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Down-line Research

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Down-line Research

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Down-line Research

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  1. Down-line Research “We do not comprehend what a blessing to them these ordinances are.” Joseph Smith

  2. Start with the child you will be researching. For example: Winslow Giles Farr and Clara Fry.

  3. Find Winslow Giles Farr and Clara Fryon your RootsMagic file. Notice there is incomplete ordinance information for some of the children (the green arrow).

  4. Log on to and into Family Tree. Perform a search for Winslow Farr.

  5. Go to “Possible Duplicates” and combineany duplicates found. **Be careful when combining records—try not to make too many assumptions.

  6. Next, scroll down to view the “Spouses and Children.” All five of Winslow’s and Mary’s children are shown.

  7. In your own personal database, noticethe missing ordinance information forThomas Karl Farr, by the green arrow.

  8. Go to Family Tree and click on the second child, Thomas Karl Farr. Then scroll down to the “Temple Ordinances.” You can now enter Thomas Karl’s missing ordinance information into your own personal database, i.e, RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest, Family Tree Maker, etc.

  9. Look up Everett Alma Young on RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest,etc, as a parent. Wife, Helen McRae and 8 children are listed, but only 3 of the children’s ordinance information is complete, indicated by the check under the temple symbol.

  10. Search for Everett and Helen on Family Treeand scroll down to the Family Members section. Notice that only 3 of their 8 children are shown. This is because Family Tree will only show persons that are deceased.

  11. Click on the second child, Ralph Everett Young.Notice that he doesn’t have a spouse or children.

  12. Ralph Everett lived only 6 years, so there is no additional information for him.

  13. Notice your RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest, etc, file lists information on Richard Wayne Young’s wife Barbara Sue Ingram and one child, Britta Sue Young.

  14. Add the information from your RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest, Family Tree Maker or Legacy file, onRichard’s wife and daughter, to Family Tree.

  15. Move to the family’s 4th child, Patricia Helen Youngand go through the same process. Use this process for each child. If one of the children is living, fill in the information you can, on your personal, but do all them to Family Tree because they are still living. Go to the next child.

  16. These names are your cousins. The best source of information can be acquired directly from those who knew/know these people personally. Family Tree, on will NOT show any information for living persons. There are many living cousins that could be added to your personal database, but you will not be able to access the information through Family Tree.