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Weight Management & Nutrition Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Weight Management & Nutrition Solutions

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Weight Management & Nutrition Solutions
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Weight Management & Nutrition Solutions

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  1. Weight Management & Nutrition Solutions The Weight Management Solutions is designed to act as a tool to help organisations deliver weight management, nutritional and lifestyle messages to their target audience.  

  2. The CD Rom contains 4 packages designed at various target groups as well as an obesity and health library • Each programme is designed around a series of PowerPoint presentations which cover the important information and concepts related to each subject. • The presentations come with tutor guidance and ideas on questions to ask, discussions and workshops to help make the sessions fun, motivational and interactive.

  3. 1. Weight Management Programme • It is effective, ethical & evidence based, meticulously researched providing weight loss techniques developed over 5 years based on our interactions with our own weight management and lifestyle clients. • It is fun, interactive and developed for delivery by multi-disciplinary professionals and anyone working in weight management or planning to start their own weight management service.

  4. The Weight Management Programme includes a series of 8 power point presentations along with a range of additional materials that will help you run a comprehensive and successful programme. Weight Management Presentations include: • Introduction & weight gain • Carbohydrates • Physical Activity • Psychology of Eating • Fats • Understanding Food Labels • Energy Balance and Weight Maintenance • Optimum Nutrition

  5. Sample Presentations…..

  6. Member Packs • A series of glossy client materials designed to reinforce the main messages of your presentations as well as inform the client of the real issues of long term weight management. • These are optional materials that are available for purchase at the cost of £5+vat per pack.

  7. 2. Total Wellness • The wellness programme offers 48 fantastic educational and interactive weight and wellness related presentations. It covers the hot topics in today’s lifestyle and wellness debate. • This provides you the option to run an on going weekly weight loss group, or the flexibility to design your own course duration. • Presentations include…

  8. Sample Presentations…..

  9. 3. Alive ‘N’ Kicking • The Alive ‘N’ Kicking programme is an effective and entertaining children’s package which encourages positive lifestyle and dietary changes in young children through education, motivation and participation. • The materials are suitable for use in schools, leisure facilities health clubs, and other community children’s venues.

  10. Programme content Alive ‘N’ Kicking Presentations include: • Introduction & Sugars • Fruit and Vegetables • Physical Activity • Fats and Energy Balance

  11. Sample presentations

  12. Each session has an accompanying weekly handout project work sheet for the children and their parents.

  13. Within the manual you will find lesson plan templates and accompanying guidance notes which provide a layout of how the sessions may be structured.

  14. This document provides tools to collect information on the child and family and to help identify the factors that are facilitating the child’s weight concerns Forms include: • Registration Form • Reality Check • Nutritional Questionnaire – Parent • Nutritional Questionnaire – Child • Child Record Form • Parent Record Form • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire • Family Agreement • Goal Setting Cards

  15. 4. Sports Nutrition A series of PowerPoint presentations to enable you to deliver sports nutrition information to your clients.

  16. Sample Presentations…..

  17. Energy - where does it come from? • All of our energy comes from the sun, it radiates 150 million km from solar central point • Plants synthesize the suns energy and store it in cells • We then get energy directly from the plants, or animals eat the plants and we eat the animals, thus releasing the sun’s energy • The body’s first priority is to satisfy energy requirements

  18. Sweat • Around 75% of the energy released during exercise is lost through heat - this is why you get hot during activity • To maintain homeostasis, the body will attempt to keep body temperature at around 37°C • This is achieved by allowing water to the surface of the body, which evaporates from the skin, taking with it heat • A 600 Calorie loss through heat will equate to a loss of around 1 litre of water whilst sweating

  19. Female Athlete triad • A combination of amenorrhea, disordered eating and osteoporosis, often seen in young female athletes • As many as 62% of female athletes in certain sports display disordered eating behaviours

  20. Exercise for weight loss • Calorie expenditure: greatest during high intensity aerobic training • Increase in lean tissue through resistance training will increase metabolic rate thus increasing the number of calories burned during exercise and at rest • Metabolism also remains elevated after exercise mainly due to EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption - oxygen debt)

  21. Additional benefits • 12 monthfull online & telephonesupport • Helpwith all questions relating to principles of nutrition in context of wellness, healthy eating and weight loss. • Option to buy – glossy member information booklets to accompany 8 week course (£5 per pack) • All for annual fee = £350 + VAT

  22. If you would like to purchase an annual license to run the Weight Management & Nutrition Solutions or have any further questions please contact the Weight Management Centre today…. • Telephone : 020 8417 0078 • Email: info@weightmanagementcentre.co.uk • Address: Weight Management Centre, C/o Wimbledon Leisure Centre, Latimer Rd, Wimbledon SW19 1EW Thank you for your time