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Certification/Qualification Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Certification/Qualification Program

Certification/Qualification Program

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Certification/Qualification Program

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  1. Certification/Qualification Program

  2. Certification Program What is it? Who is involved? What should be considered? Where can a Certification Program work best? Road Map…….. 2

  3. Certification Program Initiatives Adoption of a Certification Program : Expand FHWA’s efforts to help State Transportation Agency (STA) and Local Public Agency (LPA)s Opportunity to promote interagency partnerships Provide outreach and education Improve consistency across jurisdiction Assist STAs in management and administration of local programs and projects. 3

  4. Certification Program State formalized program, certifies the LPA ability to: Administer/manage a phase(s)or project development and implementation process 4

  5. Certification Program The Certification Program is: Option of the STA Conducted through a signed agreement between STA and LPA(i.e. Identifying roles and responsibilities, approval authorities, etc.) Multiple Projects Project by Projects Phased/ Tiered certification Approval STA is responsible for LPA’s compliance with all applicable Federal requirements. 5

  6. Certification Program Overview- FHWA Roles and Responsibilities Program Oversight Lead by Influence Lead by Training Collaborate, Coordinate, and Communicate Increase Agency Communication Improve Quality Promote Consistency Reinforce Regulatory Requirements 6

  7. Certification Program Overview- STA • Roles and Responsibilities • Program Oversight • Accountable to FHWA • Monitoring the program • Cultural Change • Adopting &Adapting • Understand the objective • Creating Proper Mechanisms 7

  8. Certification ProgramCore Federal-aid Program Areas • Project Management • Project Development • Design • Environment • Right-of-Way • Contract Award • Construction Administration • Inspection • Billing 8

  9. Certification Program STA evaluates LPA qualifications through a review process. • Evaluation Criteria: • Knowledge of Federal and State requirements • Knowledge of processes and procedures • Past performance • Adequacy of staffing • Knowledge and capability to oversee and manage projects 9

  10. Certification Program Overview-LPA LPA must have the following in place: Adequate contract authority Adequate staffing Provide a full-time public employee to be in responsible charge over a project. Adequate project delivery systems Sufficient accounting controls LPAs should consult State DOT for assistance Need Commitment and Political Buy-in 10

  11. Certification ProgramCurrent “State-of-Use”: June 2011 Survey: National LPA Peer Exchange Team 39 FHWA Division Offices Responded Results State Transportation agency with some form of a LPA Certification Program. 14-Yes ~ 36% 25-No ~ 64% States without a certification program Approx. 1/4 expressed interest in developing a Certification Program 11

  12. Certification Program Benefits 12

  13. Certification Program Benefits 13

  14. Certification Program Initiative - Benefits: Are there any other Benefits that you envision in working with your STA and LPAs to implement Certification Program? 14

  15. Certification Program Initiative - STA & LPA Barriers & Challenges: State law & regulation Organizational culture & protocols Administration, management & oversight concerns Constrained resources Local program size STA Manual Modification 15

  16. Certification Program Initiative - Barriers & Challenges: Rotating staff Inconsistent interpretation of federal regulations Inadequate communication among agencies, stakeholders, and staff No Political support Lack of training and resources for local agencies 16

  17. Certification Program Initiative - Barriers & Challenges: Are there any other barriers or challenges that you envision in working with your STA and LPAs to implement Certification Program? 17

  18. Certification Program Initiative -Successful Practices: Florida DOT: District Task team evaluates the LPA qualification District LPA Administrator Interviews the LPA staff to determine qualifications LPA must designate an approving authority official Requires Online training 18

  19. Certification Program Initiative -Successful Practices: Oregon DOT (ODOT): Master Certification Agreements Tier approach Certification Program ODOT Certification Academy Roles and responsibilities Stewardship responsibilities to FHWA Overview of governing laws, regulations and directives required Solicit input for Certification Program Improvement 19

  20. Certification Program Initiative - Goal: By 2014, increase number of STAs implementing Certification Program. Fostering Interagency partnership Creating evaluation and streamlining processes Monitoring and oversight Providing outreach and education Identifying performance measures Expand FHWA’s efforts to help DOTs and LPAs 20

  21. Certification Program Initiative -Resources: FHWA Federal-aid Essentials EDC web page Training California: LPA Training Program Website Missouri: LPA Certification and Training Oregon & Washington : Local Government Training Website Local Technical Assistance Program 21

  22. Certification Program Initiative: Questions and Comments 22