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Planning and [Your Community]

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Planning and [Your Community] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning and [Your Community] What is planning? Helps guide how a community grows and develops U.S. population expected to increase 100 million by 2043. Considers all resident needs Looks at the “big picture” What are the community’s current and future needs?

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Presentation Transcript
what is planning
What is planning?
  • Helps guide how a community grows and develops
    • U.S. population expected to increase 100 million by 2043.
  • Considers all resident needs
  • Looks at the “big picture”
    • What are the community’s current and future needs?
  • Examines issues from all angles
    • Social, environmental, hazard, physical
what is planning3
What is planning?
  • Planning is comprehensive and
  • community-focused, and enables
  • greater choices for residents.
how do you get to work
How do you get to work?
  • Do you:
  • Drive (solo or car pool)
  • Take mass transit
  • Walk
  • Bicycle
  • Other
where do you live
Where do you live?
  • Do you live in an:
  • Urban setting
  • Suburban neighborhood
  • Rural community
what is your residence
What is your residence?
  • Stand-alone home
  • Apartment
  • Condominium
  • Town house
  • Other
planning gives you choices
Planning gives you choices
  • Where you want to live
  • How you want to commute
  • The type of house you live in
  • Where you play or spend your leisure time
planning benefits your community
Planning benefits your community
  • Maintains neighborhood character
  • Reduces environmental impacts
  • Provides protection from natural and man-made disasters
  • Preserves parks and open space
  • Helps determine where buildings, businesses, homes, and roads will be located (or sited)
who are planners
Who are planners?
  • Professionally educated and trained
  • Visionaries with a comprehensive view
  • Ability to address the challenges of growth and change within a community
  • 15,000 members are professionally certified
    • By the American Planning Association’s professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
planners address challenges
Planners address challenges
  • Housing affordability
  • Commute times
  • Obesity
  • Pollution and air quality
  • Safety concerns
some planning tools
Some planning tools
  • Comprehensive plan
    • Guides overall community growth and development
  • Zoning
    • Classifying land uses into different ‘zones’
  • Design standards
    • Set of guidelines regarding the architectural appearance of a building
  • Graphic Information System (GIS)
    • Computer-based system for generating maps
    • Think of Google Earth
get involved
Get involved!
  • Serve on the planning commission or attend the meetings.
  • Participate in forums, visioning sessions, growth discussions in your community.
  • Keep informed of planning issues in your community.
  • Join the American Planning Association (APA)—You don’t have to a planner to be a member.
american planning association apa
American Planning Association (APA)
  • Membership and education organization
  • Represents more than 43,000 members nationwide:
    • Professionals, business leaders, elected officials, citizens, students, educators
  • Advocates for good planning practices
    • In communities, legislatures, and courts
  • Encourages engaging the entire community in planning decisions
national community planning month
National Community Planning Month
  • Annual celebration in October
  • Celebrates the benefits of planning in our communities
  • Increases awareness about the importance and need for planners and planning
  • This year’s theme is “Sustaining Places”
  • Visit:
examples of planning in town name
Examples of planning in [town name]
  • Example 1 (add picture if available)
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • APA:
  • Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning:
  • Local planning department [include link information]
  • [Local APA chapter & web link]
  • Suggested reading:
    • Citizens Guide to Planning (4th ed.)
    • The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs
    • High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup
    • Smart Growth in a Changing World by Jonathan Barnett
    • True Urbanism by Mark Hinshaw
  • Visit for more titles
  • American Planning Association (APA)
  • 312.431.9100