ice crystals n.
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Ice Crystals PowerPoint Presentation
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Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals

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Ice Crystals

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  1. Ice Crystals

  2. What is This? We've been learning about weather and have been studying snow crystals. In this activity, you will be extending your knowledge about ice crystals as well as experimenting with them yourself

  3. Instructions Your job is to first click on the links to learn more about the different types of ice crystals. In your science journal, write 3-5 characteristics about each kind of crystal

  4. Instructions Now it is time for you see the ice crystals for yourself! If there is snow on the ground, go outside with the black piece of paper I gave you (if you lost it, take a black shirt), and the magnifying glass. Sprinkle a little snow on the paper and examine it with the magnifying glass. Make careful observations in your science journal. If there is no snow on the ground, get an ice cube out of the freezer and chip some crystals off onto black paper or a black shirt, and examine with the magnifying glass (you’ll have to work fast if you are inside!) Make careful observations in your science journal.

  5. Instructions Your final part of this project is to make a PowerPoint presentation of what you learned. You should include labeled photographs of at least 4 types of snow crystals, several of your science journal observations, and some pictures of you conducting your experiment.

  6. Sample of PowerPoint Project

  7. Ice Crystals BY: Ms. Crumley December 21, 2012

  8. Types of Ice Crystals This is a Stellar Dendrite crystal This is a Fernlike Stellar Dendrite crystal

  9. Types of Ice Crystals This is a 12-sided snowflake This is a rimed crystal

  10. My Observations • One crystal had six arms, and looked kind of like a star. It was symmetrical. I think it may be a stellar plate • One crystal had 6 arms, but they were thin and had little arms growing of them. It was pretty big, looks like the snowflakes in a lot of pictures. I think it was a stellar dendrite (You will need to tell me a few more observations than just two  )

  11. My Experiment Some crystals on my coat Crystals on my deck