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  1. JOURNALS OF TRANSLATION By: Sara González, Sandra González and Carlos León

  2. JoSTrans • This webpage is entirely dedicated to Translation Studies. • A place where they can exchange ideas and provide publications non-literary translation. • Variety of languages, even including minority ones. • Areas or subject of articles. • A complete editorial board with more than 20 members. • A calendar of events, such as conferences, lectures, festivals and so on, related with translation studies all over the world.

  3. Sendebar • Translation magazine of Translation and Interpretation Faculty of Granada University. • Dedicated to translation of different disciplines. Mostly in Spanish. • Volumes once a year. • If the user wants to read the whole magazine has to be subscribed. • We can check the summaries of each article and the index of each volume. • It is compulsory to upload an article following a style sheet in order to publish it (by any student of Spain). • Curious articles like a review about the Arabic translation of “El pirata garrapata” by Juan Muñoz. It talks about what the translator has in mind while translating this tale, like the analysis foods and drinks, monetary units or gestures and religious expressions in Arabic culture).

  4. Multilingual • A multinational company dedicated to distribute and exchange information about the language all over the world. • It is located in USA. • Get information about the magazine Multilingual and the steps to follow if you want to be subscribed monthly. • In the “news”section you can find events related to language, translation and so on. • Pdf available to be read and downloaded. • Kind of “market, you can buy books and magazines.

  5. inTRAlinea • From Italy. • Articles in English and Italian. • Volumes about translation organized by years of publication. • Articles about “special issues”: Specialised Translation (2009), The Translation of Dialects in Multimedia (2009), Respeaking (2006), CULT2K. • Calendar about forthcoming events and a diary of past events. • Translations of poems, prose and texts by Shakespeare from German or Chinese to English or Spanish.

  6. inTRAlinea Tra i tanti fanciulli leggiadri e attraenti An Ling e Long Yang in due ere vivean. Graziosi germogli di pesco e di pruno, Radiosi boccioli splendenti lucean. Pregni di vita come nove primavere Sinuosi tra brina autunnal si flettean. Languidi sguardi e maniere eleganti, Parole e sorrisi intrisi di aromi. Mani congiunte in attesa di gioia Sotto coperte e lenzuola d’amor. Come due augelli in estasi loro Con ali accoppiate si librano in volo Con il cinabro si scrivon ti giuro Con me al tuo fianco mai più sarai solo 昔日繁華子 安陵與龍陽 夭夭桃李花 灼灼有輝光 悅懌若九春 磬折似秋霜 流盻發姿媚 言笑吐芬芳 攜手等歡愛 宿昔同衣裳 願為雙飛鳥 比翼共翱翔 丹青著明誓 永世不相忘

  7. EUP Publishing • A magazine which analyzes from their articles different aspects about translation making a review of each work. • For instance we have founded an interesting article about the translation into a French of a Cervantes‘s work called “Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda”. This review by Ellen R. Welch talks about a translation from sixteen century criticizing the manipulation from the French translator D’ Audiguier of Cervantes’s novel. D’Audiguier does not respect the original work of Cervantes defining his novel like “a long-winded novel” so he decides to change some of the expressions and details of the original novel in order to adapt them into a French style. • Thanks to these kind of articles we can know many details about translation at different periods like Tudor’s dynasty or more contemporaries like Franz Kafka

  8. IATIS • The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies. • International forum which has been created in order to enable students from all over the world to debate about translation and more forms of communication between different cultures. • This organization has the support of many institutions such as the British Academy or the AIETI (Asociación Ibérica de Estudios de Traducción e Interpretación) • Plenty of activities related to translation and communication. • “Links” web sites of associations and professional organizations related to translation.

  9. THE END