! • People usually start to smoke because they are either stressed out, or they just want to fit in with the ‘crowd.’ To most people, smoking relieves stress, and makes you calm. Teenagers that start smoking smoke because they want to rebel against older people, or they want to feel older and mature.

  8. why should I quit? • Just like every tobacco product, cigars and pipes can cause lung cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and so much more! Smokers smell worse, have disgusting teeth, and ugly fingers. Cigars can also cause emphysema! Smokers can’t perform as many physical activities as others can. And do you want your lungs to look like this?

  9. pictures.

  10. sources! •,+Cigars+&+Pipes • • • • • no smoking!