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  1. Contents • Program Overview 3 • Program Effects 4 • Program Continuation 5 • Program Development 7 • Program Goal 9 • Program Deliverables 11 • Program Improvements 14 • Program Reach 16 • Program Management 18 • Program Timeline 23 • Program Cost 24 • Appendix (Event Calendar) 25

  2. Program Overview • The CY2002 NYC Coca Cola Ambassador program was activated to: • Create awareness, evoke excitement for Coca-Cola among urban and the Hispanic teen market segment in the four boroughs of New York City • NYC Coca Cola Ambassador Teams strategically distributed Coca-Cola samples and branded messages in the four most populated boroughs of New York City • NYC Coca Cola Ambassador Teams focused on the teen demographic through specific neighborhood events that could generate awareness and appreciation that Coca-Cola was very much a part of their every day lives • NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors will have exposed Coca Cola brands to 1,200,000+ consumers (500,000+) teens through peer to peer messaging during the April 1 through December 31, 2002 period • All indications is that the NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors is making an indelible impression on the neighborhoods throughout the four boroughs of New York City and providing a positive and inspirational role in the ambassadors life

  3. Program Effects • The NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors are just beginning to see the fruits of their labor: • As this dedicated approach has allowed NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors to make a valuable and rewarding first-time impression • Has served to develop unexpected rewards/benefits to the community and the high school students participating in the program • NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors are key to executing this special type of program by raising awareness among their peers and throughout their communities. • NYC Coca Cola Ambassador teens are all active in their community • integrate Coca-Cola into their daily lives • Execute awareness and branding to those around them. • are in tune with popular culture and their surroundings • clean cut and wholesome image commands attention

  4. Program Continuation • NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors are prepared to continue building their presence with full integration of the main program elements while delivering even greater enhancements within each New York City neighborhood in CY2003: • Identify new marketing tools that will expand the Coca Cola brand image and increase target teen segment (14-17yrs) consumer awareness, interest and participation in the NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors program. • Work with media and non-beverage retail partners to activate interest, recognitions and support for the NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors program • Provide a means for the Coca Cola Bottler to engage and leverage this equity at beverage retail outlets

  5. Program Continuation • Base the program on more active entertainment and sports interactive environments and events where the target teen segment congregates • Increase the number of NYC Coca Cola Ambassador teams and coverage • Commence the program at the start of the new year CY2003 • Establish new metric’s for measurement and success

  6. Program Development In each neighborhood: • Today’s teens are looking for a way to be a part of their local community - a part of something that they can enjoy and remember for a long time. • The Coca Cola Ambassador Program provides teens with a platform to stress individuality and preference through association with cool programs. • Gives Coca Cola the platform to establish brand loyalty along with a potential “give back” to the community.

  7. Program Development • Today’s NYC Coca Cola Ambassadors have their ears to the ground - they know what is cool now and what is on the brink. • They know where and when events are taking place and what the “hot venue” of the week is. • They help to identify effective channels and relevant events to represent Coca-Cola and related programs. • Their research and knowledge, combined with a desire to affiliate with Coca-Cola – provides the inside track to creating valuable, one-to-one experiences among a wider audience.

  8. Program Goal The Coca Cola Ambassadors will hit the streets with peer to peer communication to: • Creatively promote Coca-Cola’s national and local (bottler) programs/events specifically targeting urban and Hispanic teens to drive consumption and brand preference • Generate measurable excitement, awareness and purchase of Coca-Cola products stimulating greater on-premises and off-premises sales

  9. Program Goal • Credibly integrate Coca-Cola into the every day lives of community members in a natural and unforced manner • Enhancing consumer experiences and creating positive associations through participation and presence at local events. • Make Coca-Cola a highly visible brand and beverage of choice among community members where the competition might be • Localize existing Coca-Cola programs to work with the teen target segment for utmost relevance and acceptance. • Unify community leaders by showing support, providing unique experiences and exposure to programs that the neighborhood can endorse and support. • Use Coca-Cola brand as a basis for building cohesive and supportive community programs for the long term

  10. Program Deliverables • Coca Cola Ambassadors: • Expand to eight member team for each borough/city • 8 members per team X 4 boroughs per market = 32 CC Ambassadors per market • 1 CC Ambassador Director • Same selection criteria used in the Coca Cola Ambassadors CY2002 program • Selection process commences in February 2003 for March 2003 start

  11. Program Deliverables • Gear: • Two Coca Cola branded outfits per team member: • Winter: Sean Jean jeans, jacket, Puma sneakers, Baseball cap| • Summer: Sean Jean breezers, T-shirt, light jump jersey, Baseball cap • Transportation: • Coca Cola Ambassador SUV Mobile - complete with top of-the-line sound system: • Symbol of Cool – a hot SUV to create street credibility and an “in the know” image • Dominates The Road – add to the buzz and invaluable impressions for Coca-Cola brand as it takes over city streets • Brand-On-The-Move – extends Coca-Cola brand beyond the peer to peer communication

  12. Program Deliverables • Event Support – establishes presence at events throughout the designated staging areas • CC Ambassador Transport – CC Ambassadors never miss events by having mode of transportation • Material Distribution – Travels CC branded materials/premiums/samples are easily distributed to events and borough headquarters • CC Premiums/Branded Material/Product Samples • Flyers • Key chains • CD Music Samplers • Local Sports Hero signed posters (Coca-Cola Sponsored Athletes) • Sweepstakes entries • Bi-monthly digest sized lifestyle magazine • CC product samples (* quantities to be determined)

  13. Program Improvements •  Identify more highly targeted teen events that offer greater potential for Coca Cola’s involvement. • Create a Coca Cola Ambassadors Holiday Goodwill Drive through canned goods collection: Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & Martin Luther King Jr. Day. • Coca-Cola to provide more branded product for sampling, coupons for distribution including discussions on the creation of a more relevant Coca-Cola publication that has real meat and guaranteed distribution with (stand). • Creation of quarterly promotions that integrate into the fabric of each of the four boroughs that are tentpole opportunitiesLive DJ Mix ContestLive Park ConcertsFood Drives

  14. Program Improvements • Identify monthly contests that allow for the Coca-Cola Ambassadors to be rewarded for exceptional performance: tickets to New York Knicks games, tickets to New York Giants games, tickets to New York Yankees/Mets games. • Continue to create relevant press stories highlighting the efforts of the Coca-Cola Ambassadors in their contribution to the community, (i.e., develop a strong community aspect that would generate great local press in one if not all of the NYC daily newspapers, radio stations, local TV news.) • Host a BBQ luncheon for all of the Coca-Cola Ambassadors and their families during the summer. Great opportunity to bring families and their off spring together from the four boroughs, giving parents a chance to meet Coca-Cola management to get more connected to the program. • Incentives: Concert tickets, Royal Elastics shoes, Pelle Pelle clothing.

  15. Program Reach • Projected CC Ambassador peer to peer reach: • Hand to hand: 400,000 • Product Sampling: 25,000 • Event Exposure 40,000 • Projected CC Ambassador online influence • Capacity to extend reach to online world directing traffic to specific Coca Cola national/local sites

  16. Program Reach • Option to produce proprietary Buzztone “Buzzalong” media players for NYC that delivers specific information on: • Cool events • Music • Sports • Recreational • Chat rooms • CC Contest/sweepstakes • Movie tickets • Concert tickets • Sports tickets • Sampling • Movie trailers • New Music • New Electronic Games

  17. Program Management • Buzztone, Inc will • Assign a GM to work closely with the BuzzStreet field marketing directors. • A full turn-key presence with custom reporting system designed with Coca Cola to impact and capture all required data points • Weekly wrap reports that includes photo’s, text which summarizes all deliverables and effect of programs by market, by CC Ambassador team Directors

  18. Coca Cola Ambassadors Program CY 2003 COCA COLA LEADERSHIP GM BUZZSTREET BUZZSTREET NYC DIRECTOR Team I Harlem Team II Queens Team III The Bronx Team IV Brooklyn

  19. Program Management • Weekly meetings to review progress and present reports • Creation of a CC Ambassador Operations website that has all elements contained with password protections to insure only select eyes have access • Selection, training of all CC Ambassador team (i.e. as performed in NYC CY 2002 campaign) • Central Warehouse to store, inventory and ship all CC materials to appropriate locations • Procurement of SUV, insurance, service and safety of vehicle (including capture of business license to park vehicle on city streets)

  20. Program Management • Coca Cola: • Designate CC Ambassador leadership spokesperson to work closely with Buzztone CC Ambassador General Manager • Having full authorization power • Production delivery of Coca Cola branded • Premiums • Printer Materials • Product samples • Insure local bottler is connected to and supporting program

  21. Program Management • Review and oversee communication between Coca Cola and Buzztone to insure all requirements are met • Sets with GM goals for events by week, month • Works closely to identify events CC Ambassadors should attend (in addition to what Buzztone BuzzStreet has already on calendars)

  22. Program Timeline • Client presentation and review………………………………………November 2002 • Client approval……………………………………………………….…December 2002 • Program build out document completed, reviewed, discussed, approved………………………………………………………………….January 2002 • CC Ambassador GM, Director appointed................………….….January 2002 • CC Ambassador Students found/selected/retained……………..…February 2003 • CC Ambassador Students trained…………………………………… February 2003 • CC Ambassador program commences……………………………..March 2003

  23. Program Cost • Coca-Cola full turnkey program delivered (March 2003 - December 2003)Total Cost ……………...…………………………………………..$150,000 (Includes staffing, transportation, insurance, website design/management, reporting, warehousing.)(Does not include production of Coca-Cola branding materials, content/sweepstakes, Coca-Cola branded products, production of quarterly live event.)

  24. Appendix Event Calendar CY 2003 (Sample)

  25. Event Calendar • Name of Event: Homecoming NYU, Princeton, Rutgers, ST. Johns • Location: Columbia University • Date: February 2nd • Name of Event: Homecoming Fordham University vs. Lafayette College Football • Location: Fordham University, Rose Hill campus, Bronx • Date: 10/26 • Name of Event: Homecoming Week • Location: Pace University • Date: October 21st thru 26th • Name of Event: Homecoming • Location: Hunter College • Date: December 1st thru 5th • Name of Event: Labor Day Parade • Location: North on Fifth Avenue between 44th Street, and 72nd Street, • Date: Saturday after Labor day  11am

  26. Event Calendar • Name of Event: Greenwich Village Halloween Parade • Location: Greenwich Village • Date: Halloween, Thursday Night, October 31, 2003. 7 P.M. • Name of Event: Oktoberfest Party, New York City • Location: Lexington Avenue New York • Date: October 3rd • Name of Event: Greenwich Village Halloween Parade • Location: Greenwich Village, New York • Date: October 31st • Name of Event: New York Marathon • Location: New York City • Date: November 3rd • Name of Event: St. Patrick’s Day Parade • Location: 5th Ave and 44th street • Date: March 17th

  27. Event Calendar • Name of Event: April Fools’ Day Parade • Location: from 59th to Washington Square Park • Date: April 1st • Name of Event: Big Apple Circus : Dreams of a City • Location: Lincoln Center New York • Date: TBD • Name of Event: New Jersey Devils vs. Florida Panthers • Location: Continental Airlines Arena • Date: January 1st • Name of Event: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade • Location: Times Square • Date: November 28th • Name of Event: Commencement Day; A salute to the Big Apple’s Rockefeller Center • Location: Rockefeller Center • Date: May 16th

  28. Event Calendar • Name of Event: Fleet Week • Location: Intrepid • Date: May 23rd to 29th • Name of Event: New York City Marathon • Location: Five Boroughs and five bridges • Date: November 3rd • Name of Event: Kid Screen Summit • Location: New York, New York • Date: February 13th thru 15th • Name of Event: High5 • Location of Event: High 5: Performance (Venue) • Date: January 2nd

  29. Event Calendar • Name of Event: Disney Presents the Lion King • Location of Event: New Amsterdam Theatre • Date: January 3rd • Name of Event: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast • Location of Event: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre • Date: TBD • Name of Event: Arenacross • Location of Event: Arena At Harbor Yard • Date: January 17th • Name of Event: Arenacross • Location of Event: Arena At Harbor Yard • Date: January 18th • Name of Event: Arenacross • Location of Event: Arena At Harbor Yard • Date: January 19th

  30. Event Calendar • Name of Event: IFMA Freestyle Motor-cross FMX • Location of Event: Nassau Coliseum • Date: January 31st • Name of Event: IFMA Freestyle Motor-cross FMX • Location of Event: Nassau Coliseum • Date: February 1st • Name of Event: IFMA Freestyle Motor-cross FMX • Location of Event: Nassau Coliseum • Date: February 1st