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The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine -- LD3 -- Supplemental presentation ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine -- LD3 -- Supplemental presentation ideas

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The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine -- LD3 -- Supplemental presentation ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine -- LD3 -- Supplemental presentation ideas

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Presentation Transcript

The Search for

The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

-- LD3 --


presentation ideas


This is an older but detailed overview that shares key points in the setup and delivery of the game and some organization and delivery tips. This is NOT the newest presentation but generally follows the flow. It does narrate the delivery a bit and we include it as part of the training resources.

Since it does not take much time to walk through, it thus might be helpful.

We are always looking for new ideas and spins for the simulation and will be updating these training materials and delivery ideas on a regular basis. You have other newer info included elsewhere.


We also support an owner’s only listserve on Yahoo Groups where we provide information and make certain files available for downloading.

Here, you can also ask questions of the others about issues and applications. Visit it at:


This exercise is designed to be presented using a computer and an lcd projector. An overhead projector is useful for tracking maps, results,etc.

An expanded and more flexible version of the game is available, our Professional Edition, that can be used for very large groups and offers many more options for debriefing and play.

We also rent Dutchman game materials for large group deliveries

More information is available on our websites.


This Slide Show walks through the delivery and adds presentation ideas. Viewing this is a simple way of insuring that you are prepared to deliver the game.You may want to find some suitable music that you can play as background to your delivery. Please be aware that use of copyrighted music without permission may represent a violation of the author’s copyright. Various music is in the public domain and useful. We provide no music for this purpose.


Please note that there is no one way or best way to present the simulation to the participants. Some people narrate the introduction in great and elaborate detail and some present it simply and quickly and allow for questions afterward.

You will develop your own style for presenting the program. You will develop your own tricks, assemble your own accessories, and support the game differently.

The debriefing is meant to be very flexible, since most of the key issues are anchored in metaphor (Turbochargers equate to Best Practices, the Mud can represent the political glop found in organizations that makes progress difficult, etc.

For me, Mining Gold is a metaphor for improving quality and productivity and for leadership - improving on human potential.

Have Fun with this!


Pack the large envelopes with materials in the following order:

• History of the Mine

• Rules Summary

• Assignment Form for team member roles

• Weather Tracking Form

• Grub Stake Summary Form

• Resource Card Exchange Form

• Consumption Pattern Form

• Final Inventory Summary Form


Additional posters, suitable for framing, are available from us at a price of $4 each, plus shipping. They can be ordered from our website at

by phone or email.


Initial Entrance

Teams enter the room with your theme music playing and a slide show of the Superstition Mountains projected on the screen. (You may construct this yourself - heck, take a trip to Arizona and take your own pictures!).

You have the option of creating a caricature in a cowboy hat with “Lost Dutchman” as I had done by Roy Sabean, our artist. (864-244-3415)

You can get additional ideas for accessorizing the room from our Shopping Cart and the Dutchman listserve.

As they settle in, I begin with a question:

“How many of you have ever heard of The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine”

and ask for a show of hands.

I then give a short verbal history of the Mine. You can embellish this as much as you desire.


Explain that you, The Expedition Leader, are providing every team with a map to the mine, a vehicle and a Grub Stake. This is your investment.

Your role is to help teams be successful and their roles are to work together, get to the mine and maximize total Return on Investment (ROI).

Note that different facilitators stress the issue of collaboration to varying degrees. Ron Dibble pushes teams to be very competitive (for the first 10 days) and then reframes around collaboration during lunch.

I take a middle of the road approach. Some others really emphasize the collaboration.

Most games get fairly competitive.


Our first content slide is the Agenda (next page), where we share our Vision and Purpose and narrate a little. You can point out the map and the resources on the tables that you will be explaining to them.

Next, we review the agenda and announce they will have 15 minutes to more fully discuss the rules and their planning during the Planning Period which is after your introductory comments.

Ask them to hold any questions until the end of your Introduction.


Our Agenda

Introduction / Overview

The Mechanics --

How Things Work

Tips for Success

Planning Time - 15 Min.

Start of Exercise

Debriefing / Discussion


The role of the

Expedition Leader

is to help teams

be successful

and maximize ROI

ROI is “Return on Investment” and represents the resources and investment you are making in them to mine as much gold as they can -- overall (but do not say overall!)

your goals
Your Goals:

• Work together

• Get to the Mine

• Mine as much gold

as We can

• Return to

Apache Junction

• Have Fun!


You can take any of 3 routes to the Mine and a different route to come back (you can change this rule if you want).

The Plateau Trail is the safest and most straightforward route. A series of slides will count out the 7 Blocks to the Mine.

Because we travel early in the morning, you will mine Gold upon entering the mine but not on leaving.

Each day of mining will get your team 10 ounces of Gold.


The Low Country Trail could be as few as 5 blocks to the Mine if Tom’s Canyon Ford is not flooded the day you arrive.

The Canyon can flood -- it is an arroyo -- which would block a team from crossing to the other side and taking an extra day. Flooding will sometimes occur.

(Show them the count and the move to the OTHER SIDE OF THE CANYON - NOT to the next big block!)

Lastly, count out the 8 Blocks up through Tortilla Flats and to the Mine and point out the Supply Depots in the three corners.


The light brown area on the Map becomes mud when the weather is warm for that day, costing the team extra fuel.

Mud, like politics and bureaucracy, is difficult to deal with.

Mud only occurs on the bottom and right side of the Map, what is referred to as the Low Country Trail (and that first block surrounding Apache Junction).


Note: Expedition Leader - Confidential Learning Point:

As you go through the Days, teams will be moving all over the Map. But you can check your tracking of progress as follows:

The game is designed so that NO team can reach the Mine before Day 7. If the team takes the Plateau Trail, it is 7 days.

Should a team take the Low Country Trail, they will get a flooded canyon on Days 3 and 4, cross to the other side of Tom’s Canyon Ford, and then reach the mine on Day 7. (Check how this works!)

Should a team get the Tortilla Flat video, they will spend one day at The Junction, reach the The Flat on Day 5 and then go TWO blocks per day to reach the Mine on Day 7; getting both videos = Day 8.

Teams getting the Mine Video will spend a day in Apache Junction and reach the mine on Day 8 (unless they take the Low Country Trail. They could get there on Day 7 -- it happens rarely).

ANY team having a TurboCharger (getting one from the Tortilla Flat video or from another team) can move from the Mine home to Apache Junction in FOUR Days. Optimally, they leave on Day 17!


We would suggest that you assign team roles early using the form in the Team Packs.

This helps to get organized and get off to a fast start.

You might use a “Point System” for selecting roles for your team.

point system for selecting team roles
• Select a Team Leader. This person should be good at helping people reach a consensus of opinion.

1. Begin by pointing a finger in the air.

2. Then point that finger at a person on your team. This helps select someone for that role.

• Select a Trader. (I make a joke about the Team Leader not being accountable for anything and the Trader being the only person accountable for everything…)

• Select an Analyst and give them the Travel Resource and Planning Form.

Note that there are 20 days, that there are different weather patterns that affect the journey, that accurate and complete Weather Forecasts are available on days 5, 10 and 15, and you can use the area on the right as a tracking aid. These forms will NOT be collected.

At this point, you can continue to select roles or simply tell them to do this during the planning time. They can always change their role.

Point System for selecting team roles

Now you should review The Grub Stake that they have available.

You should again mention that your role is to help teams be successful and that this Grub Stake will be all the resources they need: “There are sufficient but not excessive resources.”

Suggest that the Supply Expert count the Resource Cards.

Show the next slide and briefly discuss the Resource Cards. You will explain them in more detail shortly.

Each team has a Grub Stake of resources There are different kits but they are all equal -- Each totals $750 in value

Facts of Life


Point out that each team has one of 3 Grub Stakes (and show the “spreadsheet.” Mention that they should give the copy in their Team Pack to their Supply Expert).

Teams all have the same total amount of resources; the mixture is different.

Supplies are consumed every day as is Fuel. Tents are used only when a team is in the mine mining Gold. Batteries are used to get Weather Forecasts, available on Days 5, 10 and 15 and good for the next 5 days.

“Spare Tires are useful in case of Ice Shards. Ice Shards are very rare.”

Cash makes up the difference, total is $750.


At this point, you will review the map again, pointing out that teams can draw with marking pens on their maps as a planning tool.

This time, discuss the Supply Depots in more detail, mentioning that the teams can exchange resources there but that it will cost them days that they could be mining.

Point out again the three routes and count the blocks.


Facts of Life

  • There are 20 days
  • You move each day
  • Days are 2 minutes long

Now show a series of the supplied illustrations.

Start with Apache Junction. Mention a gas station, a 7-Eleven and set-up the existence of the Library. Then, says something like:

“We give each team a vehicle (show) and the vehicle will consume Fuel each day, which you will also use for heating and cooking.

You will also consume Supplies each day.

You will consume Supplies and Fuel Cards each and every day during the journey to and from the Mine.”


“Because of the very remote location of the Mine, you cannot get your vehicle too close to it. Thus you will need other shelter.

Tents can be used for shelter while your team is mining gold. You must have shelter on each day you plan to mine Gold.”

Be sure to say “shelter” because teams can use either a Tent or a Cave Card from the Mine Video.

Show the picture of the Tent and maybe hold up a Tent Card.

Remember to use the phrase, “Shelter is needed when mining gold in the mine.”


We got a great deal on cellular phones that you can use to get the 5-Day Weather Forecasts, but these phones consume one battery for each forecast.

If you want all three forecasts, have 3 batteries.

A Battery is used for weather forecastsA 5-Day Forecast isavailable on Days 5, 10, and 15Each forecast requires one battery

Facts of Life


Exchange Form

Show them the Exchange Form, pointing out that they should give the copy in their Team Pack to their team’s Supply Expert.

We will show them how to complete the form and model a “good” exchange of batteries, spare tires and tents for extra Supplies and Fuel Cards.

Every team must complete their exchange before leaving Apache Junction.

Every team must turn in Resource Cards by the end of Day One. every day, even teams staying at Apache Junction (collect them when giving them one of the Video),


Exchange Form

The Trader will take the Exchange Form and the Resource Cards to the Trading Post and execute an exchange at any time before that team leaves Apache Junction.

Teams can use the same form for completing an exchange at the Supply Depot, should that occur. Planning on trading with other teams is generally not a good idea - we tell them simply, “…that other teams may not have the resources your team needs.”

Planning on a visit to the Supply Depot is also not a good idea, in general.


Now, you can share the information about the Automatic Radio Beacon.

“You also have one more card, the Radio Beacon...”

and show the picture and the slide that follows it.

Stress that this is for extra resources and NOT for rescue - “Teams MUST return to Apache Junction for their efforts to count for the team.”


Just in case...

Should your team find that it has not planned well and you have run out of goods, use your Beacon

Bring to the Trading Post for extra resources. You must return to Apache Junction.

This is not a rescue operation!

Your team gives up half its gold to our charity for team education


At this point, work through the consumption patterns for the different regions and how the weather affects the use of resources.

“Note that the normal weather pattern is Snowy and Cold and that it will cost One and One. Mining Gold is One, One and One - shelter is required for each day you are mining. Arctic Blasts affect everything.”

you use up supplies and fuel every day arctic blasts use up extra supplies fuel everywhere
You use up supplies and fuel every dayArctic Blasts use up extra supplies & fuel, everywhere

Basic Resource Management


Arctic Blasts







This next slide may be something you might mention. It is NOT included in the presentation any more but you might discuss this theme in your introduction. We NO LONGER include it in our presentations…

Teams will often blame others and not themselves for the competitiveness and resulting sub-optimization that often occurs.

Explain that teams will not often get a great deal in any trading with other teams so they might not plan on trading resource cards once they leave.

But even this explanation, which is to set expectations of good planning, may not be appropriate to your game.

I prefer to stress collaboration as a way to maximize results!


Planning to trade resources with other teams is not generally a good idea since resources may be scarce.

Having an excellent starting plan is strongly suggested!


Remind them again of the main focus and goal:


Our goal is to reach the Mine and mine as much gold as We can.

You can then work through a summary of the key facts and themes and Rules.


Rainy and wet weather creates mud on the Low Country TrailThere is no mud on Plateau or High Country TrailsShelter is needed onlywhen mining gold in the Lost Dutchman’s Mine

Facts of Life


Rules of the Dutchman

Rule Number One -

Expedition Leadership is Always Right

Rule Number Two -

If they appear to be wrong,

please reread Rule Number One


Rules, continued.

This is

only a game.


Be Successful.

Maximize ROI.


Quick Summary

Plan for weather and days

Plan for fuel and shelter

Free Videos of the Region

• Tortilla Flat

• The Mine and Its Gold

Work together. Have Fun!

Lastly, you will show the above slide and introduce another key bit of information.

“At the Library at Apache Junction, you can get two videos, one of Apache Junction and one about the Mine and its Gold.”


Describe the scene as having the need to find the Librarian so that they can find the VCR, forms, etc. and that the system and process takes time and works badly. Summarize with:“Thus, while the information is useful and free, it will cost you one day of your time for either or two days for both of these videos. Teams do find them helpful.”

quick summary
Quick Summary

Plan for weather and days

Plan for fuel and shelter

Free Videos of the Region

• Tortilla Flat

• The Mine and Its Gold

Work together. Have Fun!


After explaining the exercise and answering any questions, announce that they now have 15 minutes to plan.

At this point, spend time at the front putting things away, getting the Trading Post prepared and generally staying out of the teams’ way. Let them work on their plan.


After about 5 minutes, begin to circulate around the room to answer any questions. You may also begin to “push” and suggest the Mine and Tortilla Flat Videos to the teams. Most will reject the idea as wasting time when they could be getting started.Answer any question directly. Your role is to be of assistance. Teams will mostly ask for clarification of rules; seldom will they ask for your aid and assistance.



They can get a Video from you at any time before they leave Apache Junction. They are not available elsewhere.

The earlier teams get a Video, the better. This gives them more time to fit the information into their planning.


Work to insure that there are at least some Videos put into play.The more the better, but there will be enough Turbos if only 1 of every 3 teams gets the Apache Junction video booklet.Generally, about half the teams will get one Video and they usually get a “Mine” Video first.


Most Results Summaries have 3 columns of dots on the far right side. Mark the first column if they got a Mine Video (you will see they did NOT take the High Country Trail if they only got this one). Mark the second column if they got a Tortilla Flat Video - they would take the HCT). Mark the THIRD column if they USED a Turbo to return (they skip blocks!). You can easily see if these resources (Best Practices) were shared.


Note: As leader, position yourself to help and assist at all times. Usually, teams treat you with indifference and do not ask for help. Help them if they ask!

Be prepared to give them a few extra resource cards late in play should they ask for help.

The logic is simple: If a $10 Fuel Card or $20 Supply Card would generate an extra 10 oz of Gold, wouldn’t most Expedition Leaders offer that kind of help?

But teams seldom ask for assistance!


Collaboration will be better than Competition.

So, work together and Have Fun!


Expedition Leader Note: Collaboration is the key to success in the simulation, especially when it occurs between teams.

This is the major opportunity for mining more gold. Teams can share weather information as well as other strategies.

A key, though, is putting all the Turbos into play. One Tortilla Flat Video contains 3, so a team has 2 extras.

Having a Turbo allows any team to return in 4 days versus 7 - thus generating 3 additional gold for no additional cost. A Turbo is a metaphor for a Best Practice - a better approach that generates more Gold at little cost.


I trust that this will make sense and that your delivery plan will come together pretty well. Contact us if you have any question.


Please recognize that this exercise you have purchased is not for duplication nor for running with more than 3 tables at one time. Thanks.