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  1. ANACONDA DON’T (Website Design Layout Research) Group Leader :Muhammad Izzhar - 0303475Members : Khaleda Zolkipli - 0302449 Aisyah Mustapha - 0307793 Nabilla Soraya - 0304883 Tasha Nair -0304683

  2. Introduction This part consists of information on the research team and the methods used to conduct our research.

  3. Research Team Our group consists of five researchers. All members are from the mass communication field ranging from broadcasting, public relations and marketing. The team includes : -- Muhammad Izzhar (0303475)- Khaleda Zolkipli (0302449)- Tasha Nair (0304683)- Nabilla Soraya (0304883)- Aisyah Mustapha (0307793)

  4. Research Methods Our group decided to use qualitative methods in order to conduct our research. The information we gathered were found online. There are four articles which we found crucial in the process of developing a good website layout design.

  5. First Article :“Don’t Bore Your Visitors!” Main points : Keep the viewer interested  Have a natural flow  Shouldn’t be confusing nor should it be too simple  Website should function well  Website should load quickly  Text should be easy to read  Navigation should be straightforward and easy  Attractive-looking website with interesting content

  6. Analysis The article given explains on methods on how to keep the viewer interested when they are visiting a website page. The visual design of the website should be well designed by the designer in order to attract viewers attention. Al-Salebi (2010) said that, a website should also have a natural flow in terms of the page layout, navigation, consistency, embedding pictures or flashes, and also using appropriate colors. Furthermore, a website should not be too confusing for the viewers nor should it be too simple as humans have the tendency of getting bored very easily.

  7. Analysis Designers should also keep in mind that the website created should be able to load quickly as viewers are always in a hurry. Halim, D. (2009) advises optimizing all images for website display because you wouldn’t want to make your customers wait too long. Other than that, this article also said that in a website, text should be easy to read by the viewers and easily understood. Websites that are easy to read leaves a quick impact whether to stay or leave the page. Besides that,navigation is also one of the most important elements. It should be straight-forward and easy. Al-Salebi (2010) also said that placing the navigation in the same place for every page makes it easier for the viewers. However, with attractive looking website, it should also have an interesting content. Website designers should put pictures that are appropriate or is related to the content.

  8. Example The website has simple navigations yet appeals easily to all visitors.

  9. Example The website also features a video for users to know a bit more about the product.

  10. Second Article :“Don’t Make Them Wait!” Main points : Broadband speed connections is important  Fast loading page  Webpage shouldn’t be more than 50Kilobytes ( preferably below 30K and home page should be under 21K )  Graphics images should be as small as possible  Use more designs and less graphics (to download quickly)  Would extra graphic sell visitors or keep them coming back Viewers will appreciate not waiting more

  11. Analysis The use of graphics is preferred to be really small as webpages shouldn’t be more than 50 Kilobytes. Websites should use design more than graphics as graphics takes a lot of bytes and will slow the page from loading or to download from both desktop or mobile. By using a lot of graphic it will either chase the visitors or either keep them coming back to the websites. Viewers will enjoywebsites as they don’t have to wait for it to load and it makes it easier for them to view and download. Speed plays an important role in users experience going through a website, when the pages load very slow it would be bad if organization could not provide a great users experience.

  12. Analysis Users tend to abandon a page when it takes too long to load, people expect a fast user experience online and when they don’t, they leave. This is because the way we want consumermedia has changed intenselywhere most of them consumed on the go and no one has time or patience to wait for a slow page to load (Spiegel, 2013). It is crucial to improve the Page Speed for the website, by doing this, users will engage better with your content and you will get more value and conversion from your visitors. Google considers Page Speed to be important of the landing page experience as Page Speed could affect the marketers Quality Score.

  13. Example Youtube Video Lagging To Load?Generally websites which have any contents such as videos or graphics will take a longer time to load and views might just leave the website because they don’t want to wait. “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” ― Anthony G. Oettinger

  14. Third Article :“Find Out What Colours!” Main points : Web designers often overlook the importance of color while designing a website.  It should be one of your first concerns while creating a website.  Your website will look boring and plain or even chaotic and hard to look at.  Web browsers can only see 256 colors at once and can only share 216 common colors.  Too many colors will get the images distorted and pixelated. Websites cannot have colors that give eyes irritation.

  15. Analysis The website explains on how the use of colors is important while creating a website plus it is one of the main concerns the designer should think of while designing a website. The use of color palettes is very important while organizing and combining the colors together will determine whether the viewers will stay and keep on view on the website or they will get irritated and eventually leave the website (Francis, 2013). Websites also need to use safe colors that display solid, non-dithered and consistent so that it will all be compatible to all types of applications, search engines and of course can be accessed to any computers (Priester, 2013). A regular website should have a great impact on the color contrast on the background against the type of text that is used by the designer. Without the color contrast, the text will be difficult to read the images that are used will not go together with the whole website (Al-Salebi, 2010).

  16. Examples Good examples are as follows : -

  17. Examples Where as examples of bad websites :- Every thing about this website is w-r-o-n-g.

  18. Fun facts! It is important for colours to work together! Read here to know why! Here are the following tips you may be able to take into consideration when designing your website!

  19. Fourth Article :Navigation Main points : Location of the name and logo of company  Proper links  Gives visitors an idea on where the link takes them  Link titles are ideal  Links drawback in terms of additional download time  Users want to know whether they have already visited a particular page  Utilizing the colour blue and purple as indicators

  20. Analysis It is said that, one can't guarantee that every visitor that enter a site from the initial home page will advance to clicking on hyperlinks in a methodical manner, hence, a proper navigation must answer the question such as “where am I?”, “Where can I go from here?” and “Where was I already?” at all times.  The article tells us that the name or logo of the company alongside a page name ought to be on top of each and every page in the web site. The company name or logo ought to additionally be the link again to the home page and the home page should ideally answer the inquiry "where am I" by “shouting” it out for the visitors. This is because; the most communal position of a button bar is across the top of the page, as users would not have to scroll down to navigate further into the web site (E.Miller, 2014). The article also exceptionally prescribes the utilization of link titles though; the main drawback is the additional download time. It takes more or less .1 second to download each link title. Link titles enhance the navigation usability.

  21. Analysis There shouldn’t be speculating of what the web site accomplishes for the visitor. Visitor constantly have the necessity to know “where can I go from here?” or "what would be the best next step?” This means links to pages within the web site or even links to an outside website page. Whichever way, one ought to place links in context. As such the navigation should give the visitor an idea on where the link will take them with providing a little portrayal of that web site in context with the link. Furthermore, when a user clicks into a site section, it’s a great thought to remind them where they are because they want to know. Utilize a liable strategy to highlight the area a visitor is in, for example, a change in color or appearance. In the event that the site has more than one page for every area, make certain to leave the navigation button clickable so users can utilize it to return to the main page of that area/website (E.Miller, 2014). According to the article, it has been made standard for a navigation to function commendably the website ought to utilize blue for unvisited and purple for visited as a color scheme suggestion as utilizing different colors will simply cause frustration or even befuddle individuals.

  22. Example This website has a precise navigation bar making users easy to browse around.

  23. Example Below is an example of a website with bad navigation. Besides having a bad interface, the colours of the website also don’t go along together.

  24. References A list of references which helped us in our research.

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