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“Name of Program/Trip”

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“Name of Program/Trip” Pre-Trip Orientation Purpose of Orientation Review of the Top 10 Issues in Travel Abroad Communicate Program Expectations Communicate Tips for Participants Communicate Participant Rules Provide Information on What You Should Do Before You Leave

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name of program trip

“Name of Program/Trip”

Pre-Trip Orientation

purpose of orientation
Purpose of Orientation
  • Review of the Top 10 Issues in Travel Abroad
  • Communicate Program Expectations
  • Communicate Tips for Participants
  • Communicate Participant Rules
  • Provide Information on What You Should Do Before You Leave
  • Provide Information on What You Should Do When You Arrive
  • Provide Information on Our Destination
  • Prepare You For What to Do If An Emergency Arises
  • Discuss Necessary Forms and Documentation
  • Answer Your Questions
top 10 issues in travel abroad
Top 10 Issues in Travel Abroad

10. Be informed about your destination

9. Avoid high risk activities

8. Be prepared for emergencies

7. Avoid crime and violence

6. Make sure you use a safe mode of transportation

top 10 issues cont
Top 10 Issues (cont.)

5. Alcohol and Drugs can hurt you

4. Be able to communicate at all times

3. Take care of your physical and mental health

2. Have adequate insurance and 24 hour emergency assistance

top 10 issues cont5
Top 10 Issues (cont.)

…and the most important

  • Choose a quality program provider
program expectations
Program Expectations
  • What We Will be Doing
  • Dates and Locations
  • When You Will Be “On Your Own”
tips for participants
Tips for Participants
  • You determine the quality of your experience
  • Yale University policies, rules and standard of conduct apply while abroad
  • Learn about our destination before you leave
  • Yale cannot guarantee your safety or eliminate all risks
  • Your actions and decisions are key
participant rules
Participant Rules
  • Conduct and Behavior
    • Know the laws of the host country
    • Know the Yale University rules of conduct
    • Avoid risky behavior
  • Communicate with your Trip Leader
    • Inform him or her about what you will be doing on your free time
    • Let him or her know if any problems arise
  • Attend and complete the program
  • Attend pre-departure, upon arrival, and post-trip orientations
what to do before you leave
What to Do Before You Leave
  • Register your travel (webiste link)
  • Complete the Traveler Pre-Trip Checklist at
    • Familiarize yourself with your destination via the Medex Portal
    • Visit the Travel Clinic
    • Understand Your Health Insurance
      • Are there higher copayments overseas?
      • Are prescriptions covered?
      • Are there excluded activities or geographic areas?
      • Obtain additional coverage if needed
    • Update your Passport
    • Apply for a Visa, if required
    • Sign the travel waiver
    • Attend Pre-Trip Orientation
    • Provide Emergency Contact Information to your program coordinator
    • Leave a copy of your passport/visa information and your itinerary with a friend or family member
    • Secure your MEDEX card and program guide and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions
    • Carry a global cellular telephone or a prepaid telephone card
    • Understand the applicable University Policies
what to do before you leave continued
What to Do Before You Leave (continued)
  • Resolve any billing and financial aid issues
  • Resolve any housing and campus mail issues
  • Resolve any outstanding academic and credit transfer issues
what to do when you arrive
What To Do When You Arrive
  • Attend Orientation
  • Register with the local embassy
  • Familiarize yourself with the local area
    • Know the location of:
      • Local law enforcement
      • Applicable Embassy
      • Nearest Hospital
  • Stay in contact with your trip coordinator, colleagues and friends
information on our destination
Information on Our Destination
  • Political Climate
  • What to expect
  • Weather
  • What to bring with you
  • What to leave behind
  • Travel/Transportation Information
  • Cultural Differences
  • Risks
  • Resources
  • Differences in laws
  • MEDEX portal
what if there is an emergency
What If There Is An Emergency?
  • University Emergency Plan in place
  • Advise your trip leader if you:
    • Become ill or injured
    • Find out that someone is in trouble
    • Feel harassed or threatened
    • Witness something unusual
    • Feel anxious or uneasy
    • Are the victim of a crime
  • Keep in contact with the Trip Leader, other participants, and your family
forms and documentation
Forms and Documentation
  • Bring with you:
    • Emergency contact card
    • Proof of health insurance and vaccinations
    • Your MEDEX card
    • Your visa and passport
    • Your emergency contact card
  • Leave behind:
    • Signed travel waiver
    • A copy of the emergency contact card
    • A copy of your visa, passport and itinerary behind