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Microsoft Business Certification Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Business Certification Program

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Microsoft Business Certification Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Business Certification Program
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  1. Microsoft Business Certification Program Features and Benefits

  2. Agenda • Business Certification Overview • Professional Exams Overview • Benefits and Positioning: Individuals and Corporations

  3. Business Certification Product Strategy Managing Budgets Managing Presentations Managing Team Collaboration Supporting Organizations Office 2007 Word Office 2007 Excel Office 2007 Outlook Office 2007 PowerPoint Office 2007 Access Windows Vista Official Pre-Test (Application Specialist 1:1 mapping)

  4. Microsoft Official Pre-Tests • Official Pre-Test Attributes • Online, anytime, anywhere assessment • Objective questions mapped to the same exam domain as the associated MCAS exam • Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 • Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 • Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 • Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 • Using Microsoft Office Access 2007 • Microsoft Windows Vista for Business Users • Available June 2007 • Official Pre-Test Benefits: • Assess current skills and provides learning plans mapped to specific curricula • Provide student and instructor a snapshot individual’s current skills • Provide instructors with a class-wide skill snap-shot • Enable instructors to focus on what the class needs • In conjunction with exam, enable instructors to document outcome-based education and ROI of training • Enables companies to send employees to only the training they need

  5. Business Certification Exam Attributes • Application Specialist Exams • Hands-on, live in the application • Focused on students, entry level professionals, experienced professionals wanting to show breadth of skills • Validates the candidate's skills within a single product, for example Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2007, or Microsoft Windows Vista • Focuses on individual efforts • Available now (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); full suite by September, 2007 • Application Professional Exams • Focused on experienced business professionals, and business professional graduates • Validates the candidate’s ability to use the 2007 Microsoft Office suite of products, and SharePoint to accomplish industry-agnostic and job role-agnostic skill sets. • Focuses on collaborative, complex efforts and enabling others to do their jobs • Does not test “soft skills” • Available beginning June, 2008

  6. Vision: Application Specialist

  7. Today’s Professional Life Realities • Basic Digital Literacy • Desktop Productivity Skills (Application Specialist) • Increasingly • Inter-disciplinary • Project-based work • Multiple skill sets required • Increasingly Collaborative • Multiple authors / users • Information lifecycle • Intellectual property issues • Increasingly Global • Multiple locations • Asynchronous schedules • World-wide access required

  8. Vision: Application Professional

  9. MCAP: Supporting Organizations Exam 77-610: Organizational Support - Available September, 2007 The Organizational Support exam validates the candidates’ ability to manage both time and tasks to meet business needs. From managing multiple email accounts and calendars, to tracking critical tasks against milestones, the successful candidate is positioned to ensure that things get done on time, and on target.  New Audiences • Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants • Project Managers • IT Team Managers • Event Coordinators and Planners • Graduating BA Students • Professional Associations (IAAP) • Upgrades from MCAS and MOS Candidates

  10. MCAP: Managing Presentations Exam 611: Creating and Managing Presentations - Available September, 2007 The Creating and Managing Presentations exam validates the candidates’ competencies in managing the overall look and feel and processes around an organizations presentations by using the 2007 Microsoft® Office® system and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sites.  Skills include: creating and managing templates and slide libraries; distributing templates; creating and managing the lifecycle of presentations; publishing presentations for outside audiences. The successful candidate will be positioned as the designated presentation expert for the organization. Audiences • Marketing and Sales Professionals (internal and customer facing) • Graduating Communications and Marketing Professionals (BA and MA) • Team leaders responsible for organizational presentations • Executives who frequently report to upper level management • Professional Associations

  11. MCAP: Managing Team Collaboration Exam 77-612: Content Management and Collaboration - Available March, 2008 The Content Production and Collaboration exam validates the candidates’ competencies around planning, designing, creating, collaborating on, and securing documents by using the 2007 Microsoft® Office® system and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sites.  Skills include: managing Microsoft SharePoint sites and permissions, managing document libraries, creating and distributing templates, and managing the organization’s collaboration strategies. The successful candidate will be positioned as the content management and collaboration expert for the organization. Audiences • Professional writers, editors, and instructional designers • Enterprise content mangers • Employees managing collaboration with external partners • Graduating writers, editors, and MBAs • Professional Associations (STC, etc)

  12. MCAP: Managing Budgets Exam 77-613: Budget Analysis and Forecasting - Available March, 2008 The Budget Analysis and Forecasting exam validates the candidates’ competencies in analyzing budgets and forecasting financial results by using the Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sites. Skills include: creating, distributing, and managing budget lifecycle documents; automating data flow through documents; forecasting results or return on investment by product, by project, and by department. The successful candidate may be positioned as the budget or business manager for the organization Audiences: • Budget managers and other financial professionals • Graduating MBA candidates • Anyone managing budgets within organizations • Anyone who wants to prove they can manage budgets • Professional Associations (MBA Associations world wide)

  13. Microsoft Marketing and Support • Greatly Increased Marketing Initiatives: • New focus on driving demand for validated competencies with hiring managers, HR professionals (B2B) • Focus on business competencies: Turning knowledge into deliverables. • Marketing to certified IT professionals: There’s more to an IT career than technology (B2C) • Marketing to Upper level Academic Programs • Seamless integration with Office Online • New products to provide greater flexibility in delivering and certifying competencies within corporate audiences

  14. Benefits and Positioning: Individuals and Corporations Managing Budgets Managing Presentations Managing Team Collaboration Supporting Organizations • Individuals • Vastly increased skill with Office 2007 and SharePoint • Differentiation from other applicants for positions or projects • Access to private website like MCT web site. Network with other professionals • Download earned logos and use on business cards, resumes, etc • Make exam transcripts available to companies or employers • Credit toward becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer • Corporations • Hiring and promotion benchmarks • Performers who can create deliverables from day 1 on the job • Increased protection of intellectual property • Less duplication of effort due to better content practices and control • Increased capacity for their professionals