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WCET Certification Program - 2009. As presented at IEEE WCNC 2009 Celia Desmond . IEEE Certification WCET. Practical exam for professionals with strong technical knowledge in wireless Degree plus 3 years working experience required to be accepted to write the exam

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WCET Certification Program - 2009

As presented at


Celia Desmond

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IEEE Certification WCET

  • Practical exam for professionals with strong technical knowledge in wireless

    • Degree plus 3 years working experience required to be accepted to write the exam

  • Value for professionals in wireless field – an interesting challenge to test themselves, an indicator of their ability to employer, potential employers

  • Value for companies – filtering job applicants, benefit to offer to good employees

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“Very happy with the examination procedure….harder than I expected…. the WCP Certification greatly helps to communicate my capabilities to others; very important these days with so many engineers competing for so few opportunities. Equally as important, preparing for and maintaining the certification has been great for my continuing education and broadening my background. The certification procedure also helps me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in the field.” Chris Barroso

“Started a consulting practice in wireless communications, specializing in point to point connections….I felt that this certification would give me some additional credibility with my clients.” Tom Lavrisa

“This exam truly tested the broader understanding of the wireless engineering profession….given me immense satisfaction and an objective assessment of the knowledge gained over the years. More importantly, I look forward to the comments on the areas where I have not performed well. This will help me understand where there is a gap in my understanding and endeavour to plug this gap.” Sivan Ramachandran

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“Anyone who obtains the WCET certification will have a deep understanding of the core principles for a wide range of wireless communication technologies….helps my career as a Consulting Engineer at Cisco by distinguishing me as someone who is a wireless expert and sets me apart from others who claim some level of wireless expertise. The WCET certification is valuable to my career as a means to certify to my customer’s that they are being advised by a certified wireless engineer. I consult to hundreds of customers annually, the WCET certification will help my Customers evaluate my expertise level in the wireless communications field and trust the services I provide.” Jeff Smith

“I believe this certificate will be strong argument in my personal struggle for a new dream job position.” Dmitry Maskou

“I manage a team of engineers…I would likely use questions such as those posed in the WCET to filter out candidates….when the test becomes widely available, I would make hiring decisions based, at least in part, on WCET results.” Subramanian Vasudevan

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Top Reasons for Certification

  • WCP credential holders have demonstrated their knowledge of wireless engineering technology concepts and terminology. To obtain the WCP credential, candidates must pass a rigorous examination based on the validated body of knowledge underlying the tasks performed in the industry.

  • WCP credential holders are applied practitioners. Credential holders are tested not only on their knowledge of wireless communication engineering technology and practice, but also on their skills using that knowledge to perform and to develop and implement high-quality deliverables.

  • WCP credential holders have successfully responded to a significant challenge.   They have demonstrated both depth and breadth in their wireless communications engineering knowledge.

  • Organizations can retain employees by investing in them.   Supporting the WCP credential and WCP credential holders demonstrates a real commitment to them; in turn, WCP credential holders will demonstrate a commitment to you.

  • Your support for the WCP credential makes a powerful statement to customers about the caliber of your people and your commitment to global best-practices. TheIEEE WCP certification is both transnational and vendor neutral; the required examination that each WCP credential holder has passed reflects the work requirements of professionals around the globe.

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Core Team MembersFirst Team Member Rotation Completed Dec 2008

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Involvement of IAB

  • The Industry Advisory Board is committed to an active role in promoting WCET -- Some Examples

    • Adam Drobot (Telcordia, USA)

      • Will pay for any employee sitting for exam

      • Assigned head of Telcordia’s Wireless Systems & Networks department to recruit identify volunteers

    • Fadel Digham (National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Egypt)

      • Contacting local HR managers, approaching vendors, promoting WCET at conferences

      • Personally contacted candidate to complete application

    • Bob Fonow (TrivonAG, Swiss-based Telcom Holding Co.)

      • Recruiting candidates from Trivon holdings in Russia/E. Europe

      • Promoting WCET in Asia, strong contacts as a part time resident of Beijing

    • Arun Pande (Tata Consulting Services, India)

      • Personally contacted ALL candidates with incomplete applications in India

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IEEE Communications Society

WCET Certification

  • 2009 Spring exam window: 16 Mar – 4 April

  • New 2009 68-page Candidate’s Handbook available; 5,500+ pdf and print copies of 1st Handbook distributed (+2009 ~1,200; 650 pdf/550 print)

  • New WCET WWW site; 5,700+ visitors in 3rd quarter

  • Bi-monthly IEEE Wireless Communications Professional e-newsletter

  • Webinar – see www for link

  • Extensive exhibit schedule; PR campaign

  • Advertising and Direct Mail campaigns

  • Draft pdf WEBOK available

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  • Bimonthly news service

  • Designed to help manage career tactics

  • Provides up-to-date information on the wireless industry including corporate & industry news related to:

    • Mergers

    • Standards

    • Patents & new product development

    • Hiring policies

    • Government regulations

To read the premier issue, visit www.ieee-wcet.org and click on “Newsletter”

To sign up, send an email to [email protected]

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Becoming certified


Providing training for those who want to become certified