the quinkan web catalogue a cultural activity l.
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The Quinkan Web Catalogue – a cultural activity PowerPoint Presentation
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The Quinkan Web Catalogue – a cultural activity

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The Quinkan Web Catalogue – a cultural activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Quinkan Web Catalogue – a cultural activity Noelene Cole & Liddy Nevile Melbourne IT, Australia The Quinkan People

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the quinkan web catalogue a cultural activity

The Quinkan Web Catalogue– a cultural activity

Noelene Cole & Liddy NevileMelbourne IT, Australia

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000

the quinkan people
The Quinkan People

The Agayrra-Timara and Wulburjubur-Bama peoples of the Quinkan region of Cape York Peninsula work with the Ang-gnarra Aboriginal Corporation as Trustee to manage their cultural heritage.

Now they want to bring it to the world via the Internet

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000

two quinkan elders
Two Quinkan Elders

Mr George Musgrave Mr Tommy George

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000

the quinkan reserves
The Quinkan Reserves

The Reserves contain one of the largest and most spectacular collections of rock art, located around Laura, 290 km from the nearest large city, on Cape York Peninsula, Far North Queensland.

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000


The Laura River

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000

resource types
Resource types
  • The rock art sites and paintings
  • The Percy Tresize collection
  • The Elders
  • The Interpretive Centre
  • University research projects
  • Carbon dating data
  • Photographs, videos, audio tapes
  • Charts and maps …..

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000

This is our place, our country, the country of our ancestors. The spirits of the ancestors live here, in the rocks, those sandstone escarpments.

Our ancestors made that art you see on the rocks.The Quinkans do their work at night. The good ones and those bad ones. The pictures and the paintings of the past are our link with the present

This is our country, the place of our ancestorsYou have to know that way to understand the Aboriginal way.

The land gives us what we need: food, shelter, tradition, law, dance.

They were put there in the dreaming. That way we live. All things work together: the land, the law, the culture, the heritage. That way things work.

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000


This is at the Quinkan Gallery.

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000


Rayed head-dress with outline

Rayed head-dress

Head showing eyes and stretched ears

Head showing eyes and nose

WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000


WWW9 – Amsterdam 2000